Trap Quest Release 13 Version 5.0 Hotfix

This post's banner is from the new art for newly hatched giant wasps, drawn by Icarus.

How to Download

On Windows?  There's now an executable launcher, made by area57. It'll download the latest version of the game for you and lets you start a game with a single click of a button. Oh, and every time you open it, it'll check if there's a new version, and you'll be able to update to the new version from within the launcher! Just download the executable from here, and then run it: Link 1 or Link 2

You'll need around 520MB of free space for when it downloads the game file. If you have any problems with the launcher, check out the troubleshooting page here:

If you don't like the sound of running an executable from a NSFW site, use the download links further down and read the paragraph underneath them.

To use the Clothing window with the launcher, you currently need to download the game file separately (from the links on Patreon / SubscribeStar) and then use the sideload functionality by pressing F12.

This launcher is in alpha - we're still ironing out the kinks so there's still a decent chance it won't work for you.

If you're not on Windows, can't get the launcher working, or are paranoid about running an executable from some random lewd internet game website, then read on.

There are 5 different versions because there are 5 different publicly available character windows you can use. Previews of the different versions' Character Windows can be seen here
The versions with the 6th window, the Clothing window, are available from our Patreon posts and SubscribeStar posts.

MEGA Direct Download Links: Danaume Version, Keriax Version,  Wonderfuller Version,  Porn Version, Strateg Version

Trap Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it (if your overzealous antivirus has a problem with area57's improved speed version, there's an older official version here). Another interpreter called Gargoyle is available on multiple platforms but is more prone to crashes. If you're having trouble consult this page.

Known Issues

  • Updating to the latest version of the MacBook operating system no longer supports WINE. If this is the case for you, I'm afraid you'll need to run Windows in a Virtual Machine or otherwise fully emulate Windows to play Trap Quest on your computer using the recommended Windows Git. Your other option is to try Gargoyle (see here).
  • In some interpreters, on some people's computers, with some of the more complex character windows (mainly Wonderfuller and Clothing), undo is failing to work because the interpreter's undo buffer isn't large enough to handle the game.

Main Changelist

Hotfix Changelist


  • Aika: [Lactation] Resting on a milking bench in a situation where you can't get milked (because there's no milk in your breasts or because there's clothing in the way), when you don't already have a decently high lactation rate, causes an increase in lactation rate. For players who want a very milky run and don't enjoy having to wait for the game to catch them out to start the process, this is a good way to get your milk flowing.
  • Aika: The sinful priestess outfits now reduce your vaginal sensitivity, to give you an extra gameplay incentive to keep wearing them even though they're so erotic and exposing.
  • Aika: Low strength players previously could never remove the gladiator sword; this has been changed. The only reason you can't remove the sword is if its 'burden' (which rises from you fleeing from enemies and successfully escaping) rises too high compared to your strength.
    • Also added a narration line when the sword actually becomes unremovable, and when it becomes removable again. So you are actually told when that happens.
  • Aika: When you engage in the pink diamond ranked 'practical' sex lesson, at the start, it summarises your different levels of enjoyment of the various types of sex, to help you work out which ones you're likely to be able to make it seem like you're enjoying.
  • Aika: The check to see if you, in a moment of weakness, drop to your knees and suck a cock at the Academy gloryhole instead of using it dominantly, is now a lot more forgiving.


  • Aika: Fixed some bugs with the nun dress Extra Credit predicament:
    • If you fail the mission and so can't pick up your stuff in the final room, it's all teleported to the pink wardrobe.
    • And when you later unlock the nun dress, you automatically slip your arms out of it and so can use your hands again.


  • Aika: [A2M] Fixed a bug with the gloryhole key predicament where when doing ass to mouth, once the man was 1 turn away from cumming, the player would get stuck doing only oral, and also the man would only have a 1 in 3 chance of cumming each turn.


  • Aika: (Hopefully) fixed a weird bug where summoning portals were getting moved around the map as they spawned new NPCs.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where swallowing semen, urine or milk triggered the 'first taste' and 'first swallow' flavour for all three.
  • Aika: Fixed a few bugs where drinking a cursed drink (which therefore transformed into semen or milk depending on the drinking vessel) incorrectly penalized you for drinking something you weren't addicted to.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the fishnet dress was flagged as not having a skirt section.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the kimono was flagged as being so tight that you couldn't walk properly, despite the long slit in the image.
  • Aika: Fixed a nasty programming bug triggered when an absorption clothing would try to clean something when everything you were wearing was clean.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where when you noticed your own nip slip and fixed it, it didn't actually reset the timer for how long it had been since you last checked if your nipple had slipped, making it highly likely that you'd suffer another nip slip soon.
  • Aika: [A2M] Fixed a bug caused by QoS wench code that meant that normal wenches would often not walk around the map, but just stay in one place.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where kneeling in a puddle always had a chance for you to get some on your butt, instead of only when tripping.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where when a royal guard interacted with a dungeon Explorer NPC, facefucking her and then banishing her from the region, the guard got banished instead.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where if you wore a cursed stethoscope which was therefore supposed to transform into a cock stethoscope, but it resisted transformation for some reason (e.g. you are wearing lots of yellow and gold items), it didn't get an uncurse quest.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where it was possible for a series of events to leave the deep one friendly and just casually watching you while you beat up all the ritual cultists.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where plug panties could somehow also have a cameltoe.
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