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Tattoos are a special type of clothing that can never be worn or removed by the player, and can only be obtained under certain circumstances. All tattoos are weightless, and occupy one of 10 different locations on the body, Ass, Asshole, Crotch, Genitals, Chest, Leg, Lower Back, Upper Back, Belly, and lastly, Body. Aside from body tattos, which always go in an area unique to the tattoo, the player can only have one tattoo in each location. Unlike piercings, tattoos generally aren't upgradable, so tattoos good or bad are permanent.

Obtaining Tattoos

  • The most common way of obtaining a tattoo is to put something into the Tattoo Machine. See that page for a listing of applicable tattoos and individual tattoo pages for other methods.
  • Tattoos can sometimes appear on the body in special situations, for example, when the player loses their virginity.
    • In these cases, tattoos can only spawn if the player has at least one tattoo already.
  • If the player selects the "spontaneous tattoos" option at the beginning of the game, they will start out with the Ink-Me Tattoo.


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