Trap Quest Release 9 Version 6.0

Hi all, if you haven't already please check out my blog post from yesterday which you can find here:

Issues reported already:

  • Wonderfuller window clothing:
    • Training pants are mistakenly showing a vagina underneath displaced training pants even for males.
    • Vagina instead of penis shown on Wonderfuller window when no underwear worn but penis covered by other clothing.

Download Links:

Please go here and download the hotfix instead.

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.


  • Aika: Barbara got some love.
    • She now has favour, and may not help you out if you've done things to upset her.
    • There's a scene in the Dungeon Shop (can only occur while she's completely unsluttified) where she becomes more slutty after taking the shopkeeper up on his deepthroat discount challenge.
    • There's a scene in the woods where you can help her escape from some vines or let her get fucked to be rewarded with a blessed living belt of sturdiness.
    • There's a scene in the hotel where you can fight the mechanic to save her or let her get facefucked for a gold ring.
    • Barbara can now be affected by hypno traps in the hotel, which can quickly tank her stats unless you go and save her.
    • You can now have her become permanently unfriendly if you upset (betray) her twice or if you ever attack her. Her difficulty decreases the more sluttified she's become.
      • If she beats you...
        • In the hotel she will give you a piercing if possible
        • In the woods she will push you into the vine boss pit if the vine boss is alive
        • In the dungeon she will push you into an existing pool of glue if one exists
        • Otherwise if she's sensible enough she'll steal your most expensive item of jewellery
        • Otherwise she makes you get intimate with her butthole.
      • If you beat her...
        • You get a cool firearm if she's still untouched by sluttification effects. I'm afraid it doesn't fire bullets - instead it increases slap damage by 1 and if there's semen in your stomach it has a special attack - it consumes this semen to shoot a blinding attack at the enemy.
        • Otherwise you get two jewels.
  • Aika: Gurgles added a urine layer to the player's hair (Danaume window).
  • Aika: Updated prologue images from Icarus.
  • Aika: Bags of holding are only cursable if "game hates you" is enabled.
  • Aika: Tentacle breeders now require 4 points of magic to purify rather than 5.
  • MG: Magical modifiers are now a lot more common than they used to be, especially for sex toys.
  • MG: Anal beads are no longer inserted all at once, and instead you have to put them up your ass one or two at a time.
  • MG: All Priestesses can now reduce the dungeon altar cooldown by having sex with monsters, not just priestesses that are "broken in".
  • Aika: Reworked the code that decides whether a penis is poking out of underwear and updated several values.
  • Aika: Fixed an issue where the carrots had no hyperlink.
  • Aika: Fixed an issue where the domesticated wasp caused a linebreak after its name every time it was mentioned.
  • Aika: Fixed an issue where the TQ cover art image accompanied mindless cultists' images.
  • Aika: Fixed an issue where the game warned about a robot matron when you entered a warp portal or similar.
  • Aika: Fixed an issue where some options were being displayed when they weren't usable (they were supposed to just not appear)
  • Aika: Fixed a hilarious issue where a typo with the laundry robots left the player's arms being referred to as "robotic arms".
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where salves weren't washed off in bodies of water.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the nintendolls brand tattoo was never summoned alongside the cow piercing.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where hip width wouldn't increase as high as it was supposed to, with extreme proportions enabled.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the chastity cage could be worn regardless of what might be in the way.
  • Phaos: Fixed a runtime error caused by one of the mimic's abilities.
  • Aika: Fixed a flavour issue where a piece of bondage being uncursed on the altar claimed that it was being "unlocked".
  • Aika: Fixed an infinite loop bug where a player could attempt to drink something but fail over and over again thanks to the "drink me" tattoo.
    • This involved a complete rewrite of the way the game checks if you can drink, so apologies if this has created any new bugs.
  • Aika: Fixed several image mistakes.
  • Aika: Fixed an issue where sex dolls had the wrong gender in their description.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where NPCs would 'turn unfriendly' due to appearance even when already unfriendly.
  • Aika: Clarification - the bunny waitress ears can only transform into latex bunny ears when you have eggs inside of you.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where hair color could sometimes change even if hair color was locked.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where normal fairies were too strong.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the mummy in the mansion would always act like it was sharing a room with the player when it activated.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where some supposedly unblessable items could be blessed anyway.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where wearing something over your butt could potentially prevent you using your pussy for dominant sex.

Alpha testers:

  • Aika: As decribed in yesterday's blog post, the Wonderfuller window has now got underwear, with variations for belly, hip and penis size, as well as alternate images when displaced.
    • However as I ran horribly out of time, the diapers haven't made it in yet, instead there's just one diaper to represent them all. Look forward to the full set appearing in the near future.
  • Aika: At the end of the slutty sister nintendolls job epilogue you get a choice of whether you want to join them full-time which fixes your one year later epilogue to the new "slutty sister forever" one year later epilogue.
    • If you're not slutty enough, then you may be hit with an over-abundance of prequel memes.
  • Aika: You can now choose to enable seasonal content that's usually restricted to certain times of the year.
  • MG: Added the ritual beads, a special item obtainable by the cultist and the priestess.
    • Place yourself on your designated altar to obtain a fresh set of ritual beads. Bring it back later after you've performed some rituals (had a lot of sex) for a reward and a
      new set of beads.
    • Alternatively, hold onto the beads for a strength and dexterity buff.
  • MG: Added the unicorn. He's a friendly npc who can slowly get horny over time depending on how the player is dressed, and what their class is. Once he's horny, he'll add about 10 inches to the length of his penis and do his best to relieve it inside you.
    • If defeated, he drops a "unicorn horn", which can be offered to monsters to fully recover their health, and more importantly make them ready for sex again, if you've recently done the deed with them.
    • Nearby monsters (with the exception of the Djinn) will try to defend the unicorn if you attack him, or if he attacks you, so try not to fight him in public.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where NPCs in the school region could become unfriendly due to your appearance.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the domesticated wasp hatching flavour was shared with all wasps.
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