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Musky NPC's have little significance unless mythical creature fetish is enabled, in which case these NPC's interact with animal themed classes including the Catgirl, Puppygirl, Bunny and the Cowgirl.

Pheromonal Status

After the player passes a certain horniness threshold with one of the beastly classes, they will become pheromonal, which has detrimental effects for the player.

  • Pheromones prevent the player from losing arousal over time
  • Musky monsters take longer to lose interest when chasing the player
  • Musky monsters will creampie the player 100% of the time
  • if a musky monster manages to give the player a vaginal creampie, and pregnancy fetish is enabled, there is 1 in 4 chance the player will get pregnant instantly.
  • When in the same room as a musky npc, the player will constantly gain arousal.
    • If allowed to go on for too long, the player will eventually give up on fighting, kneel, and present their body for sex.
  • If the player is in the same region as the minotaur, they will still gain arousal over time(but not as much as if they were in the same room)
  • If watersports fetish is enabled, the player will pee more often.

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