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Bras provide support, reducing the effective weight of breasts. Most bras have a cup size which determines which size breasts will be properly supported by the bra. If your breast size is significantly smaller than the cup size, no support will be provided. If your breast size is significantly larger, you will be unable to wear the bra.

Basic Stats

The four basic stats for bras are:

  • Min size: the smallest cup size this bra will appear in.
  • Max size: the largest cup size this bra will appear in.
  • Support: the number of units that breast weight is reduced by.
  • Cut: the amount of breast flesh that is left exposed. Higher cuts are better at protecting you against needle traps and will also have less of an effect on perceived bimbo (how slutty you appear to NPCs).

Secondary Characteristics

Other flags that bras will often have include:

  • Whether it is sheer (see-through)
  • Whether your nipples are left completely exposed or not
  • Whether or not you can easily displace the bra (expose your breasts) without fully removing it


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