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Clothing may have, as described on their individual pages, one or more of the following attributes:

  • Speed
    • will (usually) positively affect your Dexterity.
  • Endurance:
    • will slow down the increase of your Fatigue.
  • Posture Training:
    • will (usually) negatively affect your Dexterity. May 'reward' you for correct posture with enlarged body parts. You learn heel skill faster.
  • Constriction:
    • negatively affects Dexterity and intensifies the effects of the corset.
  • Kicking:
    • will (usually) positively affect Strength, and adds significant extra damage to attacks.
  • Stumbling:
    • increases the chance of falling over whilst wearing heels.
  • Confidence:
    • gives a chance to ignore increases to humiliation and sex addiction.
  • Suppression:
    • decreases the frequency at which you get horny again after orgasming.
  • Temptation:
    • increases bimbo, and gives you a chance to accidentally seduce a friendly monster when talking to it, making it unfriendly.
  • Absorption:
    • self cleaning if stained with bodily fluids.
  • Dressup:
    • Spawns cursed super slutty useless clothing on you.


Clothing may have the following skirt length as appropriate.

  • unskirted
  • knee-length
  • short
  • super-short
  • hobble-skirted

Shorter lengths hide less, hobble lengths restrict movement and prevents kicking, kneeling and strutting.

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