Trap Quest Release 9 Version 1.4


Art by DontFapGirl

For this Christmas release, we've brought back the Santa stuff from last year. Get cool drops from NPCs in return for having keywords substituted for festive alternatives!

I hope you all enjoy the new stuff we've been working on. Sorry if it feels a bit empty but NPCs take a lot of work to create.


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MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some layering bugs that seem most commonly triggered through transformation lasers. This causes issues with removing clothing and displacing clothing. I'm still looking into it.
  • There are still some hyperlink issues in the bottom left window after saving and restoring.


  • Christmas stuff is back!
  • New Djinni NPC in the woods
    • If you blow him the first time you meet him, he'll become semi-friendly much like a fairy, mainly trying to transform clothing when bored, and then happily chatting to you afterwards.
    • If you instead wish for something nice, you'll get an immediate benefit but then he'll be hostile after that, trying to fuck you every time you meet him.
  • There are nowhere near enough ways at the moment for strength and dexterity to decrease. What I don't want is for there to be too many unavoidable events that reduce these because the player should be trying to train them. But it should also be possible that you end up doing really badly and so these stats suffer. Here is the first of a few new ways that they can be decreased; the majority of these are and will be things that you can choose to avoid if you really want.
    • Cursed drinks will sometimes decrease strength or dexterity.
  • The Invocation skill (learned from the acolytes or pocket necronomicon as a cultist) is now context-sensitive and will curse items for a cultist (who can't wear blessed items but can freely remove cursed ones) or bless them for an ex-cultist. The Great Ones must be feeling generous!
  • There is only one of each bondage item now, so if you remove it but don't destroy it, it can't spawn again.
  • Some stuff from a new contributor called Niko, including:
    • Enhanced the haunted mirror wetting/messing scene, including the possibility of being forced to masturbate afterwards
  • Added mary jane style flat shoes.
  • Fixed a bug where anything, even body parts and tattoos and stuff, could be destroyed on the dark altar.
  • Fixed a bug where the woods aeromancer would only spawn if the dungeon aeromancer had been killed.
  • Fixed a bug where poking when you were unable to use your hands had no error message.
  • Fixed a bug where the vampiric claws could take the player into negative fatigue.
  • Fixed an issue where the dominatrix putting you in the stocks could cause Xavier to glitch.
  • Fixed an issue where the new "sex doesn't cause fainting" option could cause infinite loops when waiting on dildo traps and hook traps.
  • Fixed an issue where the shopkeeper was no longer giving the player an opportunity to earn a drink.

Patreon top pledgers:

  • Once we've had some more time to do a sanity check on what should and shouldn't inflict them there are status effects you can apply to monsters in the game.
  • Donators can now totally be asked to beta test some of Nintendolls' exciting new products if they've got enough artificial enhancement (silicone in the breasts and ass and collagen in the lips specifically). For real this time.
  • With diaper focus enabled, moving while wearing a diaper can now arouse the player and cause them to orgasm.
  • An exciting new NPC is available in the mansion. A mysterious fox-lady wanders around in disguise. Attacking her while she's disguised should reveal her, at which point she'll accept jewelry in exchange for items (sometimes random, sometimes not). Think Diablo gambling.
    • This opens up a new class, the vixen, who will sometimes avoid automatic detection from NPCs and can get some pretty cool items in return for repeated gifts to the new NPC.
  • New Nintendolls Job Epilogue - "Nintendolls Nursery Baby" (by Niko, and currently incomplete)
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