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Infernal NPC's have limited effect in the free version of the game. As a rule, struggling doesn't work during sex with infernal npc's and only increases the chance that they will pull out before they finish.

Infernal Creampies

Infernal NPC's (and demonic items) will harm the player if their semen enters the player's pussy, but only the player's pussy.

  • A third of the amount of semen entering the player's pussy will be gained as soreness.
  • When infernal cum enters the player's womb, the player will gain a bit of delicateness or sex addiction.
    • Priestesses are especially weak to semen in their womb, and will lose either strength or dexterity instead.

Imp Pregnancies

Aside from the Demon Lord and the Hellhound, pregnancies from demonic npc's or items will result in the player summoning several adult Imps at the end of their pregnancy.

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