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Barbara, initially known as 'Mysterious woman' until the player greets her, is an NPC found in the Forest(Woods). A fellow "victim" of the game. She will follow the player around after talking to her and assists him/her with fighting monsters. She can randomly choose to go visit the Dungeon and back.


A long haired, huge breasted brunette wearing a partially torn black fishnet shirt underneath a tight black leather corset, and an extremely torn spandex pair of leggings, which provides modesty for her crotch region but little else. She is wearing a decent amount of makeup, and carrying a modern looking pistol.

Difficulty Rating





  1. (Knee?)

Ways to make friendly

She's always non-hostile to the player, and is instantly friendly to the player as soon as she first greeted.

Learnable Skill


Assistance in combat

She will engage enemies currently hostile to the player, until the player is being penetrated by a monster, at which point she will run away in tears commenting that she wasn't able to help you. This increases her bimbo by 1 if it happens.






Currently, depending on the number of times the player faints (after first encountering her?), there will be different versions of her as she becomes more and more of a bimbo herself.

  1. Mysterious woman / Barbara
  2. Barbar
  3. Baby
  4. Barbie
  5. Bambi


Beware of her stupidity if you are playing the game for a while, because she can set the minotaur free from his cage once bimboified enough. Fun Fact: While it is an act of stupidity this also means that she's currently the only NPC intelligent enough to use stairs.

Player Barbara can also unlock the player. However whenever she appears and does this, she'll increase her own bimbo meter by 1 which brings her closer to doing stupid things like releasing the minotaur.