Trap Quest Release 13 Version 5.0

This post's banner is from one of the new Extra Credit Zone predicaments (currently alpha testers only), drawn by PyperHalie.

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  • Addictions are now hopefully a decent amount more meaningful, especially at low numbers!
    • Once every now and then, the game will have you reflect on something that's going on. There's a few specific things it might choose if able (you'll be used to seeing a few of these e.g. "I can't believe I'm wearing this ridiculous bra!"), but it will also always be able to choose to have you reflect on a random addiction. Depending on the level of that addiction and your current status, nothing might happen, or you might find yourself getting aroused (or grossed out). This will only happen when you're doing something that's not too intense, like moving around, or opening containers, or resting, and so on. If you're in combat or having sex, then minor distracting things like this won't be important enough to you, to occur.
      • Semen addiction (i.e. bukkake and creampie addiction) - The game checks if you have any cum on you or inside you. If you do, you'll get aroused or grossed out by it depending on semen addiction level versus how much cum there is. The more cum there is on or in that body part, the higher your addiction needs to be for you to think it feels nice.
      • Taste addictions (semen / milk / urine) - The game keeps track of whether you've ever tasted it. If you have, you'll find yourself thinking back to a recent time, and depending on addiction level, get aroused or grossed out.
        • If you ever stumble across a moment where you taste a liquid for the first time in the game but it doesn't say words to that effect, let us know and we'll fix it!
      • Anal sex and vaginal sex addiction arousal (or turn off) depends on addiction compared with current soreness.
      • Oral sex addiction just depends on itself, but has a lower maximum arousal amount.
      • Titfuck addiction also just depends on itself and also has the lowered maximum arousal amount, but also can only turn you on - there will just be no flavour and no turn off if you don't have enough titfuck addiction.
      • [Interracial] BBC addiction also just depends on itself and also has the lowered maximum arousal amount.
  • [Egg Laying] Pretty significant rework of both giant wasps and eggs in general.
    • Larvae take longer to grow into their adult form from time alone (they still instantly grow if they find a puddle of semen).
    • Most eggs now mainly hatch into larvae - even big ones - they just hatch into more larvae. These larvae grow into facehuggers. The exceptions are:
      • Medium tentacle monsters - these eggs hatch directly into facehuggers.
      • Large tentacle monsters & the Lake Monster - these eggs hatch directly into small tentacle monsters.
      • Facehuggers - larvae hatched from eggs planted in you from these things grow into tentacle monsters. So a typical cycle might look like small tentacle monster (or egg injection from something random like the throne) > laid egg > larva > facehugger > laid egg > larva > small tentacle monster.
      • Giant wasps - these larvae grow up into more giant wasps.
    • [Mythical creatures] Only the original giant wasp now lays medium eggs and can magically turn the medium eggs into eggs. Any wasps that appear from eggs, cannot fertilise, only lay small eggs, and have new art from Icarus.
      • Also, the original giant wasp can't have any special attacks or powers, but all the newborn ones can.
      • To be clear, this means that it's now very possible to get giant wasps (except for the original 'daddy' wasp) buzzing around the dungeon, hotel and mansion region.
  • Aika: EXPERIMENTAL: When you change region via the stairs, if the region you're leaving is at its maximum capacity for spawned NPCs, then the intelligent NPC who has been around for the longest will decide to have 'time out', going off-stage and therefore giving room for the spawning mechanism of that region to activate and potentially summon in a new NPC.
    • Many NPCs won't ever take time out - obviously important ones like bosses and the shopkeeper and witch won't, and also ones that are frequently very necessary and useful like the prison guard.
    • The NPC that takes time out will remain on the priority list for being summoned soon, so they hopefully won't be too difficult to get back if you really miss them. Their state should be unchanged when they come back, as if they never left.


  • Aika: [Lactation] New cross-class between maid and cowgirl - the milkmaid. Obtained by a maid dipping a waitress vessel (champagne or cocktail glass) into a milk tank, or by tripping and spilling a waitress vessel full of milk while a cowgirl.
    • Your quest is now to serve milk to other NPCs.
    • Headgear is a weird hybrid of the maid headdress and cow ears.
    • Main outfit is essentially a cow print micro bikini top with extra maid bits, and a cowbell. The cowbell operates the same as the normal cowbell: NPCs are more likely to walk towards you while you're doing something that makes your bell clank (moving, resisting during sex), but also you negate the fatigue penalty to having breasts full of milk. Just like all maid outfits, it boosts strength.
    • Underwear is a frilly cow print micro bikini bottoms. It is uncovered themed - it doesn't like you wearing anything on top of it, but it will allow you to wear the milkmaid apron skirt on top of it.
    • Milkmaid apron skirt has the absorption attribute and also significantly reduces your titfuck addiction. But if your breasts lactate while completely full (from normal random chance, not spontaneous lactation from orgasms), you are punished for your negligence with regards to getting milked, by the skirt disappearing.
    • Cow print knee-high stockings.
  • Aika: [Lactation] Some new images for the milking bench in the dungeon, by Icarus. (Get huge boobs to see the varied images)
  • Aika: [Newest Nympho GUI] Added icons and buttons to prompt you to hold your breath and start breathing again.
  • Aika: At the end of the game, the Nintendolls explain they've also kitted you up with all the tattoos and piercings you got in the game, and list them out for you. These also (negatively) impact on your final score.
  • Aika: Removed the limits on max breast size and max belly size in the Body Limit Options menu.
  • Aika: Added a new slutty swimsuit, just becuase I saw a photo and thought it was super hot, so I got Wishberri to draw it. It's blue mostly sheer swimsuit - mostly sheer because there's a solid bit that covers the sides and nipples, but not the crotch. How lewd!
  • Aika: When you trip and fall in a room with a puddle, there's a chance (based on the size of the puddle) for you to have fallen in it, and get some of the liquid on your underwear / pants.
    • [Bukkake fetish] Or, with semen, on your butt!


  • With the toilet painting region, after you've been caught by the toilet monster three times, you'll be teleported to the exit every time you stumble upon him, but also the game will try to summon the 'meat toilet panties' on you. These panties will only cover your crotch if you have semen in your stomach.
    • [Watersports] Instead, they only cover your crotch if you have urine in your stomach.
  • Aika: The bride class is no longer rewarded with a ring upon completing the wedding ceremony by getting on the stage. No, instead, this simply makes you aroused and (temporarily) much more desperate to have vaginal sex. You are rewarded with a pure diamond necklace upon completing the consummation in the Karma Sutra Penthouse Suite.
  • Aika: Several other times that an NPC rewards you with something of material value in return for sex, the black lace items from the hotel will transform into their stripper version if worn.
  • Aika: Oral sex with many NPCs now always ends with an increase to oral sex addiction (but more slowly than most other effects).
  • Aika: When you try to kneel or crawl into pink smoke, you'll be given a multiple choice option between doing it normally, doing it but holding your breath, and cancelling the action.
  • Aika: It was too easy to manipulate your time in the academy hot tub so that you never got propositioned by the teacher who would soon appear. So now, the teacher appears in the first turn of your bathing, and each turn (including the first) requires a bad luck roll to proposition you. So there's no escaping the chance that your hot tub session gets extremely steamy.
  • Aika: In the academy dungeon, when you're asked to say something to degrade yourself, there's now a multiple choice option, increasing in severity. The more severe option you choose, the more humiliation you gain, but choosing any option except the most severe comes with an increasing chance of the teacher not being impressed enough to progress the counter towards your release.
  • Aika: Clothing with the absorption attribute now gradually cleans and dries any and all of your worn clothing over time, rather than just yourself, and not drying up any water.
  • Aika: Classrooms in the academy now have walls with colour matching the rank of lessons that take place there.
  • MG: Pussy slut/butt slut effects now have a much larger influence over whether monsters will ejaculate inside or not.
  • MG: Labia plumpness now increases the chances of monsters selecting your vagina for sex.
  • MG: Dominating demonesses now requires the divination skill
    • Reminder: The divination skill is taught by the witch after you've completed one of her quests.
  • MG: Being a royal slave no longer affects a royal guard's chances of cumming inside you.
  • MG: Having a baby with a royal guard no longer affects his chances of cumming inside you.
  • MG: The shopkeeper's chance of cumming inside you is no longer affected by the hole he is using.
  • MG: The shopkeeper's chance to pull out after you ask him to is now based on charisma, rather than being random.
  • MG: A gladiator's chance to pull out after you ask her to is now based on charisma.
  • MG: Resisting in the last turn of sex will now succeed 100% of the time against small tentacle monsters.
    • avoiding creampies from large and massive tentacle monsters is still based on a 1 in 3 and a 1 in 6 chance (respectively)
  • MG: Jumping while having super enormous boobs will now hurt you a little (instead of just describing it)
  • MG: The "recall quests" command should now include the following quests:
    • The witch's kill quests
    • The witch's latex curse quest
    • The freeing the princess quest
    • The cursed gladiator quest
  • MG: Kicking or Kneeing a mimic will no longer reveal it. Slapping it still works.
  • MG: Dominant sex scenes that involve you having penetrative sex and stopping without being able to cum will now leave you with an erection. (if you have a penis)

ALPHA TESTERS (November 2021 Unlock File)

  • Aika: A new ruby rank extra credit joint predicament - you and another student have to take turns with a man bound to a chair, and the winner who gets to go home without a wrist collar bar and with clothes, is the one who makes him cum.
    • You can ride a dildo to reduce your opponent's timer and bring your turn around faster.
    • You can wait and do nothing to hopefully (with a luck roll) reduce the soreness of your orifice(s).
    • By riding the man with one of your lower holes rather than using your mouth, you make the guy cum twice as fast, but also make it less desirable for someone to go back to using their mouth, which can make your opponent more upset with you.
  • Aika: [Diapers] Another extra credit predicament, emerald ranked, for players with a penis, which I've reluctantly walled behind the diaper option for now, has you forced to carry a giant bear in front of you to hide your state of undress underneath, but secretly is (depending on fetish options) masturbating you, trying to make you pee, and potentially forcing you to drink whatever comes out of your penis.
  • Selkie: A new Nintendolls Job epilogue, the 'Nintendolls Sex Doll'. Requires you to have become a full sex doll at least once, and to not be too much of a prude (at least 24000 / 40000 humiliation).
  • Aika: Fixed a thing where loads of map debug text got spat out while debug mode was enabled.
  • Aika: Fixed the "predicament time" debug command.


  • Aika: Fixed a bug where when the minotaur pulled out after sleeping on you, he wasn't bored at all, and if he found you immediately the next turn he'd already want more.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where drinking vessels never spawned blessed or cursed.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where sex toys and other insertables were considered about 6 units larger than intended when determining how painful it was to put them in your pussy or ass.
  • Aika: [Egg Laying] Fixed a bug where laying small and medium eggs from your ass caused much more soreness increase than intended.
  • Aika: [Interracial] Fixed a bug where the QoS wench wouldn't drag high BBC addiction players to the shopkeeper.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where if you defeated the herald, the doom quest didn't actually get resolved, and there was still doom everywhere.
  • Aika: Removed a bit of code that prevented you wearing a skirt over a non-skirted main outfit that took up the crotch covering slot.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where a class headgear could summon clothes with anal and/or vaginal plugs onto you, while the relevant orifice(s) were already occupied.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the cock monsters could urinate in your mouth even if watersports fetish was disabled.
  • Aika: [Lactation] Fixed a bug where the milk tank that is supposed to be next to the mansion milking bench would often be missing.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where masturbating with a penis would often have the flavour of a futanari masturbating.
  • MG: Fixed an issue where tentacle monsters filling orifices with eggs would sometimes remove ALL of the monster's condoms (instead of just the relevant ones)
  • MG: Fixed a bug where you wouldn't orgasm from being eaten out by the gladiator
  • MG: Fixed some typos in the gladiator domination flavor.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the wild gladiator had the incorrect flavor for broken condoms.
  • MG: Fixed some typos in the djinn domination flavor.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where being a blowjob slut made the demoness less likely to jizz in your mouth
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the playdude bunny tattoo wasn't properly increasing your charisma
  • MG: Fixed an issue where the milking bench kept trying to summon the cow print basque even if you were already wearing it.
  • MG: Fixed incorrect flavor showing up when bullying the caged minotaur
  • MG: Fixed a bug where fucking Barbara with a strapon sometimes described you using your penis instead.
  • MG: Fixed an issue where you sometimes weren't able to cum from dominating the gladiator with a penis/strapon.
  • MG: Fixed an issue where the blowjob domination scene with the dominatrix sometimes wasn't making you cum.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where choosing not to masturbate anally when it wasn't your only option would cause some weird flavor to show up.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where you could lick the floor while in the middle of oral sex
  • MG: Fixed an issue where the mechanic was way too easy to dominate successfully
  • MG: Fixed some typos in the masturbation flavor
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