Trap Quest Release 9 Version 2.3

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Known Significant Issues:

  • Danaume character window still has many graphical glitches, but it's better than before!
  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some hyperlink issues in the bottom left window after saving and restoring.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • Danaume window hair and hips images have mostly been fixed. There's still a few oddities, especially with floating breasts, but overall it's looking much nicer.
    • The hips aren't perfect, they have a weird missing bit where the hand used to go, but these will be fixed soon enough!
  • Keriax window now has redness levels in the mirror and thighs for high levels of body soreness.
  • Worked a lot on the gladiator
    • Many many many cutscene and profile images by Icarus (over 20 I think)
    • Some new unique flavour, most notably when fucking you in futa form
    • She no longer immediately decides that low breast size players need a top-up; it's only when you look particularly disgraceful or your chest is bare that she begins to get unimpressed. Also, male flatchested players are exempt from her concerns until they begin to grow boobs from other game effects.
  • Mannequin revamp
    • New images for the different mannequins, made by Icarus
    • New descriptions and adjectives to reflect the changes in images
  • Patrons
    • The patrons all now have images (by Icarus), half of them are black and half of them are white.
    • Unless you have interracial fetish enabled, in which case they are all black! Hopefully that fulfills the desire of many sluts here for a huge black-on-white gangbang.
  • And lots more images by Icarus
  • Game now understands the difference between having your wrists bound in front or behind of you.
    • As you might have assumed, having them behind you is much more restrictive. Currently the only thing that does this is guards after you steal something from the shop.
    • Instead of forbidding taking items off of the ground when upright, wrist bound and wearing heels, there's a chance to fail and fall over that scales with the tripping hazards in the room and heel skill.
  • Bondage (anklecuffs and handcuffs) are now locked rather than cursed. Putting them on the altar does nothing, you need a key.
    • While wearing a piece of locked clothing, there will be a royal guard in the dungeon who is carrying a key (called the prison guard). If there isn't one already, one will spawn shortly.
    • The prison guard has a tracked value which is essentially how long your 'sentence' is. After that time is up, he will unlock your bondage. You can unlock yourself earlier by obtaining a key, by defeating him.
      • However this is probably a very bad option if you have more than one bondage item, because you'll only get a one-use key and then you'll have to wait for another prison guard to spawn.
    • You can also wish for a key in the wishing well, but it's not reliable.
  • Full term pregnancies now give much much faster than before. So with the instant children option (donators only at the moment), you can indeed be popping them out like rabbits.
  • There is now a chance that ghosts can get you pregnant!
  • Fatigue will now diminish much faster when the player is flying.
  • Submitting to sex still causes humiliation but much less than before. Also, at high sex addiction humiliation doesn't go up at all just because you submitted.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters weren't being replaced into a different room when the player faints.
  • Fixed a huge oversight where in-line hyperlink actions were not enabled by default for new players!
    • Fixed a similar oversight where new players had the hidden (alpha testers only) "no sex fainting" option enabled.
    • Fixed a vaguely similar oversight where a new player could have no name by selecting Quick Start for their first ever game.
  • Fixed a bug with the matron where her chastity orgasm scene hadn't been recoded into the new framework properly.
  • Fixed a bug where things taken from the private library using the lipstick collar were not properly registering.
  • Fixed an error that was cropping up when the player was hit in the ass by an opponent.
  • Fixed a bug where the player's asshole was not concealed by skirts.
  • Fixed an issue where the lipstick collar was unobtainable.


  • You can now select between super slow, slow, superfast or random pregnancy rules.

Patreon top pledgers:

  • The Bestselling author epilogue has been partially rewritten/improved, is now available to all $20 pledgers.
    • Made it easier to trigger the author epilogue.
  • "Befriend [monster]" stops them being aggressive, assuming that you aren't past their appearance tolerance (each NPC has a limit beyond which they are always unfriendly regardless of favour)
  • "Anger [monster]" makes an enemy unfriendly, this is useful because some enemies e.g. the matron and dominatrix punish you differently depending on whether they are on max health
  • Faerie class
    • Let the same fairy impregnate you twice, or have the same fairy who "knocked you up" deliver your baby, and you'll start down the path to this class.
    • The faerie does less damage the higher her intelligence, and has a lowered base weight.
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