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  • Inserting any sex toy generates a small amount of Humiliation.
  • Sex toys may be spawned by the Mimic Trap.
  • Inserted sex toys may be concealed by the appropriate orifice covering clothing.
  • Sex toys may only be inserted and removed if uncovered.
  • Only one sex toy can be worn in an orifice at one time.
  • Sex toys are usually plastic.
  • Sex toys have a girth. Inserting a sex toy that is much larger than the openness of the orifice will ruin the orifice.
  • Sex toys have a periodic chance of falling out on their own.
    • This is increased based on the openness of the orifice and if the orifice is lubricated.
    • This is impossible if covered or if the toy is cursed.
    • The larger the girth, the less likely it will be to fall out. Plugs are three times less likely than other toys of the same girth.
    • If the toy falls out of the player's orifice, it causes mild orifice ruin or orgasm.
  • Tattoo Machine inspiration for the Buttslut Tattoo, Anal-Slut Tattoo, Funcenter Tattoo, Daddy's Cock Only Tattoo, and Dragon Tattoo.
  • A Monster may remove a toy prior to penetration and then replace it.
  • The Demoness may increase the size of a toy, cause it vibrate, induce shameful orifice orgasm and/or orifice ruin.
  • Ghosts may possess a toy, causing it to fuck the player.


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