Trap Quest Release 11 Version 2.1 Hotfix

How to Download:

On Windows? There's now an executable launcher, made by area57. It'll download the latest version of the game for you and lets you start a game with a single click of a button. Oh, and every time you open it, it'll check if there's a new version, and you'll be able to update to the new version from within the launcher! Just download the executable from here, and then run it:
It should install locally to your user, and therefore not need any admin permissions.

NB: The Windows Launcher may fail to download correctly in the first few hours after release and at peak times for the United States due to the excessive strain on the server. We are looking into upgrading it.

If you're not on Windows or are paranoid about running an executable from some random lewd internet game website, then read on.

There are 4 different versions because there are 4 different publicly available character windows you can use. Previews of the different versions' Character Windows can be seen here
The versions with the 5th window, the Strateg window, are available from my Patreon posts.

Uncompressed gblorb files generously hosted by area57 (420MB to 455MB):
These will be published in a couple of days, to reduce the chances of the Windows launcher crashing for everyone due to the server being overloaded with download requests.

MEGA Mirrors: Danaume Version, Keriax Version, Wonderfuller Version, Porn Version

Trap Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it, this includes Macs not running the latest OS version - you should use WINE. If you have upgraded to the latest OS, then, um, you might need to make a virtual machine. Sorry. Blame Apple to be honest. If you're having trouble consult this page.

Known Issues

  • Opening Git.exe and then selecting the file seems to cause a 'Can't open gamefile' error for some users. However, double-clicking on the Gblorb file itself in Windows Explorer and then opening it with Git.exe that way seems to work fine. I believe this weird issue is just due to the huge filesize of the game file.
  • I'm getting reports that updating to the latest version of the MacBook operating system loses support for WINE. If this is the case for you, I'm afraid you'll need to run Windows in a Virtual Machine or otherwise fully emulate Windows to play Trap Quest on your computer.
  • I'm getting reports of spontaneous crashes in Gargoyle. Use it at your own risk. If you do, it's strongly recommended to use roguelike saving.

Bugs Already Discovered:

  • The Receptionist will mention the availability of the extra credit zone to non-alpha-testers, even though they actually can't access it. Sorry this was unintentional.

Main Changelist:

Hotfix Changelist:

  • Aika: Actually successfully removed Christmas content for non-alpha-testers.
  • Aika: Significantly improved the descriptions of breasts when it comes to describing how much cleavage is on display. (Beforehand they'd always say they were 'safely hidden behind' clothing.)
  • Aika: Chest covering clothing now comes with a description of how low cut it is, i.e. how much cleavage it exposes. Please let me know whenever you find an item where you think that the cleavage description doesn't align with the item's details or image and I'll address it. Hopefully this will help me find all the items I've forgotten to flag.
  • Aika: The prison guard now only gives you a key after satisfying sex if he was already friendly enough.
  • MG: Male players can no longer masturbate if they can't get an erection
  • MG: Fixed a bug where monsters wouldn't actually "slink away" after being dominated.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where monsters would display two sets of "slink away text"
  • MG: [Transgender identity] Changed some more of the gladiator's text to be less "TERFy"
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the gem-encrusted strapon wouldn't properly change size in response to arousal
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the teleportation pad couldn't actually teleport you anywhere.
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