Addictions and Clothing Attributes

First things first, before you all ask, there will be a new version within the next couple of days but it will be 90% bug fixes and tweaks rather than brand new content. There was a lot of stuff to fix!

Secondly, the next version after that is planned for about 2 weeks - my target deadline will be the 30th October. This should be a pretty significant release if everything goes to plan.

Anyway, I'm aware that the new NPC relationships stuff is only half complete, but let's also discuss the next big project I want to work on. As you have already guessed from the title, I'm talking about addictions.

What are addictions? They're specific things that the player ends up loving instead of hating. The growth curve tend to goes hates > tolerates > enjoys > seeks.

What are the basic principles that makes such a statistic interesting and enjoyable? Well, like the rest of the game, you want to get a few ranks in it, but not go too far.

  • When the player hates something, this should make the game more difficult.
    • Maybe they get lowered stats when they encounter it.
    • Maybe they refuse to perform certain actions.
    • Maybe, it it's really bad, delicateness increases when they encounter it.
  • When the player tolerates something, this should be the ideal relationship, which allows freedom for the user to not be too worried about it and prioritise other issues.
  • When the player enjoys something, the user needs to be a bit concerned; the player will probably be getting aroused from the situation, which obviously comes with further risk of sluttifying orgasms, and also the player will be getting close to addicted.
  • When the player seeks something, they are addicted. The game will be much more difficult.
    • The player might refuse to take the non-slutty option. This might include:
      • Refusing to fight back against NPCs
      • Refusing to put on modest clothing or remove slutty clothing
      • Refusing to clean themselves up, making their appearance permanently slutty
      • Refusing to drink 'boring' liquids
      • and so on
    • The player will probably get aroused very easily in certain situations.
    • The player might get reduced stats from not encountering their new fetish.
    • The player might perform automatic actions in order to appease their needs.

There are some existing addictions; the most obvious ones that fully obey these rules are sex addiction and semen addiction. There are also others such as the short skirts fetish and no panties fetish given to you by the pullstring collar, that immediately jump you to the final stage of addiction.

My plan is to add and diversify addictions. Sex addiction covers too much - what about someone who loves anal but hates vaginal? Or the other way around? Semen addiction currently is a bit of a misnomer, because really the game treats it whether the player is orally fixated. Even the specific definition of semen addiction covers too much - some sluts love getting covered in cum whilst others enjoy the taste and swallowing it. The short skirts and no panties addictions could be fleshed out into full scales rather than a binary flip switch. We're also missing lots of other obvious ones - lactation addiction, watersports addiction (again, on your person or in your mouth is two different things), diaper addiction, and so on.

Each addiction just needs to have the following things:

  • The ways it increases
  • A few ways to mitigate or reduce it
  • The effects it has, as discussed above
  • Optionally a way to go cold turkey to remove an addiction (like can currently be done with semen addiction).
  • Some temporary modifiers from worn items

That last bullet point is the final thing I want to discuss. Right now, you'll often have an item of clothing that is allegedly "+1" and "blessed" but you have no idea what benefit that's providing. Well, in reality, for a lot of items, it's doing nothing at all. But no longer! I want to give pretty much every item in the game an attribute or addiction that it impacts upon by default.

Now now, before you point out that this could get a bit ridiculous, hear me out. Firstly, a non-magic item would still in general not do this, e.g. a bog standard training bra would not affect any stat. But as soon as it's magic (blessed, cursed, +1, -1), that should actually do something. So maybe a +1 training bra gives you a +1 to strength. You would be able to tell what it influences by examining it whilst it's worn, just like you can at the moment ("you can sense that it's making you stronger").

So what I am going to implement is a framework that allows this to take place really easily. Each item will have an inbuilt flag which lets the game know what it influences when it's worn and has a magic modifier. Maybe it affects intelligence, maybe it affects semen addiction. I'll try and make sure there's a decent amount of everything, and also that it kind of makes sense, e.g. the blowjob queen panties are almost certainly going to affect oral sex addiction.

P.S. As you may have noticed if you follow Danaume's HF account, there's a cool new NPC that will eventually be coming to the Woods area. One of the things he'll be able to do is improve the magical modifier of your clothing in return for... favours.

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