Trap Quest Release 13 Version 7.0 Hotfix 2

This version's banner image is from the new cage trap art, by Pyper Haylie.

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Main Changelist

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Hotfix 2 Changelist


  • The player will no longer refuse to manually wear bondage items (including chastity items) due to how humiliating it would appear.
  • Making an NPC orgasm during the seduction routine progresses your journey towards completion of the cheerleader headgear quest.
  • The senior robobellboy is now a shade of orange, rather than red, to help you visually distinguish between it and the normal robobellboys.
  • The princess bride dress, which usually has the posture training attribute and gives -4 to strength until the ceremony, then turns into a dress of elasticity that gives you +1 to strength, to give you some incentive to concentrate on the quest completion curse, and have the dress stick around.
    • At the ceremony you'll also get a cursed demon tail plug, if possible. It will make you feel more submissive, and it also has the 'expansion' attribute, which means it will grow larger over time.
  • [Pregnancy] When you become the fertile bunny (be a bunny and trigger fertility goddess eligibility by getting pregnant enough times), the bunny tail plug will have the refreshment attribute, which keeps your butt lubed at all times.
  • The cage trap in the woods now has art by Pyper Haylie and if inflation is enabled, an unlucky roll can cause your butt to get inflated to max size as you try and squeeze through the bars.


  • You can now masturbate yourself while your genitals are on the pimp's pedestal via the portal hotpants. But if the pimp is there, he'll stop you.
    • Unless you're stealthy (i.e. you're a vixen) and you manage to sneak up to the pedestal without him noticing!


  • Improved the wonky stuff that happens when you try to pick up equippables, especially the pink spraybottle, while in the final room of the Extra Credit Zone.
  • Fixed a bug where the rubber bunny waitress ears were making the player bald in the clothing character window.


  • Fixed a serious and long-standing bug where friendly NPCs weren't noticing when your appearance suddenly became lewd right in front of them.
  • Fixed a serious and long-standing bug where chastity devices weren't always being treated as covering the genitals, which allowed them to be easily removed by NPCs, and also sometimes even by the player.
  • Fixed a bug where the Nintendolls in the final boss room were flagged as normal NPCs rather than bosses for the purposes of working out who might take some 'time out' of the region and come back later.
  • Fixed two bugs with the orc poker game properly identifying straights - one where it didn't identify them correctly at all, and another where it didn't identify straights to the Ten correctly (i.e. where the Ace counts as a Six).
  • Fixed a bug where the orc didn't actually leave when the game said he did, after being attacked.
  • Fixed several issues with intended functionality of the bridal veil.
    • The veil was supposed to cover the player's face before the ceremony.
    • The veil was supposed to cause extremely heightened vaginal sex addiction after the ceremony, until the player consummated their marriage in the penthouse suite.
    • The veil was appearing as a starting headgear item even for male players with TG disabled.
    • Fixed a bug where the player successfully completing the bride quest, losing their virginity on their wedding night, still caused a punishment to the player's wedding dress, as if they'd lost their virginity to something else.
    • There were also some issues with the princess bride class:
      • The princess bride couldn't have the wedding ceremony with the mechanic if the hotel region hadn't been discovered yet. Now you can.
      • The mechanic was able to turn male players with TG disabled into the princess bride.
      • When the mechanic turned princesses into princess brides, the quest of the headgear didn't get changed from royal duties to wifely duties.
  • Fixed a bug where the kitchen knife no longer actually destroyed clothing.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where the game wouldn't understand you when you tried to pull at the vines fucking Barbara.
  • Fixed bugs where both the cock pacifier and the dungeon statues didn't count as drinking semen for the purposes of deciding whether the player was upset about drinking something other than the liquid(s) they are addicted to.
  • [Urine] Fixed a bug where the code to deal with academy staff enforcing locked toilet supervision rules was just completely borked.
  • Fixed an issue where equippable weapons with the possession attribute would just act the same as other clothing, which didn't make any sense - it can't really grope you because it's not touching much of your body.
  • Fixed an issue where submitting to certain NPCs could trigger flavour that implied that they were having sex with you, even when they were doing something else.
  • Fixed a bug where the wearing restrictions for chastity cages (based on their sizes), was accidentally too strict.
  • Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper only properly handled reclaiming stolen clothing, and not other stolen items.
  • Fixed a bug where if the shopkeeper reclaimed a stolen bag of holding, the items that were in your bag remained in your inventory rather than dropping to the ground.
  • [Pregnancy] Fixed an issue where the sheer briefs that are a part of the new fairy god warrior multiclass, clashed with the faerie class's innate desire to not wear panties. They now have an exemption.
  • Fixed a bug where poking the orc to tell him you wanted to play a game of poker wasn't working properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the nurse background could summon a bandage that was for sale in the shop, which would cause it to enter a glitched state.
  • Fixed a bug where having a visible cameltoe meant that your clitoris piercing was also considered visible.
  • Fixed a bug where the player, when addicted to a bodily fluid, e.g. semen, was still feeling low (and therefore being punished with intelligence loss) after drinking the correct liquid.
  • Fixed a bug where hotel patrons would drink anything from waitresses serving drinks, even cum etc.
  • Fixed an issue in the tutorial where you could kneel at points when you hadn't been directed to, and then get stuck on your knees and therefore unable to progress.
  • Fixed a bug where human female NPCs could continue to be abducted by the cultists after the doom ritual had either completed or been successfully prevented.
  • [Pregnancy] Fixed a bug where the player was told there was no point resting without furniture to heal body injury, even when pregnanct and wearing a maternity dress (which heals you while resting anywhere while pregnant).
  • [Pregnancy] Fixed a bug where the fertile bunny class was mutually exclusive with other bunny classes / and cross-classes. Now if you have a bunny tail plug, you should always be the fertile bunny in addition to any other cross-classes.
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