Trap Quest Release 8 Version 3.1

Not much in terms of news this time, but there's a few new images on both the main TQ art page and the TQ diaper art page.

Hotfix version is now up

Known Bugs:

  • Cowbell is still broken (but in a different way), causing an error message each turn. This will be hotfixed soon.
  • Mac OS Sierra update has broken the game. The only known solution at the moment is to use WINE.
  • Some people are still experiencing hyperlinks going wrong after saving and restoring.
  • There's a rare but very frustrating bug with the ass hook where it allegedly can't be seen even though you're currently stuck on it. No idea why this is happening :(


  • There are now male images for asses in the porn version. Make sure that hip images is set to "ON" and not "FEMALE ONLY", which will only use the female images no matter what your gender is.
  • Danaume character window now has breast cum layers, made by Gurgles.
  • There are new versions of images by "Icarus" for Xavier, the slutty sisters and minotaur.
  • Reworked the cowbell so that rather than only attracting nearby unfriendly NPCs, it attracts all NPCs in the region once their boredom meter returns to 0. So essentially as soon as they're ready to interact with you again, they'll head straight for you. Regardless of whether they're friendly or unfriendly.
    • This has also fixed the issue where the cowbell was making the game go very slow.
    • Some people may think this is harsh, especially when you enter a new region for the very first time. But hopefully you'll find it fun ;-)
  • Addressed an issue with NPCs suddenly becoming unfriendly or friendly without explanation due to the player's appearance changing past the threshold.
    • Friendly NPCs will say something as they become unfriendly.
    • Unfriendly NPCs will not become friendly again until they get bored and then come back later.
  • Having a visible penis is only embarrassing if it's small. 1 point of appearance loss if it's less than 6 inches, 2 points if it's less than 4 inches, 3 points if it's less than 3 inches. However some NPCs still are unimpressed by seeing a large penis, especially the gladiator, royal guard and aeromancer. But obviously that'll reduce favour as opposed to making them immediately decide you need fucking.
  • Hair colour no longer affects your primary stats, it only affects appearance. To reflect this, the natural hair point costs have been reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Added some alternate flavour to the end of some transformation sequences. That is, some items such as sissy suspenders, crotchless panties, etc. have specific coded lines for how the player reacts that are more specific to the item.
  • Reduced the humiliation level attributed to exposed breasts (11/20 to 9/20) and exposed orifices (15/20 to 11/20). Too often the player was getting most upset about their vagina being on show when really it was the clothing that was exposing them that should have been mentioned as the most humiliating thing. Personally I think wearing clothing that is specifically styled to expose your privates is more slutty than just being naked, which could be because you've just had your clothing stolen, or even a symbol of nudist pride. Also, this should just make the flavour a bit more varied and interesting than always going "you cringe in shame because of your fully exposed genitals". NB this has not changed how much having your nuaghty bits on show affects your appearance rating.
  • Fae mushrooms now sate hunger.
  • Very slutty clothing can never be considered "too boring" by even the most shameless whore.
  • Significantly reduced the odds of urinating involuntarily during the initial 'you are starting to feel the need to pee' phase if the player is fully continent.
  • Male players don't have a humiliation restriction on presenting their mouth whilst they are anal virgins.
  • Removed the 'MAVS' cheerleader outfit due to someone helpfully pointing out intellectual property concerns.
  • Some diaper changes discussed here.
  • Fixed a bug where knee length skirts were blocking you from kicking, but not couldn't actually be displaced.
  • Fixed a bug where the "black owned" tattoo was appearing even once it had already appeared, and was always visible.
  • Fixed a bug where the dungeon altar was sometimes transforming unworn clothing, but the new version appeared worn.
  • Fixed a bug where the witch could get unfriendly if you looked too slutty.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrestler and dominatrix acted like they'd already met you before if you were super slutty when you first met them.
  • Fixed a bug where buckets were not spawning in the woods.
  • Fixed a bug with the lecutre chair's hyperlinks.
  • Fixed a bug where the living belt could in rare situations cause loops with creampies causing more orgasms causing more creampies.
  • Fixed a bug with the spraybottle where it could be removed the turn immediately after taking.
  • Fixed a bug where the game could try and force the player to start urinating when they had nothing to give, causing an infinite loop.
  • Fixed a bug where the cow ears were not spawning the high gauge nipple rings correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where teleporting was causing worn sex toys to no longer be flagged as penetrating an orifice, and so then NPCs and traps were ignoring them.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could allegedly be humiliated by an exposed penis or vagina when it was actually only their asshole on view.
  • Fixed a bug where clothing spawning for the second time could in rare situations be found in a ripped or unzipped state.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'I heart cum' shirt had no transformation opportunities.
  • Fixed a bug with the Keriax window where the breasts disappeared if there was any semen on them at size 16.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could still greet NPCs when unable to speak.
  • Fixed a bug where the matron would sometimes be friendly and leave you alone when you needed a change.

Top level patrons:

  • "again again" didn't work because apparently "again" is a reserved command so now the charge resetting command is "one more time".
  • "jack me in" learns all skills instantly.
  • "damp feeling" increases incontinence, or resets it to 0 if very high.
  • Fixed a bug where the disintegrate command wasn't working instantly on NPCs as intended.
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