Trap Quest Release 9 Version 5.5

Happy Easter everyone! I've been working super hard to try and make sure this release goes out on Easter Sunday and I think I've managed it! However there have been a lot of rather major back-end changes and I'm just one guy so it's difficult for me to playtest enough to make sure there haven't been any huge bugs created by this, so apologies in advance if there have.

This month the back-end changes have been focused in two areas: firstly I've been working on reducing the number of unnecessary hyperlinks, especially for NPCs. This should improve the engine and will make it much easier for us coders to refer to some NPCs (e.g. Xavier) by name into the future.

Secondly we've begun addressing some age-old bad coding practices that have become the basis for all objects in the game, thanks to years of copying and pasting. It's going to really improve the quality of life for coding into the future but of course it's a pain right now where all the time we spend doing this stuff isn't immediately evident to you guys. But trust me, it'll be worth it in the long run.

As I recently discussed with patrons, I'm going to be trying to make sure that my primary focus is always new fresh content but that doesn't mean that I won't be allocating time to all the other things that I consider important, such as these back-end fixes that will hopefully both improve engine performance and the efficiency with which we can continue to develop the game into the future.

Issues reported already:

1 in 3 aeromancers will have an error with their name.

Download Links:

Please go here and download the hotfix instead!

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.


  • Aika: Easter themed bunny class!
    • Waitress bunny headband is obtainable via dipping the champagne glass in tanks several times or dipping the cocktail glass any times at all. It spawns the bunny waitress outfit which influences dexterity depending on how much silicone was in your breasts when it spawned.
      • The waitress bunny ears gives you +3 bonus intelligence while you're carrying drinks in the cocktail glass or champagne glass (if either is held but empty, you don't get the bonus).
      • Offering a drink to a friendly human NPC will result in them paying you for the drink (once in a while per NPC).
        • Only women will drink bodily fluids other than milk.
      • Spilling a drink when you're ready to serve (failing a dexterity check when you fall over) causes a punishment:
        • Increased breast or butt size (delivered in silicone implants if the fetish is enabled)
        • If the player is not in combat and bondage protection is disabled, the player can have a serving table summoned on their back, which prevents them front standing up until they've served drink(s).
      • Royal guards are always friendly to bunnies, just like royal slaves - when your job is to look pretty they don't consider it against the law.
        • This also means there should always be someone friendly to offer a drink to, when stuck on your knees with the serving table.
    • If egg laying fetish is enabled, it can transform into the rubber bunny ears which spawn the cream latex bunny outfit.
      • The rubber bunny ears hood slowly spawns medium sized eggs inside your belly.
      • If you hold in all your eggs until you lose control and they come out automatically, the latex carrots become available which are a slapping weapon.
        • The latex carrots curse themselves when you expel medium eggs.
        • The latex carrots bless themselves when you obtain medium eggs while being penetrated anally by an NPC (e.g. giant wasp).
        • While blessed, the latex carrots have significantly higher damage.
        • Whenever you attack with the latex carrots, another medium egg spawns inside you.
    • The bunny class gives you bonus strength depending on how full your belly is (not including air).
    • Bunnies get +3 dexterity while in the woods.
    • If you have several pregnancies, you can have your bunny outfit disappear and be replaced with just a bunny tail plug to go with the ears. This makes you the 'fertile bunny' class, which is a cross-class between the bunny and the fertility goddess. In addition to the benefits of both classes, you get an even further increased chance of NPCs choosing to go vaginal, and your pussy heals itself faster.
  • Aika: Rework of wench images from Icarus (he wasn't happy with the original set now that his skills have improved). She's now bleach blonde!
  • Aika: Player-initiated sex with the prison guard can now make him unlock a piece of bondage for you.
  • MG: Altered a lot of the shopkeeper's oral sex text. It mainly shorter.
  • MG: Tentacle monsters are now willing to titfuck the player if they have the opportunity
  • MG: Updated the mechanic's description to better match his new portrait
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the insane gladiator or the wild gladiator could go for a second round with you and immediately lose interest and go somewhere else as soon as time passe
  • Aika: Halved pregnancy durations.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the wrestler could sometimes give you an armband as a reward.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug relating to dildo traps interacting with diapers.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where headgear that was supposed to reduce blondeness instead reduced brightness.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the player could get stuck in a loop of repeatedly fainting in the dungeon toilets.
  • Aika: Fixed an issue where special bracelets weren't showing up in the jewellery list.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where some bags of holding could be destroyed by the aeromancer.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where futa gladiators giving you an anal creampie would have the cum appear in your pussy by magic.

Alpha Tester Patrons:

  • Aika: New sapphire teacher & lesson in the slut school region, on skirts. It can only occur if you're wearing a skirt or have the dress slot free, and are not wearing trousers.
    • Wearing a super-short skirt results in instant promotion.
    • Wearing a skirt above short length results in you being given a hypnotic trigger which makes you curtsey (displace long skirts) in front of friendly intelligent NPCs. If this reveals genitalia (i.e. no underwear or trousers worn) then the NPC becomes unfriendly.
    • Wearing a short skirt results in an optional dexterity and humiliation based 'bending over' test.
      • Having a humiliation which is too low for you to be happy to expose your underwear / genitals to the class results in the teacher giving you the short skirts fetish.
      • Failing a dexterity roll results in falling over, causing pain (and therefore delicateness)
      • Otherwise you get promoted!
  • New emerald teacher & lesson, on breast size and pride. Can't occur if your max breast size is below F.
    • Having max sized (or super large) breasts results in one of two options depending on whether they're sufficiently exposed (wearing something covering them which isn't 'very low cut' results in them counting as not exposed enough)
      • Exposed: promotion!
      • Not exposed enough: all nipple covering clothing is destroyed and you gain the permanently topless addiction.
    • If you don't have a chest tattoo yet then she gets another student to write some humiliating words on your breasts (varies depending on which student is chosen) and then you can choose to get promoted, but only if you let her cast a spell which makes the words into a permanent chest tattoo.
    • Otherwise if you haven't had this lesson yet, then the teacher will unlock a new event the next time you visit the nurse where she enlarges your breasts.
  • Aika: New emerald teacher & lesson, on pain and submission.
    • If you're female and have your clit accessible, you can volunteer to get a clit piercing. This causes some pain (delicateness) but the clit piercing isn't cursed so isn't as bad as when you get it from the modification machine.
    • If you already have the clit piercing (and the clit piercing isn't stuck behind undisplacable clothing) then you can volunteer to compete with another student in a clit piercing tug-of-war. Some students are more stubborn than others. Each round that you choose to keep going has an exponentially higher delicateness penalty than the last. However if you go all the way and take +10 delicateness then you can guarantee success regardless of how much RNGesus hates you.
      • The winner gets promoted and the loser gets given the clit lead item.
    • If neither of the above are possible then she locks you in a wrist collar bar, a new item of bondage, and promises to promote you if you wear it until next time. A promise which she keeps.
  • Aika: The game now makes it clear when another student changes rank and what their new name is so that you know who to interact with again to see if any of their lines have changed.
  • Aika: New debug command "clumsy me" forces the player to trip (thereby triggering a roll to potentially spill drinks).
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