Quick Progress Update

Usually I would use my twitter for a quick progress update like this but this one won't fit within 140 characters anyway so I thought I might as well make a proper one. This probably felt like quite a slow month for new stuff and I just wanted to explain why to all my loving fans - as I did commit earlier this year to trying to get better at keeping people up-to-date.

Firstly there was a lot of work that went into the Halloween update and many contributors (including me) slowed down a tiny bit towards the start of the month to recover.

Secondly my weekends happened to be quite busy with real life stuff this month, which slowed things down!

But the predominant reason is that the addiction mechanic uplift is a big piece of work and it's one that I'm struggling to deploy half-complete as it would be pretty underwhelming. I want it to be at least mostly there before it hits live. I initially hoped that would happen by yesterday but there's still lots to do. So my new target is Sunday.

To give you a vague idea of where I am...

Things that are complete

  • Overall addiction and clothing influence frameworks
  • Variables, change functions and descriptions for:
    • Anal sex / vaginal sex / oral sex / titfuck addiction
    • Semen taste / urine taste addiction
    • Other semen (i.e. creampies & bukkakes) addiction
    • Diaper addiction
  • An internal NPC urination rework to allow for more coherent management of urine taste addiction

Things that are partially complete

  • Actual gameplay impacting mechanics based on the aforementioned addictions
  • Fixing the latest reported bugs

Things I still need to do

  • Create some rules about what clothing can influence which addictions and stats

Things that probably won't make it into this version

  • All the other addictions I plan to add

Thanks for everyone's continued patience <3

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