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The player can become the broodmother by wearing the Wasp-Antennae and either the Striped Top or a pair of black and yellow Stockings. The broodmother also has a unique equippable item called a Wasp Cloud.

Obtaining the Wasp Antennae

Main article: Wasp Antennae

Being in the room when a Giant Wasp fertilizes an egg will cause the wasp antennae to spawn unless:

  • The wasp antennae already exist in the game universe
  • The player is already wearing a headgear

Obtaining the Striped Top

Main article: Striped Top

Has a chance of spawning on the player as long as the player is wearing the wasp antennae, but only once per appearance of the headgear.

Obtaining the Wasp Cloud

Main article: Wasp Cloud

Can spawn if a medium Egg hatches when the player is nearby.

Obtaining the Stockings

Main aritcle: Stockings

Has a chance of spawning on the player as long as the striped top can't spawn


  • Changes the player's title to "broodmother"
  • Once the player obtains a wasp cloud, they will have a swarm of wasps that follows them around and interacts with the player's other broodmother-related items.
  • If there is a medium Egg nearby, the player will gain 2 Magic Power and trigger another effect
    • If there are no wasps currently in the game, a wasp will appear
    • If there is at least one wasp in the game, there is a 1 in 6 chance of another wasp appearing
    • If the player has a wasp cloud equipped, increases the size of the player's wasp swarm
    • If the player doesn't have a wasp cloud equipped, summons a wasp cloud and creates a swarm of 3 tiny wasps for the player.
  • Once the player exceeds 50 in their wasp swarm, the player's broodmother items become attached to the player's body.
  • Once the player exceeds 100 in their wasp swarm, the player's striped top will grow stingers, which can poison monsters that attack the player's chest area
  • Giant wasps will sometimes give the player water when they are thirsty
  • Giant wasps will sometimes heal the player when they are sore
  • Giant wasps will sometimes reduce the player's orifice soreness
  • Giant wasps will be friendly to the broodmother.