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This page lists features common to all overdresses. See specific item pages for exceptions and overrides.


Overdresses are top layer clothing. They layer over most clothing that is not necklaces, exclusive or penetrating, thus concealing or covering them. Conversely, most things cannot layer over overdresses. Note that very tight skirts will not layer over Trousers.


  • Cut: Average
  • Nipple covering.
  • Belly covering.
  • Armor: 4
  • Soak: 26

General Effects

  • If the player is a Silicone Queen, any overdress will increase breast support by 2 if blessed and decrease by 2 if cursed.
  • Blessed overdresses can very rarely reduce breast and hip size if either is larger than real size from starting or fainting.
  • May have the dressup attribute.
  • Non-crotch covering overdresses do not get ripped by Wooden Horse Traps.
  • Non-displaceable overdresses need to be removed prior to applying salves.
  • Overdresses may be ruined by bursting bras or by the Gladiator slicing bras open.