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Wands are a group of equipment that don't replace the player's slap attack, and usually belong to the magic Themed.


Wands can consume a bit of the player's Magic Power to zap enemies for damage. Zapping is a seperate attack type from slapping, kneeing and kicking, so it doesn't always trigger effects that occur after other attacks. The damage from a zap depends on the wand's magic modifier and the player's current magical power. If the player is wearing enough items to activate the magic theme, they will do extra damage.

  • Zapping can be used to attack the Minotaur without releasing him from his cage.

Wand Masturbation

All wands double as "vibrating wands", and the player can use them as tools to masturbate. Depending on the wand, its magic modifier, and whether or not it is cursed, the wand can increase or decrease the time it takes the player to orgasm from masturbation. Most wands have an additional effect that happens after the player climaxes while masturbating with the wand.

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