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The Aeromancer is a female monster found in the dungeon and woods regions. She only appears if the inflation fetish is enabled, which is fitting because she focuses on air exclusively for all of her attacks and rapes.

Difficulty Rating

Dungeon: 5 Woods: 7 Hitpoints: Dungeon: 18-21 Woods: 23-26


Golden phallus/ Golden bracelet


Attempt to trip over / Attempt to increase body soreness

Actions upon victory

Rapes the player anally and vaginally, inflating the players breasts, hips, or belly with air/Rapes only the player's choice of only the ass or only the vagina if one of them was offered./If all of the player's orifices are blocked, she will inflate one part of the player's body with air(prioritizing the one with the least size.)

Ways to make unfriendly

Allow her to notice you whilst your nipples and/or genitals are exposed./Attack

Ways to make friendly

Encounter her whilst your nipples and genitals covered

Learnable Skill

Preservation of the magic energy

Assistance in combat

Grows the player's butt and breasts/ If inflation is enabled, she will inflate them with air./If she encounters the player with a sex doll, she will inflict them with the latex curse.

Penetrative stats

Girth: 6 Mess: 4 - 7 Air


Yes; If the player has 15 or greater intelligence and a penis size of at least 4 inches, they will be able to steal her magic wand.


Yes, but uninterested in the player's mouth.


Dungeon Woods More hitpoints, grows/inflates the player more upon victory.


The dungeon aeromancer is actually on the weaker side, although she's a good deal tougher than the wench, so a general rule of thumb would be to beat the aeromancer with as little effort as possible. General strategies apply, like taking the fight when fully rested, not when already sore/tired, and when there aren't too many hostile npc's nearby, since there's no benefit to fighting multiple enemies at once. Its not a bad idea to find some underwear before you try to fight her, but keep in mind that she can use her magic to rip them off pretty easily, so if you have low dexterity you shouldn't wear anything you don't want to lose. The same ideas apply for the woods aeromancer, although its much more important to get her on her own, since only one or two rapes can get you flying high. Hostile npc's are very likely to appear during the fight because the area is so small, so it is advised to avoid the aeromancer for as long as it takes to kill the weaker monsters like the mannequin.