Trap Quest Release 9 Version 1.0

Firstly I must publicly thank the contributors, including MG and Selkie, but especially Phaos who has been silently working on the framework and the NPCs for this for several months. This wouldn't have been possible without him. We've managed to keep this project pretty much a secret but obviously I've been dropping hints for a while now, most recently with the new map tile in the Woods region in version 3.1.

So, anyway, welcome to release 9! Prepare to be spooked! Also prepare to encounter issues that will be fixed tomorrow if you let me know before then. The new stuff is obviously themed, but is a permanent new fixture in the game.

There's lots of planned stuff that didn't make it in, and some of the NPCs are a little barebones at the moment, but never fear it will slowly appear over the next couple of months.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Hotfix version is now up


  • Looking at the royal scepter will now give you an idea of where your consort actually is, and also who they are, if you're a bad wife and forgot.
  • Princesses who have obtained a royal scepter will not get horny or feel aroused as long as their consort remains satisfied.
  • On the other hand, a princess with an unsatisfied consort will experience a mounting arousal that will not go away until their consort has been sated.
    • No amount of adultery will absolve you of this royal duty!
  • Priestesses who couldn't hold on to their virginity (or happen to lack a set of girl parts) have a different duty to their goddess.
  • These unlucky priestesses have the same cooldown for the dungeon altar as everyone else, and instead get their discount by finding monsters and satisfying them sexually in the name of their goddess. It sure is tough being a dungeon bitch!
  • "Dicksucking lips" now implemented for all players. The larger sizes are still blocked behind the artificial enhancements fetish for those who'd like to avoid them.
  • The cowbell effect only triggers when you move and during sex.
  • If you really need a drink, you can now get on your knees and lick it up from the floor.
  • Nerfed maid broken spraybottle punishment because it was a teensy bit ridiculous
  • You can now use "worn", "held", "unworn" (or "not worn"), "unheld" (or "not held") to disambiguate between items.
  • Fixed a bug where cow ears were not actually spawning after a successful minotaur breeding session.
  • Fixed a bug where crotch blocking clothing was not actually protecting the player's butt.
  • Fixed a bug where friendly sex with the dominatrix was impossible.
  • Fixed an issue where some speech lines made the (previously correct) assumption that enemies that had raped you would never become friendly again.
  • Fixed a bug where the descriptions of some clothing said they were ripped when really they were just pulled aside.
  • Fixed a bug where attacking with the whip of domination would always hurt the player, even if it wasn't cursed.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate traps could spawn in the same location (this is what was causing the invisible ass hook issue).
  • Fixed a bug where fainting in the dungeon after activating the warp portal in the hotel meant there was a way to travel to the hotel before it had been re-initiated.
  • Fixed several further issues with hyperlinks, disambiguation, and so on.
  • Fixed a nasty bug with egg laying and diapers that was causing freezes.
  • Fixed a bug with the map when entering the woods boss area.
  • Fixed a bug with P15 errors sometimes occurring after fainting.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to apply lube during sex.

Release 9 brings with it a whole new region:

  • There is now an entirely new region you can enter through the woods, the haunted mansion, which is (for now) different from the other regions because its map layout is completely static. It's also completely optional. There is no way up from the mansion, and the monsters there are pretty tough, so be mindful of the state you're in when you enter.
  • Be on the lookout for the horny ghosts which inhabit the mansion. They will notice a fresh (pair) of holes walking their halls, and if you linger too long in one place, you might find yourself trapped between a legion of them and the exit.
    • If for whatever reason you're careless enough to attract one, keep in mind that ectoplasm is /very/ sticky, and if a ghost manages to cover you in it, or simply herd you into a place where you can slip and fall into a lingering puddle, you're going to be stuck for a little while, so be careful.
    • Ghosts can only be harmed by magic, blessed equipment, or players of a holy class.
    • Nintendolls recommends that you bring a full loadout of blessed clothing into the mansion with you, if you'd like to avoid taking dicks in all your holes.
    • There are certain rooms that dispel all the ghosts as soon as you enter them.
  • Naturally, the mansion has someone running the show, there to protect its greater secrets. A vampire resides somewhere deep inside, eager to convert the living into ageless cumguzzlers just like she is.
  • The mansion was built in the deepest part of the forest, and places that would otherwise be impossible to find can be encountered in the seclusion of its shadow.
  • If you can find the sacred pool, take a soak in the purifying water. It will remove curses from any piece of clothing you're wearing and if you have a container, you can dip something in it to get a few doses of a random beneficial drink
    • Be careful that you don't ask too much of the pool. If you do not periodically take the time to purify it with blessed clothing and if you have lactation fetish enabled, milk, the water will slowly cloud over with corruption and become unusable.
    • You can also find the mysterious dark altar near the mansion, which is the focal point of a strange group of cultists who have thrived in the seclusion of the deep woods.
  • The dark altar is "powered" by sacrifices. Anything placed on it will be destroyed, although destruction might mean something different if that thing is you.
  • Containers in the mansion offer much greater rewards than what you might find in other regions, but be careful, because not every chest contains a treasure...
  • If you interact with the wrong things, doom will begin to rise. This can make certain NPCs more powerful (corrupt!) and can also eventually summon the 'boss' of the region.
  • Cultists are eager to help bring about the doom. These cultists are NOT friendly, and although they generally aren't all that interested in having sex with you, their masters would like nothing more than to break off a piece of your pie.
    • Other mindless never move from the altar and purely exist to speed up the ritual. They won't fight back when you attack them, but another NPC will appear and defend them. Killing them could be quite important to slowing down the rise of doom.
  • There is a ritual to save the world from doom, which the witch may be able to help you with.
  • All the new art is by Danaume (whose wrist injury is still currently recovering positively), who will be slowly uploading high res versions of it to her HF page.


  • Fixed a bug where the mindflayer had about 2% of the chance he was meant to of spawning.
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