Diaper Art

Beware ye who enter, this page is for TQ diaper art. You don't like adults in diapers? Probably best to turn away then. On the other hand, if you like the stuff here, maybe you'd also like to see some of the other Diaper Fetish Stuff I've created!

Art Commission - Toilet's Toilet by JamJar Monster
Do these magic diapers just keep on stretching infinitely?  Would they eventually collapse into a singularity?

Art Commission - Baby Princess Dress by JamJar Monster
Those darned laser traps!

Art Commission - First comes love by JamJar Monster
But seriously I wish this was me
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby... or is it then the baby comes?

Art Commission - The Cursed Diaper Won't Budge by JamJar Monster

Oh god why did I write a poem

On the toilet her eyes quickly set,
Her relief she would finally get!
But her diaper was cursed,
And her bladder did burst;
And she waddled off tearful and wet.

Art Commission - Too Horny To Care by JamJar Monster

It's gonna take her time to climax through that much padding, but she knows it'll be worth it.

Art Commission - Wonder Whizzer's Wet Wobbly Waddle Whilst Wearing Weighty Waterlogged Wardrobe by 34Qucker

The suit will only let her take it off once she's apprehended 10 criminals, regardless of how long it takes

Art Commission - Teacher's Pet by 34Qucker

She's sent a DMCA takedown request and still nobody's taken it down!

Art Commission - Soggy but Skint by Black Rose Seduction

Desperate to pee again, and still not found any jewellery.  Tragic.

Art Commission - Slutty Clubber by JamJar Monster

Don't worry honey, nobody can see it, your dress is definitely hiding it.

Art Commission - Queened by Black Rose Seduction

If you lost a fight with a wench, you've probably already lost the game.

Sketch Commission - Princess Pottypants by 34Qucker

If you think she's unimpressed now, wait until she realises it's cursed.

Fan Art - Magic T-shirt by Anonymous Fan 2

Mary instantly regretted her choice of T-shirt when she felt it summon an adult diaper around her loins.  Her regret quickly turned to despair when she tried to remove it.