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Breast Size is one of the body stats of the player.

Your in-game breast size is comprised of your "raw" breast size plus how full your breasts are of air or silicon (inflation fetish enabled). It contributes to your body weight, and its contribution can be reduced by wearing a bra. The main way to decrease breast size is with a weight loss potion.

Phrase Meanings

Internally the game tracks cup sizes as numbers. 1 corresponds to "nonexistant" or "a flat chest," whereas 15 corresponds to "KK-cup". Every additional cup-size is a higher number, although more and more ounces/units of breast flesh are required to gain a cup-size as time goes on. If the player has lactation enabled, the player's breasts have a milk capacity equal to their total ounces of breast flesh, not their cup size. Breast Size is capped at "GG-Cup" (normal) or "impossibly volumous globes" (Extreme Proportions Fetish).

  • Flat: non-existant to AA-Cup
  • Tiny: A-Cup to B-Cup
  • Average: C-Cup to D-Cup
  • Large: DD-Cup to E-Cup
  • V Large: F-Cup to GG-Cup
  • Giant: H-Cup to JJ-Cup
  • Monstrous: KK-Cup to "ridiculous beach balls, larger than any realistic cup size"
  • Absurd: "comically sized jawbreakers, that make you look [like} a poorly drawn hentai girl"
  • Unreal: "comically sized jawbreakers, that make you look [like] a poorly drawn hentai girl" to "impossibly volumous globes" (by far the "biggest" category (pun intended))


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that uses the Breast Size of the player in its calculations.

  • Breast Size affects your overall Weight.
  • Wearing certain outfits with big breasts can increase Bimbo score.
  • Crawling with large breasts drags them across the floor activating any pressure plates and tripwires along the way.
    • For dildo traps, if this trap is triggered while the player is kneeling, they will faint instantly. Otherwise, Players with very large bellies or breasts will not be able to remove their heels while on the dildo trap.
  • Maximum Breast Size affects Milk Capacity, at this point any additional produced milk is immediately lactated. (R6)
  • Breast Size is used to determine how well a bra fits.
  • Extremely large breasts add impressively endowed to the players name.
  • Breast Size increasing beyond a threshold above the worn bra sizes destroys the bra. (Destroys overdresses in R5 and older)
    • Cursed bras will instead grow to fit the new breast size.
      • Since this effect only occurs once for each bra it is impossible to fit "maxed" breasts into any bra.
      • This doesn't stop the game from sacrificing countless cursed KK-cup maternity bras to worship the enormity of your breasts.
      • While this does sound fun at first it also effectively prevents a character from wearing any overdress in R5 or older.
  • When Attacking with Slaps while having huge breasts (size?) damage is reduced. (formula?) (is it damage or temporary strength?)

Gladiator Aggression

The player's breast size determines whether or not the gladiator becomes aggressive upon noticing the player. Their size must be greater than a certain value, or the gladiator will attack them. That value is related to the player's maximum breast size.

||~ Maximum Size: || AA || A || B || C || D || DD || E || F || G || GG || HH || JJ || KK || L || Massive+ || ||~ "Safe" Size || AA || A || B || C || D || DD || ? || E || E || F || ? || ? || ? || ? || KK ||

Temporary Modifiers

(section is only relevant if this stat has things that only affect it whilst active) Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that can modify your Breast Size value. The value can never go lower than AA-Cup (or is it non-existent for males?) or higher than GG-Cup/"impossibly volumous globes" (Proportions Fetish). Values below can all be affected by the "Breast Expansion Rate" fetish: 150%/133% (Proportions Fetish) faster growth respectively.

  • Wearing a Bra temporarily decreases "effective Breast Size" (the weight of the breasts) (-1) BUC and Magic Modifiers can influence this further.
  • Different Bras might affect the "look" of Breast Size differently (affecting checks with NPCs) (E.g: Exercise Bras might make them look smaller while Pushups might make them look bigger) (This might be total bullshit. =^-^=)
  • (Fetish) Milk "fill" increases Breast Size (tracked in ounces).
  • (Fetish) Milk Needle Traps increase Breast Size by injecting milk into them
  • (Fetish) With Lactation fetish enabled Breasts will/can produce a small amount of milk constantly. (R6)
  • (Fetish) Milking Breasts when they contain milk decreases their size. (depends on amount of milk)
  • (Fetish) Breasts can be inflated with air (inflation fetish) (?)
  • (Fetish) Deflating is probably somehow implemented with inflation fetish (?)

Permanent Modifiers

Below is a nearly exhaustive list of the ways that your raw Breast Size score can be permanently increased or decreased.

  • The throne has a ?% chance to make your character more "womanly", including a Breast size increase (+1)
  • Cursed Bras have a ?% chance each turn to increase Breast Size. (+1)
    • They will increase breast size until it's a perfect fit for their cup size.
  • "Posture training" clothing increases Breast Size when Heel Skill increases. (+1)
  • Kneeling in pink smoke has a ?% Chance each turn to increase Breast Size(+1)
  • Sex dolls will inflate the players breasts if they deflate into the player's mouth, or vagina, and if inflation is not enabled, their ass.
    • Technically speaking the game determines whether a doll is filled with air or semen when spawning the doll.
    • When inflation is enabled, sex dolls can inflate the player's breasts and belly with air. When it is not enabled, they simply increase the raw size of the breasts.
    • This means that save-scumming won't change the outcome.
    • Depending on their fill type, dolls prefer either vaginal or anal sex. So, if a doll uses your vagina, expect a creampie. If they use your ass, expect a dosage of air.
  • Asking for a drink from a Gladiator when thirsty drastically increases Breast Size (+2?)
  • Asking for a drink from a Fairy when thirsty and exceeding Stomach/Womb capacity can increase Breast Size (?) (Maybe outdated)
  • Drinking a cursed drink has a ?% Chance to increase Breast Size. (+1) (not sure either)
  • A Weight Loss Potion reduces Breast Size (-1 assuming no modifiers)
  • Resetting the dungeon (both fainting and forcing the reset triggers it) resets Breast Size to "Real Breast Size" (-difference Breast Size/Real Breast Size)
    • Having breasts larger than your "Real Breast Size" slowly makes those grow to fit your current breast size.
    • Your ingame breasts can never shrink below your "Real Breast Size" while playing.