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Arousal is the most fluctuating stat in the game, going up and down a lot as various events occur. The main things that make it go up are sexual stimulation and later on humiliation. The main things that make it go down are orgasms and also it slowly cools down over time. The minimum and maximum levels of arousal are determined by your permanent sex addiction (that is, your sex addiction before temporary modifiers are applied).

Arousal has lots of different impacts on the player. Low levels of arousal could be considered beneficial, as they increase dexterity and don't do much else. Higher levels can increase dexterity a little bit more, but start to significantly reduce intelligence. Also, as arousal builds, your temporary sex addiction score increases.

Phrase Meanings

The phrase in the status bar corresponds to the following values:

  • Fine: 0 to 1999
  • Aroused: 2000 to 4999
  • Horny: 5000 to 7999
  • Very Horny: 8000 to 10999
  • Extremely Horny: 11000 and up


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that uses the arousal of the player in its calculations.

  • If the player is aroused, dexterity is increased by 2.
  • If the player is horny, dexterity is increased by a further 1.
  • For each 3000 arousal points above 2000, intelligence is temporarily decreased by 1, and sex addiction is temporarily increased by 1.
    • So the first one happens as you become horny.
    • If a male player is wearing a cursed chastity cage, strength is increased by the same amount.
  • When aroused and watching a hypno screen, if a random number between 1 and (19 - (arousal / 750)) is less than the sex addiction of the player, the player will begin masturbating.
  • To jump from a drill dildo, a random number from 1 to 3 + the soreness of the drilled orifice must be higher than arousal / 500.
  • Masturbation takes 5 rounds, minus one round for each 2000 arousal (minimum 1 round).
  • The player must be 'a bit horny' to have a chance of bringing themselves to orgasm when fucking a defeated opponent.
    • This is the requirement needed to avoid or remove the Sissy class.
  • If the player is aroused and a random number between 11 and 50 is less than sex addiction, the player will drop to their knees in front of a mannequin who spots them.
  • If the player is horny, they will in most situations be unable to offer their breasts or mouth for sex.
  • If the player is horny and the Maid, there's a small chance each turn that a chastity cage / belt will appear on them.
  • If the player is horny and is wearing a living belt of sturdiness, it will begin to fuck them.
  • If the player is horny, the whip of domination's damage is increased by 1.
  • A player who is extremely horny will always immediately orgasm from vaginal stimulation, regardless of any other game rules (except being the living sex doll or having the For Deposit Only Tattoo).
  • A player who is extremely horny cannot attack enemies.


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of the ways that your raw arousal score can be increased or decreased.

  • Arousal slowly decreases over time.
    • Cursed chastity cages cancel out this effect.
  • Vaginal and anal stimulation increases arousal by 200 + (the girth of the stimulant * 50);
    • The girth of a stimulant ranges from 1 to 10. An average human penis is a 3.
    • Drill traps also increase arousal by a flat 250 extra each turn.
    • Wooden horse traps also increase arousal by a flat 400 extra each turn.
  • Players who are at maximum humiliation are aroused slightly when humiliated.
    • Arousal increases by the intended humiliation increase divided by 4.
  • Players can be aroused by being seen in clothing which would humiliate them if their humiliation level was slightly lower.
  • Players who are at maximum semen addiction are aroused slightly when it tries to increase further.
  • Players who swallow semen have arousal increased by 500 if semen addiction is 14 or higher.
  • Players who receive a facial of semen are aroused slightly if semen addiction is 14 or higher.
  • Players who have semen applied to their thighs are aroused slightly if semen addiction is 14 or higher.
    • This is most common from squirting semen out from your fuckholes.
  • Breathing in pink smoke can increase arousal by 350 rather than affect hair colour or breast size.
  • The milking harness sucking lactated milk increases arousal by 200.
  • Hypno traps increase arousal by 750 each turn.
  • The slimegirl increases arousal by 500 when she licks you all over to clean up semen.
    • When inside you and hungry, she can increase arousal by 3000.
  • Cursed nipple chains can periodically increase arousal by 400.
  • Each attack with the whip of domination increases arousal by 150.
  • Getting facefucked increases arousal by 200 each turn if sex addiction is over 10.
  • Some scenes where you fuck a defeated enemy upon losing can result in huge arousal increase.
    • This generally only happens if your penis size is tiny.