Trap Quest Release 10 Version 2.0

Merry Christmas everyone! I think it's good that I released 1.2 last week as it's given me a chance to catch lots of nasty bugs that could have ruined the Christmas version :^)

Apologies to anyone who tried to download R10V1.2 on Sunday; the datacenter performed some unscheduled maintenance.

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Please go to the hotfix links at:


  • Aika: Christmas stuff! Whenever you defeat (most) NPCs or a friendly NPC gets bored of following you around, you get a christmas gift. Opening it gets you a random thing from the set of things listed here...
    • 12 breast expansion smoke traps
    • 11 bandages (consumable that heals 1 health)
    • 10 lubricants
    • 9 cans of semen (can be given to the witch or consumed in a pinch)
      • [Bukkake fetish] There's no can. There's just cum. On your face.
        • [Tentacle fetish] Assuming they're large enough, and accessible, it's actually going to get on your breasts, and it's delivered by an adorable tentacle.
    • 8 random clothing transformations
    • 7 ghostly dicks that penetrate a random orifice, ejaculate, then disappear
    • 6 electric fans
      • These have been upgraded to be useful even when there's no pink smoke in your room! When activated, all NPCs in your room will be blown in a particular direction.
      • If blessed (1 in 3), you'll be blown in the opposite direction if possible.
      • If cursed (1 in 4), you'll be blown in that direction too...
    • 5 gold rings!
    • 4 new undies, varying from rather fine to rather naughty
    • 3 bombs. One will be blessed, and there's a two thirds chance that one is cursed:
      • The energy bomb (this was actually a craftable in last week's release) massively damages the NPC you throw it at. But if it's cursed, instead you get damaged.
      • The time bomb freezes time for 2 turns (or 20 - 30 turns if blessed!) During this time you can't interact with NPCs in any way but can do pretty much anything else. If cursed... Umm... Turns out that other people can interact with you while you're frozen in time. And then you get to experience everything that happened to you all in a single instant when the magic wears off. It's pretty intense.
      • The nail bomb damages every NPC in the room (this will aggravate anyone who isn't fighting you). If blessed, it only hits people you're currently fighting. If cursed, it instead gives you fake nails! These are usually walled behind artificial enhancements fetish but this curse doesn't care. You'll be unable to use your hands properly until you get them blessed, and they are unremovable.
        • [Inflation] Actually there is one way to get them removed. You just have to transform into something that doesn't have fingers...
    • 2 blessed tinctures - the blessed versions have their effects last longer.
    • 1 new NPC! Icarus joins the fray. This is likely to happen within your first few gifts. Yes that's right, the guy who does TQ's awesome 3D art. He wants to say hi... oh and also to test some new renders (new clothes or enhanced body parts) on you.
      • Some items have new Icarus art and also there's a couple of brand new items. Icarus will try to summon one of these on you if you let him, and then he'll give you a christmas gift as a reward.
  • Aika: The santa hat's quest is to pacify unfriendly enemies by gifting them an item they'll like.
    • Also, the santa hat doesn't fizzle upon you removing it and doesn't re-curse itself upon you wearing it again. So it's up to you if and
      when you re-wear it.
    • After the first time you complete the quest, future quest completion gives you christmas gifts.
    • [Tentacles] Tentacle monsters only drop gifts instead of jewels if you're wearing the right headgear.
  • Aika: Non-magical sex addiction increases (i.e. orgasms) now increase sex addiction slower, especially at the higher ranks of sex addiction, where they increase sex addiction much much slower. The rate at which sex addiction is gained over the course of the game should (on average) get slower over time but in reality when the player was getting a bit slutty and banging a lot of guys, the game quickly went from a medium amount of sluttiness to the maximum.
    • Further to this, submitting during sex no longer increases humiliation once the player has reached nymphomania levels of sex addiction or highly submissivel levels of delicateness.
    • You no longer gain humiliation from orgasming shamefully.
    • The idea here is that what's actually going to make you feel like an exhibitionist is getting seen walking around with an exposed cum leaking pussy, not the act of allowing the sex to happen in the first place.
  • Aika: [Tentacles] More images from Icarus to help you distinguish between the different sizes.
  • Icarus art for the beneficial lecture chair results.
  • Aika: [Lactation] The cowgirl and royal slave classes now prevent lactation from orgasms. The cowgirl class now tells you when you're full of milk so you know to go get milked.
    • Also, the drink me tattoo will no longer prevent the bunny and royal slave quests from being possible.
    • Also, the cowgirl won't always become the cow slave even if the basque is able to spawn. You are required to also have lactated ten times.
  • Aika: The blue scrunchies will now make skirts vanish in order to spawn the schoolgirl skirt, when you craft something.
  • Aika: The game now tells you if an item is weighing you down, when you examine it.
  • Aika: Non-patrons can now enable dark mode for the graphical windows. The text windows will still be white until I can get it working more consistently.
  • Aika: [Tentacles] Fixed a bug where the tentacle monster would penetrate the magical schoolgirl in the same action that the magical schoolgirl freed herself, preventing the system from working as intended.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the map window still gave you hyperlinks to try and use (that didn't work) when you selected to enter your options via text.
  • Aika: Fixed a nasty stack overflow bug caused by having a displaced skirt while on your feet in front of an NPC.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the powder of escape would not remove the penetration flag from sex toys.
  • Aika: [Porn Window] Fixed a bug where large sizes of hips weren't displaying the butt image properly.
  • Aika: [Pregnancy] Fixed a bug where a couple of NPCs didn't resolve fatherhood correctly.
  • Aika: [Artificial enhancements] Fixed a bug where the pink rubber dress resisted against transformations.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where some warrior chestpieces resisted against transformations.

Beta Testers:

  • Aika: You can now encounter the contraption predicament scene with barbara in the dominatrix's sex dungeon. As a reminder, you need to walk into the room after you've met barbara, she's ready to spawn, nobody else is in that room, and nobody is stalking you.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where after disabling animations, in following times the game was opened, the loading screen was bugged and could not be progressed beyond.

Alpha Testers:

  • Aika: Got halfway through coding the next barbara scene, where she appears wandering around while bound gagged and in a rather compromising position. There's no interaction yet, but at least you can bump into her and see what's to come.
  • Aika: You can now use the "curse [noun]" and "bless [noun]" commands on alchemy products, including stuff like the new bombs and electric fan.
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