Book of Anal

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Clothing - Equipment - Pocketbook - Rare

A rare item equippable item that can give the player temporary skills. The skill the player gains is random, and requires the player to read the book first, which can have some negative effects.


  • A paperback book with the words BRANDI'S BIG BOOK OF ANAL superimposed over a naked rear end.

Ways of Obtaining


  • Outrage level: 0
  • Price: 3
  • Material: Leather
  • Projectile? No
  • Theme:
    • Anal Sex
  • Influences:
    • Soreness* (Only when the book's effect is soreness resistance)


  • Reading the book generates a random number between 1 and 7.
    • If the number is higher than 4, the player will begin to masturbate
      • This only happens if the player is very aroused and is able to masturbate.
    • If the number is less than 4, the player will gain some arousal and one of three persistent effects
      • Soreness resistance
        • Increase the player's soreness resistance by 3 + 1 / 7 of the player's intelligence.
      • Anal enhancement
        • After the player causes an npc to orgasm from anal sex, the npc will like the player more
        • Also causes the npc to be satisfied slightly longer depending on the player's intelligence.
      • Butt slut


  • Effects given by reading the book last until the player is no longer holding the book.
  • Reading the book has a slightly better than half chance of forcing the player to masturbate.
  • Reading the book then grants one of the following effects:
    • Tolerance: can prevent negative effects from anal soreness based on Intelligence and increases arousal.
    • Enhancing: increases the favor of a Monster that orgasms in the player, increases their refractory period, and increases arousal.
    • Provoking: increases the likelihood of monsters and Traps preferring the player's asshole to other orifices and increases arousal.
    • Increase delicateness at low sex addiction.
    • Increase anal sex addiction at low sex addiction.
    • Increases arousal.
    • Does nothing.


Can be used as inspiration for the Buttslut Tattoo and Butt-Slut Tattoo.