Trap Quest Release 9 Version 3.0

Phew, there's a lot of big changes in this one! Sorry it took so long but hopefully you can tell that a lot of work went into making this version playable. I am quite proud of it actually, I think it plays really well considering that it's quite a notable change to the flow of the game. I am eager to hear what your experiences of these new mechanics are like. Which bits do you like? Which bits are just annoying? Do you feel like you are making meaningful decisions? Also first impressions aren't everything - I'd especially like to hear from those of you that make it through two or three separate playthroughs and have started to build up a proper feel for how well or poorly certain things are balanced.

Finally I must thank my team of developers, notably Selkie, Phaos and especially MG, for their help and contributions.

Hotfixed version now available here

Known Significant Issues:

  • Danaume character window still has a few graphical quirks, but it's better than before!
  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • Reworked tripping mechanics in combat:
    • An NPC's chances of tripping increases each turn they don't trip you and then reset when they make a trip attempt, with the following odds: 0%, 10%, 20%, etc.
    • You only stand an extremely small of being tripped (1 / [dexterity]) if you slapped or didn't attack in the turn when the trip attempt is made.
    • An NPC's trip attack only has a reasonable chance to make you trip when you kneed or kicked. The chance increases with the difficulty of the monster, the trip hazard of the room and your heels situation. The chance decreases as your dexterity rises.
      • Knee attacks have half the likelihood of tripping compared to kick attacks.
    • You can no longer fall over as you make a kneeing or kicking attack, it's only if the NPC tries to trip you on the same turn.
    • Tripping over no longer delays NPCs so you no longer get that 1 turn grace period to stand back up - it's only if the NPC takes time to remove your clothing that you'll get any grace turns, otherwise you'll immediately get fucked.
      • That means if you drop from a trip in combat, you won't get to present a body part before the NPC makes a decision for themselves.
      • You still get that NPC delay if you are completely defeated, i.e. if your knees buckle with fatigue. It's only with tripping that the NPC doesn't give you a chance to react.
      • Removing clothing whilst standing, and removing any bondage, no longer counts as a submissive action and therefore will not delay NPCs. Removing clothing whilst on your hands and knees still delays NPCs as before.
  • New hunger mechanic (or, reworked hunger mechanic for those who have played with a fetish that had them in the past):
    • One candy machine on each floor provides you with unlimited candy, but you can only have three pieces of candy in the game universe at a time. There is no advantage or sense in dropping them; the game will know that they're still available to you.
    • Candy varies in nature but the most standard case is that it has a 75% chance of good effect (e.g. improving a stat for a while) and 25% chance of instead doing a bad effect (e.g. jump in arousal).
    • After you obtain a piece of candy from the machine, it will then only give you mediocre candy with no positive effect and still the 25% chance of a negative effect until you obtain a candy from a different machine (i.e. in a different region).
    • If you use 3 candy machines in a row all from different regions, the fourth will then give you a special golden candy with double the positive effects (but still has the 25% chance of a negative effect instead).
    • Most human NPCs will give you food when you ask, but only if you're not holding any. Candy is not droppable so you'll have to be completely out of candy before NPCs will help you out (and in the rare occasions that you do drop candy e.g. when you float into the air with inflation fetish, NPCs will still be aware that you have candy available to you somewhere on the game map).
    • These mechanics are also detailed here, along with the details of the effects of each candy I've coded so far:
    • Hunger mechanics are explained here:
  • Some potions have been reworked, the overall idea is that drinks can be used to reverse negative effects rather than grind stats.
    • Potion of strength has been replaced by potion of dignity which reduces humiliation.
    • Potion of speed has been replaced by potion of patience which reduces sex addiction.
    • Energy drink no longer restores any fatigue, and it only increases intelligence back up to its starting value, unless blessed.
  • New inventory expansion item - bag of holding.
    • The player now has an inventory limit again - this is 10 items.
    • You start with a bag of holding, which can contain infinite inedible items and completely negates their weight. You don't have to put things in and out, either. They are just automatically assumed to be inside. NPCs still know what you're holding in there, don't ask me how.
    • The bag starts off as a standard boring brown pouch but turns sluttier and sluttier when hit by transformation traps. So you are allowed to make the executive decision to drop the bag if you really really want and start carrying items the old fashioned way but you will get hit by the slight increased fatigue gain and the harsh inventory limit.
    • In the future I plan to implement ways for you to purchase or earn less slutty bags to replace the ultra-slutty one you're stuck with!
  • The throne now is a lot more net-positive, it has a 50% chance of increasing one of your base stats as opposed to a 25% chance of increasing only intelligence.
  • While you still can't expel enemas/creampies/eggs on purpose while wearing a cursed anal sex toy, it will eventually come out automatically, shooting the plug out as it does. But not before causing you quite a few cramps and other problems.
  • Main stats now cost 2/2/3/3/4/4/5/5 bonus points, up from 1/1/2/2/3/3/4/4
    • This was a necessary balancing move, I think. I'll monitor this closely.
  • Natural hair colour is now a 1 point handicap rather than a perk. All it does is keep that hair colour at maximum, which affects appearance.
  • Removed damage reduction and have attempted to balance the health of NPCs.
  • Added some more hyperlinks to further reduce the number of times you need to use the keyboard.
  • Added combat stats to the status line.
  • Significantly increased the likelihood that the cheerleader will say "cheerleader stuff" instead of a normal greeting.
  • Changes to the princess class
    • The princess will now feel more dignified after sex with her consort
    • Princesses who get pregnant by their consort will have a stronger, more unshakable connection.
    • Feel free to have lots of guilt free sex as long as you keep your special friend satisfied.
    • The royal scepter now does less damage the closer the player is to being broken.
  • Cheerleaders now have a slightly higher chance of encouraging NPCs to use protection
  • Nerfed the pink spraybottle
    • It should no longer one shot the final boss.
  • The vampiress will no longer creampie you if you successfully resist her in the final round of sex.
    • Instead, she will increase a random addiction and increase your arousal by a lot
  • Since the summoning trap was often used just as a weird tool to grind with, it's been disabled for now until I work out how to better balance it. For those people who are struggling, this reduces the number of container-triggered traps so should make it slightly less risky to open containers.
    • We already have some elaborate plans for how to re-introduce a summoning mechanic back into the game, but this will take some effort to implement elegantly.
  • When you successfully find a trap when searching a container, it now tells you what kind of trap you've found.
  • The vampiress will now take it upon herself to fix your state of mind if you don't want her to inseminate you for whatever reason
  • The mechanic now have more interesting flavour for when he finishes having sex with you.
  • Robobutlers will go their best to plug any visibly dripping holes.
  • The aeromancer in the woods is now significantly more aggressive than her counterpart in the dungeon
  • The futa gladiator and the royal guard now have a chance of pulling out instead of a coming inside (Added a couple versions ago but didn't appear in the changelist)
  • Dildo traps now have a chance of leaving a sex toy inside if you orgasm from being penetrated by one.
  • Added a couple new tattoos
  • Fixed that evil bug which stopped the hyperlink window from working after restoring a save.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could infinitely beg for a drink from NPCs that weren't giving.
  • Fixed an issue where the djinn could get bored of waiting for a wish answer and leave you.
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn't properly consider eggs as something expellable, preventing them from being expelled if there was no liquid accompanying them in your belly.
  • Fixed a bug where ghosts could not properly mess with you around a plug
  • Fixed a bug where the damage bonus was not being properly applied to the royal scepter
  • Fixed a bug where the pink rubber dress could keep inflating your ass size ad infinitum.
  • Fixed a bug where some monsters could pull out instead of giving you a creampie when penetrating a hole with an active "slut" effect
  • Fixed a bug where some tattoos could spawn even when they were already inked on the player.
  • Fixed an issue on the Danaume character window where Gurgles' thigh cum images weren't showing up until the cum hit 10 units.
  • Fixed a bug where the sissy bow wasn't spawning any further sissy items.
  • Fixed a bug where new versions weren't compatible with the settings and preferences files of old versions.


  • If you've had a child with the djinn you can get your jewellery back from the wishing well if its not worth enough for a boon
    • Unfortunately, if you take the offering back from him, he's going to grant you a wish of his choosing.

Patreon top pledgers:

  • Added the senior robobellboy
    • It's his job to make sure all whores are properly trained and ready for the rigorous work of having sex for money
  • Added alternate creampie flavour for the guard, the gladiator, patrons, and the shopkeeper when wearing a condom
  • The mechanic now has a chance of removing his condom before the sex is over and nutting inside you anyway
    • He'll still take off the condom early otherwise, but you'll still be protected from /most/ of his load
  • The djinn now has a chance of breaking condoms with his magical sperm.
  • The robochef will now make you a bagged lunch for you if you get him to wear a condom. So many flavours!
  • The cheerleader can now get a set of pom-poms, which increase her dexterity depending on how attractive she is.
  • If you're doing well, a golem can appear at the exit to your region, it's not too tough but it does block the way until defeated. It does a one-off punishment before destroying itself much like a sex doll.
  • Fixed a bug where the gargoyle could sit on top of you forever
  • Fixed a bug where the gaygoyle could let go of you but not actually let go.
  • Fixed a bug where staying in the room with a gargoyle too long could cause a run-time error
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