Trap Quest Release 9 Version 6.1

Apologies if this version's banner art isn't your thing, but I personally thought her expression was too great not to include :D

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Please go download the hotfix here intsead!

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. There is an unofficial fix originally posted here but the file has been removed so I am rehosting it on MEGA here.


  • Aika: Reworked NPC perception so that every time while they're following you and they're friendly and your appearance gets worse, they re-assess their opinion of you, and if it's now at the level that they would be disapproving if they noticed you for the first time, they'll react along the same lines.
    • Another way to summarise this feature is this: there's no grace given to the fact that an NPC is already following you around and has already assessed your appearance. As soon as your appearance gets bad in front of their eyes, they'll be upset by this.
    • This is probably a small direct difficulty increase for now but hopefully everything will balance out after future tweaks and related features are implemented. The end aim is to make your relationships with NPCs a bit more intuitive and something that you should constantly be concerned about.
    • The Djinn (if you wished for a suck of his cock) can actually be properly friendly now, rather than always transforming something before becoming docile.
  • Aika: Added a new type of shoes - rollerskates. 1 inch heels will be transformed into them if hit by a transformation effect, and you'll also occassionally find them in containers. Rollerskates have a static level of imbalance, approximately the same as wearing 2 inch heels with no heel skill. They give a static +3 to kick damage and they sometimes make you go 2 rooms instead of 1 when you move (except in the woods), which can be both useful for escaping from NPCs but annoying at other times. When wearing rollerskates in the dungeon, tripwires require high dexterity as well as the usual intelligence check because you need to both spot and then successfully clear them.
  • Aika: [watersports] I added a new scene with Barbara that can only happen when she's (almost) completely sluttified. When using the human toilet in the hotel, you can realise that it's Barbara. You have a chance to save her (you need use of your hands and you need to succeed an easy intelligence roll).
    • If you free her she gains 1 favour and can still be encountered in the future!
    • If you don't free her, she becomes permanently locked in there as the new human toilet. Every time you use it from now on, you'll gain 1 dominance (i.e. lose 1 delicateness). Also if you purposefully didn't free her (as opposed to failing the check) you gain 1 dominance instantly.
    • This scene includes an art commission by Jammy.
  • Aika: One kneeling stool in the Dungeon is now replaced by the dildo rocking stool. The thick dildo has to go up your you-know-where if you want to rest there and causes stimulation and soreness over time.
  • Aika: New tattoos (these ones with images!):
    • All four of these are heart themed and all three of them can be inspired by any item thrown in the chute with a heart on it or with a heart shaped hole or similar. But so can all the other heart themed tattoos already in the game, which includes the bat tattoo, the best tattoo in the game (+1 to str,dex and int)
      • 'Put it in my ass' tattoo takes the butt slot, is inspired by candy and increases the chance of NPCs going anal.
      • Double penetration tattoo is inspired by priestess or virgin warrior items, crotchless underwear and the gang bang girl T-shirt. It decreases anal sex addiction by 2 but also increases vaginal sex addiction, creampie addiction and the chance of NPCs going anal or vaginal.
      • 'Eat your heart out' tattoo takes the asshole slot, decreases delicateness by 2 as well as increasing the chance of NPCs going anal.
      • 'Cum Dump' tattoo is inspired by cum related / soaked clothing and increases both semen taste addiction and creampie addiction.
    • Pierced clit tattoo appears when your clit is pierced by the modification machine. It's super outrageous and increases the chance of NPCs going vaginal.
    • '100% prime USDA' brand tattoo takes the butt slot and requires lactation or weight gain fetish. It is inspired by cow related clothing and candy. It prevents your butt from ever getting smaller.
    • Tentacles tattoo takes the butt slot and only appears from tentacle birth. It allows tentacles to bring you to instant full pregnancy even if you don't have that option enabled.
    • Nun blowjob tattoo, inspired by a latex hood and the 'bag lunch' that you get from the robochef using a condom. It is rather humiliating but uncurses a worn item of clothing every time you successfully receive an oral creampie without gagging.
    • Butterfly wings asshole tattoo is inspired by fairy related stuff and increases anal sex addiction but decreases weight.
    • 'My vagina' tattoo takes the (new) upper back slot, is inspired by pregnancy related clothing (and can only appear with prenancy fetish) and increases pregnancy rate, vaginal sex addiction and the desirability of vaginal for NPCs.
    • 'Once you go black' tattoo takes the upper back slot, is inspired by interracial related clothing (and can only appear with interracial fetish). It's extremely humiliating and you can no longer submit to same-skinned NPCs.
  • Aika: New multiclass virgin warrior + magical girl = virgin magical girl. If you've placed value in your virginity when the heart hairpin tries to summon a dress, or you gain 2 magic from tentacle monsters while a virgin warrior, the new outfit should appear. Quite simply gets the effects of both classes (bonus stats for being a virgin and a heart wand that is more powerful the more tentacle monsters you've killed). Losing your virginity while wearing the new virgin magical girl outfit makes all tentacle monsters instantly become the biggest size ('massive').
  • Aika: New multiclass maid + magical girl = magical maid. If you've got magic from killing tentacle monsters when the maid headdress tries to summon a dress, the outfit should appear. Again quite simply gets the effects of both classes.
  • Aika: The clit piercing can now transform into a version that has an additional ornament on it that spells 'SLUT'.
  • Aika: Super short skirts will no longer be selected for the pink wardrobe starting kit.
  • Aika: The 'list blessables' hyperlink button now splits up its output into worn and not worn items.
  • Aika: Suspenders are now less overpowered: they still double the effects of the stockings but only up to +2. They also now give +1 themselves if blessed or -1 if cursed. (They still do absolutely nothing if there are no worn stockings)
  • Aika: Updated some descriptions of some addictions to make more sense for when the player isn't a pervert yet but addicted to a certain subtance.
  • Aika: Cowgirl nipple rings will no longer spawn when the player is a cowgirl multiclass.
  • MG: The gargoyle can now travel anywhere with access to the sky. Be careful about waking her up
  • MG: The gargoyle may sometimes fly off to places outside the mansion once she has been woken up.
  • MG: Ball and chain item that sometimes appears in place of anklecuffs.
    • It weighs down the player and increases the fatigue the player gains when moving from room to room
  • MG: The player is wearing a chastity cage or a buttplug, events that summon sissy clothing on the player can instead summon a special sword that gets stronger whenever the player
    has a shameful orgasm.
    • The sword can do extra damage if the player has been recently creampied
  • Aika: Addressed an issue where a few things could cause you to get back on your feet even with the serving table, by having the serving table force you back onto your knees as soon as possible.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the ring no longer appeared in the hole in the wall.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the helium balloon pigtail ties were making the player get flagged as ponytailed rather than pigtailed.
  • Aika: Fixed an issue where the hyperlinks for using lubricant didn't work properly.
  • Aika: Fixed an [interracial] bug where the game would still try and spawn an interracial tattoo on you from the shopkeeper when there were none available.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the magic pistol hit a P10 error and didn't work properly.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where Barbara would still follow you around in the middle of a scene where she was supposed to be stuck.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where Barbara's vine scene could suddenly restart halfway through in a place with no vines.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where losing the waitress bunny ears would leave you unable to serve drinks even when wearing the serving table.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where you could sometimes search for traps, find a trap, open the container automatically because of high bimbo, but decide to search for traps first...
  • Aika: Fixed most if not all of the text shortcut clashes thanks to a nifty script by Selkie.
  • MG: Fixed an issue where the trainee bra was making too few tones.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the purity totem was absorbing decreases to anal sex addiction, rather than increases
    • Refresher: The purity totem is a rare item that can absorb increases to the player's addictions if the player has it equipped when the stat is increased.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where tentacle monsters weren't being counted as fertile.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where tentacle monsters weren't able to take the player's virginity
  • MG: Fixed issue where the vampiress was still futa even if you turned off futa content in the game settings
  • MG: Fixed bug where the gargoyle would sometimes drag you to a room you couldn't get out of
  • MG: Fixed a small issue where you could potentially get stuck waiting forever for the vampiress to get you after you activated the lipstick collar
  • MG: Fixed an issue where the gargoyle could keep you pinned down for a really long time while she waited for the vampiress
  • MG: Fixed an issue where the player sometimes wouldn't get punished for unsucessful dominant sex attempts
  • Selkie: Keeping our spelling and grammar correct and consistent, and catching silly coding mistakes as always by proof-reading all our changes.

Alpha Testers:

  • Aika: Picking up the pack of playing cards when female now gives you a hypnotic trigger where every time you hear one of the trigger words you automatically try to get your pussy on display.
  • Aika: New epilogue 'kinky in secret' requires no debt, humiliation to be less than 13000 and sex addiction to be between 8 and 19. It currently has three different variations of the story depending on how high your creampie addiction and oral sex addiction are.
  • Aika: New debug command 'barbify' progresses Barbara's journey towards 'Bambi'.
  • Aika: Wonderfuller Clothing Window improvements:
    • The missing diaper images are now in the game.
    • Penis is no longer rendered on top of underwear when wearing both crotch-exposing underwear and other crotch-concealing clothing.
    • Black 'I love sucking cocks' panties and black womb diagram briefs were the wrong way round.
  • MG: The demoness is now targetable for dominant sex.
    • The demoness doesn't like being humiliated, and she might curse you if you don't agree to take it easy on her.
    • Unlike other monsters, dominating the demoness will increase the player's strength, rather than decreasing delicateness. However, her difficulty increases even faster than most monsters, so be careful of creating a problem you can't deal with.
    • If you're not dominant enough to dominate her successfully, you can get her to leave you alone if you're willing to have some of your addictions increased.
    • Note: This doesn't work if you've really pissed her off.
  • MG: Fixed bug where the unicorn would still run away from you after transforming.
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