Two shitty days in a row

Yesterday there was all the drama about Patreon's new guidelines (long story short several creators got temporarily banned because their public profiles were too explicit and mentioned some of the forbidden content categories such as incest and it seems plausible that Patreon may be forced to kick many adult creators off of the site for being too extreme and so the h-dev community is in full panic mode) and today I broke everything updating the server which killed the old version of PHP we were using and nothing was compatible with the new one. I've had to update the blog software to this latest version which means that it currently looks ugly and isn't fully functional; I'll get on addressing that tomorrow!

Huge thanks to M4Numbers who was instrumental in me getting stuff back online.

Anyway long story short I'm now two days behind schedule. I was hoping to upload a new version before the (as usual) big halloween version but that's looking less and less likely. We'll see! But never fear the halloween version will be worth the wait :-)

Love from Aika

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