Trap Quest Release 9 Version 7.0

I'm working hard on the school region at the moment to try and actually get it to a beta stage at some point in the next forever!

Download Links:

Go download the hotfix here instead!

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. There is an unofficial fix originally posted here but the file has been removed so I am rehosting it on MEGA here.
  • Wonderfuller underwear (was available to alpha testers only) is exacerbating some code complexity limit issues that we've been struggling against for years. We're finally going to bite the bullet and try to attack this problem properly in September, but until then this feature has had to be disabled.


  • Aika: The mindflayer has a few new images from Icarus.
  • Aika: The dungeon altar can now be used to remove tattoos.
  • Aika: [Artificial enhancements] The modification machine can now also increase butt implants, instead of only breast implants.
  • Aika: Male players with no penis can now still get horny and have an anal orgasm.
  • Aika: [TG Fetish] There's now a third middle-of-the-road option where penis size can be increased but if you ever have a shameful orgasm while it's at minimum size, TG happens immediately.
  • Aika: [Diapers] Critchett, the first patron-created NPC is in the game, but you'll only be able to encounter her if you have diapers enabled.
  • Aika: Container-triggered traps are now connected to a single container in their room, rather than all the containers in the room.
  • Aika: Increased the amount that your 'most outrageous' item / body part affects your overall appearance rating (from 1/2 to 2/3). This should increase the amount that a sudden status change is likely to bring NPCs over the threshold of disapproval. To balance this, some NPCs have had their tolerance levels slightly raised.
  • Aika: Nerfed imprinting. You only get +1 or -1 to the stat regardless of how much the item was increasing or decreasing the stat by at the moment it was destroyed.
  • Aika: Halved the amount of fatigue gained from orgasming.
  • Aika: Sped up the rate at which fatigue recovers while on your knees.
  • Aika: Removed jewellery from being found in containers.
  • Aika: Removed an effect where titfucks increased humiliation every turn, even if the player resisted.
  • MG: You can now choose to be creampied on purpose while having dominant sex with the royal guard
  • MG: You can now masturbate using items you have equipped. Use that dildo sword and magic wand to your heart's content!
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper dominant sex scenes would sometimes not take the player's virginity.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the new quests could prevent the tutorial from working properly.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where quests that were supposed to be persistent (still did their stuff even after the item was uncursed) were going away after the item was uncursed.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the pimp would have sex with you on the first turn he appeared rather than giving you a chance to pay him.
  • Aika: Fixed a long-standing balance issue where the sacred pool (if unused) was completely counteracting the chanting of the single cultist at the hidden altar, so the world never grew in corruption after the doom quest was stared. Fixed this by upping the number of cultists at the altar to 2.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where some applications of the verb 'use' had stopped working.
  • Aika: Fixed a long-standing bug where low health made it pretty much impossible to be unable to stand up, rather than more difficult.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the player could stand up while in the hole-in-a-wall.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where a wench would never accept a drink from a waitress bunny.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where fabric tokens didn't exist.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the gloryhole didn't progress the blowjob swallowing quest.

Beta testers:

  • MG: The demoness can now be targeted for dominant sex.
  • Aika: WIP: 'Combat visor' headgear lets you see all the important RNG rolls that happen behind the scenes when the player performs key actions like fighting, walking with heels, etc.

Alpha testers:

  • Aika: New fetish option: Alcohol. Drinking a cursed drink from a champagne or cocktail glass (and 1 in 8 normal cursed drinks) now turns it into alcohol. Alcohol lowers dexterity and intelligence by 1/5 for each 'stack' of alcohol you have as well as increasing your appearance rating, and slowly wears off. At 5 out of 5 stacks, you black out and wake up in the throne room having had a great time (there's a known P10 bug here that will be gone in the hotfix). You will then be hungover for a decent amount of time (over twice as long as it takes each alcohol stack to decay) which forces your intelligence to very low levels. But you can have another drink to instead get rid of your hangover and go back to level 2 drunk.
    • There is a reason to voluntarily drink alcoholic drinks - each time you do, you regain some self-respect and all further humiliation gains are lowered (by the same amount as your stats, 1/5 for each level of alcohol), and orifice soreness increases more slowly the more drunk you are too.
      • In this way, alcohol is actually a very useful asset for someone trying to get as high a score as possible with the 'slut it up' strategy.
    • The wishing well can now purify your body of toxins (including poisons from candy).
    • The robobutler now tries to give alcohol to players who already have some in their system or are wearing party gear (e.g. clubbing dress). Refusing lowers his favour level.
    • The lecture chair's bad result can now make you drink an extremely alcoholic drink, immediately giving you 3 levels of drunkenness.
    • The squeezy bottle's bad result is now an alcoholic drink.
  • Aika: [Watersports] new one year later epilogue 'human toilet' requires 17/20 urine addiction and has four variations depending on delicateness and whether there are worn nipple piercings.
  • Aika: New ruby NPCs in the school: a few students and a teacher with a penis (can be either a woman or a man depending on fetish options). The only lesson at the moment is a sex competition where you take turns pleasuring the teacher and the person that makes them cum wins.
    • Deepthroat skill and oral sex addiction increases average oral performance, size of breasts and titfuck addiction increases average titfuck performance, fuckhole sex addiction and tightness increases average sex performance, sex addiction increases average handjob performance (but this is always the weakest).
    • There's a second minigame going on where you can also earn a promotion if you're the person who puts the cock in your mouth after it's been in the most pussies and asses in a row. But when you do this you gain humiliation and sex addiction depending on how many different 'juices' you're slurping off that dick.
  • Aika: The clit piercing tug-of-war emerald lesson now promotes you even if you lose the tournament; the clit lead itself is more than enough of a punishment for failure!
  • Aika: The junk room in the school (requires emerald rank to access) now has a feature. It starts off with some great items of clothing in it, but clothing can't be picked up in this room. Every 5 uncursed items of clothing you drop into the room will cause the magic to deactivate and allow you to pick up one item from the room.
  • Aika: The science lab in the school (requires ruby rank to access) now has a feature. It has two crafting bowls in it. The schoolgirl class suddenly looks even more awesome!
  • Aika: The hot tub in the school (requires pink diamond rank to access) now has a feature. The hot tub counts as a body of water you can wash yourself in, to clean up and also instantly regain all fatigue. But you will also have a teacher with a penis appear, if able, to demand a blowjob. Refusing will result in losing an item of clothing.
  • MG: Some of the meaner students in the school will now try to bully you if they think you look weak.
  • MG: The mechanic is now targetable for dominant sex! Dominate him for a chance at stealing his wrench.
    • If you don't do a good job at dominating him, he'll overpower you and fuck you his way, but if you're obedient, he'll give your a reward, or even hire you on as part of the hotel staff if you're lucky.
    • He also retains his dodgy relationship with condoms, so if you think you'll fail to dominate him, expect to be creampied no matter what.
  • MG: Updated hypno detention session
    • MG: KNOWN BUG - There is always a p47 run-time error on the first turn of the hypno detention
  • MG: The demoness should now get properly angry if you pee on her.
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