Launcher Troubleshooting

Having problems with the launcher? Check if your issue is answered here.

"How do I use the clothing window with the launcher?"

You press F12 while on the main page, then browse to where you downloaded the GBLORB file, and open the file directly.

"I imported my unlock file but it didn't seem to work."

If you loaded a save file from a game that was started before you imported the unlock file, you need to use the command "update donators file". If that's not your problem, the problem is probably that you didn't import the correct unlock file. The file you're looking for is only around 500KB large and has a file name like "210423 Debug Unlock". The file extension should be ".gblorb". If it's not, for example if it's ".zip", then you first need to extract the file from the zip container.

"Last time I played I used F12 to side-load my preferred GBLORB file (e.g. the clothing window version), and now this time it's acting like it doesn't exist, but when I try to side-load it again with F12, it says 'Operation Failed', because the file already exists."

Yes sorry about this, this is a known bug that will be fixed in the next version of the launcher. For now, this is how to fix it:

Right click on the launcher icon and open file location

If this just opens your Start Menu / Programs folder, you need to do it again!

Inside this folder is a file called user_config.ini

Open this file (with notepad) and replace the line where gameversion is with the actual version you want to use. For example if your Trap Quest file is called TrapQuest210504.gblorb you would want the line underneath [gameversion] to say "local = TrapQuest210504"

Save the file and then clicking on "Play Trap Quest" in the launcher should now work as normal.