Trap Quest Release 8 Version 3.1 Hotfix

EDIT 3: A new hotfix is up, which stops the game bugging for some players upon fainting.

The freezing bug introduced in the hotfix version should be fixed now.

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MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version

Known Bugs:

  • Mac OS Sierra update has broken the game. The only known solution at the moment is to use WINE.
  • Some people are still experiencing hyperlinks going wrong after saving and restoring.
  • There's a rare but very frustrating bug with the ass hook where it allegedly can't be seen even though you're currently stuck on it. No idea why this is happening :(


  • Fixed the new bug with the cowbell where it caused an error every turn.
  • Fixed a bug with the drill pole trap where in rare cases where the player was super horny but it was suppressed, they were unable to jump.
  • Fixed a bug where the Keriax window was overriding the saved settings to use the Danaume window at the start of the game.
  • Fixed the glitches with the natural hair colours options in the settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'just the tip' tattoo would spawn when asking for friendly sex, even if the NPC said no.
  • Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper could say "we can talk when we get back to the shop" when you were in the shop.
  • Fixed a bug where patrons weren't appearing properly.
  • Fixed an issue where a debug line checking the location of the shopkeeper had been left in the main game.
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