Trap Quest Release 9 Version 5.0

Happy Halloween everyone! We've been busying away all month (except for all that webdev I had to do after accidentally breaking everything) got a nice fat changelist for you, as is kind of becoming Halloween tradition.

I also had some other cool news I was going to announce this month but it didn't quite get to the point I hoped it would so it's not newsworthy quite yet but watch this space.

A couple of people were commenting reporting crashes in the last version but none of these people provided even a slightly useful bug report with things like their fetish options or attire at the time so I've not yet been able to replicate it yet myself. If it's still around, please try and explain as much as possible what your game setup looks like and any items of clothing you know you were wearing.

Warning, direct links may go super slow for the first 24 hours or so due to bandwidth issues, please use MEGA if at all possible. I'm moving my other forum to a different server any day now and then that should be less of a problem in the future.

Download Links:

Please go download the hotfix at

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • Behold the Tentapocalypse:
    • If inhuman pregnancy is on, now each zone will get a Tentacle Breeder object. These will slowly spawn Tentacle Monsters, starting with newborns but eventually moving on to medium and finally massive.
    • Destroying tentacle monsters (and several other actions such as putting yourself on an altar) will accumulate Magic Power, which can be used to Purify Tentacle Breeders.
    • Because I'm not a dick like phaos I'm editing his changelist to add the ways you gain magical power here:
      • Crafting stuff while wearing one or more blue scrunchies
      • Mopping up puddles with the spraybottle
      • Consuming souls as a succubus
      • Over time while caring about your virginity
      • Adding wasps to your brood from laid eggs as a broodmother
      • Putting yourself on either the dungeon or elder altar
    • Defeating several tentacle monsters with your head slot open will cause you to become the Magical Girl. This class gets more powerful as you accumulate Magic Power but also causes larger Tentacle Monsters to spawn slightly ahead of time.
    • Should you faint as a result of the actions of a Tentacle Monster on a floor where you’ve already destroyed the Tentacle Breeder, exciting things may result.
    • The Living Tentacles fertility goddess outfit can now also come from giving birth to tentacle monsters (it used to just come from laying on the Elder Altar), and it has some exciting new benefits such as increasing your slap damage and being able to provide you with a tasty fluid snack on demand.
  • New halloween themed candy - candy corn. It fills you up a lot more than usual and has lots of possible effects, several of which include a multiple of the number 13.
    • 25% chance of:
      • 13 units of urine or semen soaked on clothing if kink options allow, otherwise small healing and 26 fatigue removed.
    • 25% chance of:
      • Moving sex addiction 1 unit towards 13/20. If it's already 13, remove 52 fatigue.
    • 25% chance of:
      • Moving breast size 1 unit towards 13/20 and removing 13 fatigue. If it's already 13, remove 26 fatigue.
    • 25% chance of:
      • Increasing make up or lip size if able, otherwise small healing and 26 fatigue removed.
  • Halved the poison duration of toffee and fudge.
  • Glue traps are now public but there's only two spawned (one in dungeon one in hotel) now rather than four.
  • Recipes are now fixed in chests instead of portable. Memorising a recipe gives a chance for it to become blessed when crafted.
  • Aeromancers now have a full set of images courtesy of Icarus.
  • Aeromancers also have a new special ability, over time while fighting (or chasing) you they charge up an ability and then suddenly they do something cool and get more powerful. The duration of their increased power is the same at however long it took them to charge up.
  • The aeromancer basic science where she arouses you now increases your strength if it's less than 20, up from 10.
  • Tripping was supposed to be a real threat that made you think about combat and it got way over-nerfed so I've reverted the nerfs and we'll work our way slowly down from there. With the recent buffs to strength hopefully combat is now at a rather interesting place.
  • A lot of food now gives 2 units of food rather than 1.
    • Further increased the stomach capacity before stomach reaches oversatiated to compensate.
  • Negative magic modifier clothing will no longer appear in the store.
  • Reintroduced the 1 in 3 chance of an empty container as part of an attempt to combat the way that the player's inventory rapidly grows out of control.
  • Also added a 'hunger' stat for bags of holding. Every now and then (more frequently the more clothing it's holding) it'll consume and destroy an item of clothing inside of it. It prioritises the most humiliating items you are holding, so you don't need to worry about being too selective about what you pick up - every outrageous thing you add to the bag acts as a buffer keeping your more modest items safe from destruction.
  • The original (non-humiliating) bag of holding can no longer be stolen by NPCs (this was way too harsh).
  • Removed jewellery from the clothing inventory lists since it has its own list.
  • Changed the wording on the broken humiliation message to make it more clear.
  • Using the knife or inspiration machine on an item stops that item from spawning again.
  • Reworded some of the starting menus to help comply with certain websites' guidelines and while I was here played around with the values of some fetish options.
  • The research airhancer was a little harsh for an item so easy for the player to get stuck with, so it no longer messes with the player's penis size, and instead only prevents the player from getting erections if they have too little air in their belly.
  • Intelligent monsters can now notice when ghosts are charging up, and try to leave the room before a slime explosion.
  • Ghosts are now fully attackable if the player can lure them into a blessed room. (i.e. rooms with a glowing crest on the floor.)
  • Ghosts now have a significantly larger window between subsequent spawns, affected by game difficulty.
  • Fairies and Ghosts now have much less hp, since they're so annoying to actually hit.
  • Killing a ghost in combat should now summon more ghosts sooner.
  • The shopkeeper now always stays interested while you stay in his shop and immediately resets after you leave.
  • Added a 'decency' measurement next to the appearance measurment in the status bar which hopefully gives you a clear idea of your internal humiliation value.
  • Significantly sped up the speed at which body parts deflate after being filled with air.
  • Autotake now includes items dropped by NPCs and a few others.
  • Added a hole-in-wall in the hotel where you get stuck and strangers do various things to your rear end until eventually a robobellboy comes and saves you.
    • The first time you get stuck in the hole, either voluntarily or by tripping into it, you get to obtain a solid gold ring from inside the hole.
    • Currently the main things that can happen are spanking, enema, tattoo, fucking, clit piercing, ass plugging and a lower back tattoo but I will probably add more.
  • Added a load more tattoos. Tried to make sure that there were some good ones so that there's still motivation to gamble with the machine.
  • Added a buttockless denim jeans item, so the transformation sequence now goes denim jeans > denim buttockless pants > leather buttockless pants
  • Fixed an issue in the tutorial.
  • Dildos of Rejuvenation will now offset some (not all!) of the cramp buildup from holding in an enema / creampie, so it might actually be worth it to wear them now
  • Fixed an issue where the wild gladiator was a little vague on how long she would tolerate the player.
  • Fixed a small issue that was happening when the player tried to masturbate during sex.
  • Fixed a bug where the fairy could turn aggressive once she gets bored even when the player was pregnant.
  • Addressed an issue where the player could use the wishing well in mid-combat to fully heal themselves.
  • Fixed a bug where becoming lighter-than-air would render all NPCs permanently docile.
  • Fixed a major bug where many crafting recipes were incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where bodily fluids were not cleaned from hair in the pool in the woods.
  • Fixed a bug where the player's previous pregnancies were not getting tracked properly and this meant that the fertility goddess usually had extremely low rather than high intelligence.
  • Fixed a bug where the djinn could force you to make a wish but then ignore you when you respond.
  • Fixed a bug where the wench would steal shopkeeper-owned clothing off of you while you stood in the shop.
  • Creampie addiction wasn't actually increasing from recieving creampies, only from other rarer events. Fixed that oversight.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would refuse to wear skirts that could cover humiliating underwear.
  • A huge number of typo fixes by selkie.

Alpha testers:

  • The Royal Guard can now be targeted for dominant sex, as long as the player is willing to go for a "ride".
    • Be careful about pissing him off though, because he'll definitely fuck you if he can turn the tables on you.
    • You can have him wear a condom if you have some on hand, but if you're prepared for the risk of going without one, you'll be rewarded by having a condom removed from one piece of clothing.
  • The master bedroom now contains a real bed, and the player can sleep in it!
    • Sleeping in the bed will arouse the player over time, and it will affect the player differently depending on whether or not the player is wearing a collar.
      • With a collar on, the bed heals body soreness and fatigue at TWICE the normal rate (and increases arousal at twice the normal rate).
      • Without the collar, the bed increases fatigue for every point of body soreness healed.
    • The bed belongs to the vampiress, and if the player is horny enough when they get into bed, she might show up to play, or force a collar onto someone that isn't already wearing one.
    • If the vampiress is already around, be careful about sleeping in the bed, because it might chain the player up so the vampiress can come by at her leisure.
  • Deep ones now gain difficulty when the player has dominant sex with mindless cultists, since the cultists aren't doing the fighting.
  • Added the "weaken" debug command, which decreases a monster's current health to 1. Something something dominant sex.
  • Added the "knock me up with noun" which brings you immediately to full-term pregnancy with the target's child.
  • Fixed a bug where the player wasn't being properly punished after failing to dominate a mindless cultist.
  • Fixed an issue where the mindless cultist would teleport after dominant sex, then come right back to where she was before. Now the player teleports instead!
  • Fixed a bug where the player was still stuck after teleporting away from glue traps.

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