Trap Quest Release 12 Version 1.0

This post's banner image is from the new 'snowballing' predicament in the Extra Credit zone (currently Alpha Testers only).

Aww shit is that a new release number?! That means some major change has happened, right? Well yes, kind of. I think so. Not only has conversation been fully recoded, which was no small task, but also we have the following big hitters - the Strateg character window is now public and (for alpha testers for now) there's a new character window that shows you clothing (preview here), and also you can fulfill your life's dream of becoming a futanari.

Told you some cool stuff was in the works.

How to Download:

Please go here and download the hotfix instead:


  • Aika: The Strateg character window (3D renders) is now available to the public.
  • Aika: Reworked conversation with NPCs into a single "talk" verb that gives you a multiple choice of all the exact phrases you can say right now.
    • Additionally, reworked learning skills from NPCs. You no longer need to have a specific state of mind or being in order to successfully learn the skill (e.g. you no longer need large breasts to learn the slap-with-large-breasts skill). Instead, there's a cooldown between which you cannot ask another NPC to teach you a skill. This cooldown is shorter the higher your intelligence is.
  • Aika: Tweaked the orgasm function, so that you will be able to orgasm at lower levels of arousal (especially when submitting).
  • Aika: New option in the Automatic Actions menu lets you disable some of the times that the game asks you 'are you sure' when you try to do something, such as leaving a room with a puddle while holding the pink spraybottle.
  • MG: You can now swim in bodies of water, like the lake.
    • Swimming is great exercise, but its tiring, and if you get too tired, you will faint.
    • Wearing swimwear and getting swimming-related tattoos makes swimming less challenging, so you won't get tired as quickly.
    • Wearing soaked clothing will make swimming harder.
    • If the water is deep enough, you can dive for treasure. Whether you actually find treasure is dependent on luck rolls and the area in which you search.
    • Submerging yourself in water will no longer clean you off instantly. Instead, it cleans each part a little bit at a time.
  • MG: [Mythical Creatures] [Pregnancy] The hellhound can now get you pregnant!
  • MG: Demonesses are now much more likely to try stealing your soul.
    • It is now possible to prevent the demoness from taking your soul if you resist having an orgasm.
    • Demonesses will now power up immediately after taking your soul.
    • It is no longer possible to use the dungeon altar if you don't have a soul.
  • MG: Air filled sex dolls can now explode when defeated. The explosion can knock you over, but aside from that its fairly harmless.
  • MG: Sex dolls level 4 and up will periodically suck in some extra air. This only lasts a turn, but if you kill them in this state, they will always explode.
  • MG: Sex dolls level 6 and up can hold their inflated state for longer, or end it with a violent attack.
  • MG: Tentacle monsters can now grab your limbs during combat.
    • You can escape their grip by struggling, but if the monster grabs you enough times, breaking free will become much harder.
    • Larger tentacle monsters can grab more of the your limbs
  • MG: Tentacle monsters will also grope you or bash you with all their tentacles.
    • Larger tentacles monsters can grope you more often, and will usually do more damage when they try to bash you.
  • Aika: New items:
    • New fully exposing football crop top will be transformed from the red crop top if any other exercise themed stuff is worn.
    • Dark leggings are a new low-outrage item you can find towards the start of the game.
  • Aika: [Interracial] When a hotel patron wanders up to you in the hall and gives you the option of helping him, and you consent, there's a chance for black cock addiction to increase (increased chance the lower it currently is).
    • As a reminder, refusing these requests will eventually get the senior robobellboy to try and give you trainee hooker items of clothing.
  • Aika: The game should now avoid transforming an unskirted item into a skirted item if another item you are wearing would penalise this (e.g. trousers), if both items are unremovable (cursed / locked / etc.). Otherwise it can still happen because you have the option of removing at least one of the items to fix the clash.
  • Aika: Fixed a error that would appear when inserting a squirt dildo inside yourself.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where Icarus could inflate air into male players who had inflation disabled but pregnancy enabled.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the doom ritual didn't progress while you were standing in the hidden altar room.
  • Aika: Fixed a mistake where with A2M content set to minimal, you could no longer collect stuff from your butt in vessels, which you might still want to do for other reasons.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where unimpressing staff members, for example by curtseying in front of them, could eventually make them unfriendly, resulting in combat.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the barbara patron gangbang scene would sometimes get stuck and not end when all the patrons were satisfied.
  • MG: Fixed an issue where the portal pants weren't preventing you from masturbating.
  • MG: Fixed the duplicate error output that would sometimes occur if you had the anal masturbation skill.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the senior robobellboy wouldn't graduate you if you were too submissive while having sex with patrons.

Beta Testers:

  • Aika: You can now enable the option to see icons representing NPCs in nearby map locations.
  • Aika: You can now enable 'stronger curses' in the handicap options, where blessing cursed items simply re-rolls the uncurse quest rather than removing the curse.
  • Aika: [Inflation] Aeromancers in the woods will teach you to float without dropping items, instead of how to craft faster.
    • If you already know how to float safely, she'll instead teach you a magic spell to inflate yourself.
    • If you already know the spell, you'll instead get an opportunity to trick her and make her float away herself.
  • MG: [Mythical Creatures] [Pregnancy] The centaur can now get you pregnant.
  • MG: Brought the hotel altar forward to beta. Refresher:
    • The hotel altar is found in the Office in the hotel. Each time you use it, it has a slightly stronger effect, and a slightly stronger cost.
    • If you are a Priestess, you always get the minimum effect and the maximum cost.
    • Possible effects for praying to the altar:
      • Summon the golden tiara if you've ever had sex with an infernal monster.
        • The golden tiara is necessary for becoming the Worshipper class.
      • Summon a random demonic item. The item will usually have a bad modifier and a negative enchantment.
      • Increase your intelligence. If you've had submissive sex more often than dominant sex, also increases delicateness.
      • Increase your strength. Unless your breasts are covered up by a piece of blessed clothing, also increases bust size.
      • Increases your dexterity. Unless your crotch is covered up by a piece of blessed clothing, also increases hip size.
      • Summons imps.
    • Possible effects for placing a piece of clothing on the altar:
      • If the item has a bad enchantment, replaces it with a good one and heavily decreases its magic modifier.
      • if the item has a good enchantment (or no enchantment), heavily increases the magic modifier and adds a bad enchantment.
      • Curses the item
      • If the item is already cursed, or can't be cursed, has no effect.
    • Possible costs for using the altar:
      • Increase body soreness
      • Increase orifice soreness
      • Fills womb with semen.
      • Increases arousal
      • Decreases intelligence
      • Increases semen taste addiction
      • Increases sex addiction.
    • Altar refresher: The hotel altar is found in the Office in the hotel. Praying to the offer will grant the
  • MG: The hotel altar now resets slowly as NPCs notice you and then get bored, just like the dungeon altar.
  • MG: If you're a Worshipper, you can reduce the altar charge by having sex with infernal NPCs.
  • MG: If you disgrace yourself enough in a call with one of your "real-life" friends, sometimes they can show up as patrons in the hotel.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the hotel altar would cause a huge lag spike every time you used it.

Alpha Testers (June 2020 Unlock File):

  • Aika: A new character window, by Wishberri, is now available to alpha testers and is very different to all the others. Instead of varying by body shape, this one lets you see what your character's outfit looks like. We think this new view is actually more interesting, useful and impactful than getting to see your body shape, and I intend to eventually have this as one of the two 'core' character windows available, the other being a body shape one by Icarus when he finally gets round to it!
    • A sample preview can be seen here:
    • Since you'll have noticed not every single item in the game has art yet, this also means that some items are still missing from this window, hence one of the reasons it's in alpha. For now, please don't report missing items that still need art. Please do report missing items where the inventory art is clearly the drawn item that would fit on the model, and we've just forgotten to code it in.
      • Except diapers. There's purposefully only the smallest diaper image, because the rest are too bulky and would clash with all the layers above them.
  • Klorpa: [Futanari NPCs enabled] You can now gain a penis at the same time as a vagina. Simply be a normal woman and then put enough defiance counters in a crafting bowl. Any excess defiance tokens that would take your delicateness below 5/20 will instead increase your penis size, even if you didn't have one already!
    • The code was never designed with this in mind, which made this a huge task to implement. I'm so thankful to Klorpa for taking on the challenge. We expect there will be some odd behaviour that we haven't yet noticed and accounted for, so when you find it, report it.
  • Aika: New ruby+ two-person Extra Credit Lesson: the snowball challenge! You need to transfer cum from one bowl to another, and the bondage and room you are placed in means that the only way to do this is by passing the cum between your mouths.
    • Each time some is spilled, and each time you rest, the plug panties inside of you get pumped larger.
    • Taking more cum in your mouth at a time increases the chance of spillage and exponentially increases the chance of semen taste addiction increases.
    • There are decisions to be made about how much cum to put in your mouth, and whether to pass it fast or slow. You'll need to balance your fatigue and take short rests after you get too tired.
    • [Bukkake content] You can also choose to press your body close together to catch any spillages on your outfit rather than let it fall to the floor.
  • Aika: Bystanders will only react to you doing lewd things if they've already noticed you.
  • Aika: [Diapers] The enema backpack from the enema backpack predicament was broken in TQ but working in DQ, it's been fixed for TQ.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where in the painted cutoffs predicaments, the new method of using the "allocate arms" verb to choose when to block your privates went very buggy and locked your arms away from available use after you began blocking your privates.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug with the maths hole-in-the-wall predicament where running out of time to answer a sum caused the game to softlock.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be counted as entering the men's room first during the gloryhole predicament.
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