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Latex Catsuit


Clothing - Overdress - Common


A latex catsuit that can be worn by the player. When cursed, it will sometimes combine with other latex items, cursing as well. It humiliates the player quite a bit to wear, and increases bimbo.

Ways of Obtaining

  • Found in containers
  • May materialise cursed on player when following criteria are met:
    • Player has chosen "Encased in latex" fetish during game setup; see "Related items"


  1. Pink Latex Catsuit
  2. Black Latex Catsuit


  • Price: ?
  • Humiliation: ?
  • Bimbo contribution: +2
  • Exclusive? No.
  • Skirt-length: None.
  • Blocks crotch? No
    • Pink: Yes
  • Blocks nipples? No
    • Pink: Yes
  • Material: Latex
  • Possible Magical Attributes:
    • Posture Training (50%)
    • Speed (16.6%)


  • (When worn)
    • 12 seconds pass

Related items:


The catsuit takes longer to put on than any other item.

Before Release 6.2.2, the catsuit was called the "latex catsuit"