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Release 10 Version 1.1

28 November 2018

Known Bugs

Opening Git.exe and then selecting the file seems to cause a 'Can't open gamefile' error for some users. However, double-clicking on the Gblorb file itself in Windows Explorer and then opening it with Git.exe that way seems to work fine. I believe this weird issue is just due to the huge filesize of the game file. I'm getting reports of spontaneous crashes in Gargoyle. Use it at your own risk. If you do, it's strongly recommended to use roguelike saving. There's still a few minor problems with item shortcuts and disambiguation.


  • Aika: [Newest Nympho GUI] A thousand small improvements.
  • Aika: Several new images from Icarus:
    • Cutscene for the glue trap.
    • Minotaur image for the turn before he fucks you.
    • Dominatrix strapon sex images for male players.
    • Male player reactions to growing breasts.
    • Djinn instant pregnancy (also the Djinn has a higher chance than most of triggering an instant full term pregnancy, and also he can cause an instant full term pregnancy even when the option is disabled)
    • Wild and insane futanari gladiator sex scenes.
    • Icarus's version of the witch is now in the game.
    • Icarus's version of the tentacle monsters is now in the game.
    • Living belt of sturdiness penetration
    • Milking bench
  • Aika: You can now ask intelligent friendly NPCs to leave you alone with "dismiss [target]". Success usually depends on the difficulty rating of the NPC, how much they like you, your charisma rating (mainly make up), and your reason for asking (e.g. needing privacy to go to the loo or masturbate are good reasons, they've been following you for a decent while already is an OK reason). If you fail, their boredom gets reset to zero, so they'll follow you around for even longer. If you succeed but had no good reason, the NPC will be insulted and lose a bit of favour with you.
  • Aika: New series of one-use craftable items - 'bombs'. Of course they all have bad alternate effects if cursed.
    • The smoke bomb allows you to cause all normal enemies to lose sight of you for a moment and move in a direction to escape them. Can also be obtained by trading with the kitsune in the mansion.
    • [Bukkake] The 'water' bomb allows you to blind normal enemies. Can also be obtained from the djinn if a condom actually manages to take his load without bursting.
    • The 'energy' bomb deals huge damage to one enemy. Can even be used when kneeling, as long as the sex hasn't begun yet.
  • MG: The vampiress in the mansion now teaches the anal masturbation skill. Refresher for non-donators:
    • If you're in chastity, have no genitals, or have enough humiliation or anal sex addiction, you'll be able to learn how to masturbate using your ass
    • Anal masturbation must be done whilst kneeling, unless you have very high dexterity
    • Anal masturbation takes longer, is more humiliating than normal, and if an unfriendly monster catches you doing it, they're much more likely to go for your butt.
  • MG: The demon codpiece has been retconned into a strapon-dildo(see below!), so its gone through a couple changes:
    • It can no longer be displaced
    • It is now easily useable for female players, albiet still with a disadvantage
  • MG: Patrons occasionally bother you as they wander the hotel. Each patron is a little different:
    • Inexperienced patrons show up in hopes of receiving a quick tug job. He won't ask you directly though.
    • Experienced patrons will show up expecting a quick tug job. He'll complain if you don't perform.
    • Chubby Patrons and Hairy patrons simply make a mess in the corner
    • Rude patrons won't mess with you if you're standing up, but if you're kneeling, he might try to make you blow him for free. He won't complain if you don't perform, but you might regret it if you see him again later. Sometimes he just skips asking and makes a mess on your face.
    • Hotel beds that summon patrons will sometimes now just activate on their own.
  • Aika: Patrons will also sometimes turn up to take a drink from bunny waitresses and royal slaves.
  • MG: Patrons will sometimes interact with the other people in the hotel:
    • If they meet up with the mechanic, they'll tell him something about how you've been performing recently. Always remember to swallow!
    • Meetings with the dominatrix are a little private. Both of them will get annoyed with you if you're in the Sex Dungeon when they're trying to be alone.
    • The wrestler will just make a mess with any patron she finds, because she's fun like that.
  • MG: Robomaids appear more frequently, and if you get on their bad side, sometimes they can drag you off for a "publicity stunt" in front of some patrons.
    • Participate if you care about your employee record!
    • The milkmaid is still pretty aggressive with you, but now she does it all for the publicity.
  • Aika: Did a review of class headgear balance.
    • Some give slightly better jewellery and some slightly worse, depending on how difficult their quest is.
    • Changed the boring and difficult cultist quest of "get really humiliated in one turn" to be to cause a powerful entity to be unleashed on the world.
    • You can release the minotaur, cause xavier to get unsealed, or wait until the doom ritual completes and then meet the herald.
    • The runic headband (priestess) causes a royal guard to be spawned in the dungeon if there are none left, to ensure the quest of banging someone in the altar room is possible.
  • Aika: When you complete a quest which would make a clothing item disappear, you are given the option keep the item but potentially suffer some minor negative consequences.
  • Aika: Some more clothing themes:
    • Each grey and silver themed item you're wearing after the first grants -1 sex addiction
    • Each food or drink themed item you're wearing after the first increases your max fatigue
    • Each heart themed item you're wearing after the first increases your dexterity for each rank of arousal you have
    • Each sparkly item you're wearing after the first increases your charisma
  • Aika: [Newest Nympho GUI] Graphical inventory window now has pages, and you can customise how many slots are on each page.
  • Aika: [Newest Nympho GUI] When you close the text inventory window, it's the graphical windows that gain the extra space, not the main window.
  • Aika: [Artificial Enhancements] The aeromancer can now spawn in the dungeon, and instead of inflating the player with air when she climaxes, she inflates the player with silicone implants.
  • Aika: You can still buy stuff from the shopkeeper and interact with him amicably even when you're appearance is super slutty, while the shopkeeper is recovering from his latest orgasm.
  • Aika: As the 'doom' quest proceeds and the pink sphere is being summoned, it starts raining outside. This increases the slipperiness of the outside rooms and wets all your clothes. Later on in the doom progression, rain in the mansion locations with no roof causes hair growth.
  • Aika: Wenches will now help you fight against male NPCs too, if they've been gifted enough to be super friendly.
  • Aika: [Pregnancy] The bunny tail plug now heals asshole soreness as well as vagina soreness, but only while you're pregnant.
  • Aika: Swimwear now gives gets an extra +3 while wet with only water and no other fluids.
  • Aika: Reduced the number of traps that spawn in the hotel. It was getting ridiculous.
  • Aika: Gloves no longer block the removal and wearing of rings. Magic!
  • Aika: Spankings no longer cause you to expel a non-existent enema.
  • Aika: Examining items now shows their image at full size in the main window.
  • Aika: Basic butt plugs are now all different to prevent confusion from the same image representing a range of similar but different sizes.
  • Aika: [Roguelike Saving] The engine no longer deletes your save file upon loading, so if you encounter the same crash twice in a row, your save file is no longer lost forever and you can send it to Aika for investigation.
  • Aika: [Newest Nympho GUI] Pedestals in the mansion now have their contained items rendered within their image.
  • Aika: A little speech bubble now reminds people what the question mark button does. It'll be restricted to newbie tips next version.
  • Aika: Added a little more periodic reflection flavour.
  • Fixed a long time bug where some of the reflection favour that was meant to give a reminder about the player's stat levels wasn't working properly. So now you'll see a lot of message popping up giving you an idea about how your stats are changing.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the demon lord's codpiece wasn't transforming if its charge was increased enough
  • Aika: Plug panties are now not humiliating to look upon (beforehand they were super humiliating which didn't make too much sense since from the outside they're just latex undies)
  • Aika: There's now a cooldown between attempts you can make at removing glued clothing, that depends on your delicateness.
  • Aika: The player will now change sex from a shameful male orgasm at minimum when inevitable TG is selected.
  • Aika: Royal guards, normal wenches and shopkeepers will now always be friendly if you are a bunny waitress and have a serving of a drink they're interested in.
  • Aika: Bags of holding won't grow in hunger while resting and so can't interrupt you in the middle of a rest.
  • Aika: [Game Hates You] Black glue traps can now summon the latex hood.
  • Aika: When you present a body part to an NPC and they reject it, they'll now only choose that body part on their own if it's the only option.
  • Aika: You now can always lick puddles if broken or high in that taste addiction. (Beforehand you got a weird misleading message if you weren't thirsty enough)
  • Aika: Cursed suspenders and stockings that are already worn no longer curse the second half of the setup when you put the second half on. However if the second half is cursed, the first (already worn) half still gets cursed.
  • Aika: [Pregnancy] Only a fraction of contractions will send you to your knees, rather than every contraction. The faster pregnancy, the more frequent the contractions, so the smaller fraction of them send you to your knees. For balance.
  • Aika: Fixed several issues with stealing from the dungeon shop as a vixen. The shopekeeper will not automatically notice you when you pick something up or when you leave, as long as you are the vixen and succeeded the perception evasion check when you first walked in. But every time you pick a shop item up he gets another chance to spot you. Also, on a related note, carrying stolen items increases the spawn rate of NPCs in the dungeon. Furthermore a new dungeon spawn rule forces them to always be a new royal guard if there are none currently alive.
  • Aika: [Tentacles] Addressed the issue where all tentacle monsters had the same text shortcut.
  • Aika: Addressed the issue where drinking a cursed potion of blessing told you it was cursed, ruining the point of not being sure whether it had reset the charge of the dungeon altar successfully or not.
  • Aika: Addressed the issue where kneeling as a puppy wasn't actually a big deal as the NPC would spent a turn waiting and you could get back up. Now, puppies with cursed tail plugs cannot stand back up in front of (most) unfriendly NPCs.
  • Aika: Fixed an issue where headgear could summon rings onto your fingers beyond the finger limit. Instead they'll just appear in front of you.
  • Aika: Fixed a rare crash bug caused by there being more traps to spawn than eligible rooms to spawn them in, in the hotel.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the button for presenting a body part would sometimes have you try and 'take' the body part instead.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the aeromancer could end up on more than max health.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where you couldn't craft a cursed condom pack. Not only that, but there will be another real recipe to craft a condom pack, not just the piece of rubber. So when you craft a random item and get a condom pack, you can't be sure it is cursed. Only one way to find out - leave the room without dropping it.
  • Aika: Fixed a couple of bugs surrounding eating semen from condoms - it could be done even when gagged, and it didn't progress time.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where glue was persisting when an item was destroyed and then rediscovered.
  • Aika: [Game hates you] Fixed a bug where the glue trap wasn't always flagging the player as immobile, leading to glitches.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where Barbara didn't gain any bimbo if you left her to the vines.

Beta testers:

  • Aika: Animations?! Yep that's right, I've put in a lot of work to understand how Inform's in-built timer works and I've managed to devise a way to get rudimentary animations working. We've got a starting screen and a few buttons and icons that I think could really use your attention when they appear, that are animated.
    • [Watersports] FYI, the point at which the pee button becomes animated is when there's a greater than 0% chance of you losing your hold automatically. (This is the same point at which the colour of the background goes from a mix of red and green to a shade of pure red).
    • Interesting side-note: You can now sometimes tell when your CPU / memory leaks / who knows what is causing lag because the animations slow down. Restarting the executable and reloading your save seems to fix this, but the longer the game has gone on, the sooner it comes back. That's my experience on Windows Git anyway.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the "update donators file" command wasn't working thanks to changes made when the game was migrated to the newest version of Inform 7.
  • Aika: Fixed some bugs with the 'trainee' items that you get from the senior robobellboy where they unnecessarily spawned cursed, and they could sometimes be transformed or disintegrated.

Alpha testers:

  • Aika: An early version of a new 3D rendered character window by Strateg, the guy who is also working on the Wonderfuller Clothing Window - he has recently gotten into 3D render software and felt that this was a project he could do in a much more reasonable timeframe and it's also what is interesting him right now. It looks like this!
  • Aika: New predicament scene with Barbara, triggered by entering the dominatrix's dungeon when there's nobody there (i.e. the dominatrix is out about and wandering, but still alive).
    • You can spend some turns searching to save her from her predicament for some favour, or you can pull on her legs to worsen her predicatement for some dominance, or you can just watch.
    • If you do anything except just watch, there's a chance that the dominatrix will turn up. This is 100% if she's next door, or 10% otherwise. If she does, she'll be angry that you've interfered, and you're in for a bad time.
    • Firstly there's a sex scene and then you get to wear a new extremely debilitating unique item, lucky you!
      • The item completely prevents the use of your hands which means it interacts with most actions in the game, I'm sure there are several that I missed. If you get this item and spot actions that you can still do that don't make sense, let me know.
  • Aika: New one year later epilogue "Office Bicycle" has you cheating on your husband with, well, pretty much everyone in the office. And when he calls you at work, you work in every innuendo you can think of into the conversation, leaving pretty obvious what you're really up to.
    • If you're a patron, you'll also have hopefully seen that I posted an audio recording of this epilogue on Patreon, performed by VoiceLikeCandy. If you're not an alpha tester patron of mine, you can also get at the recording (and many many other hot recordings) by pledging to Candy directly at
    • P.S. if you like hardcore Fem-Dom, you'll love her Succubus series.
    • Requires vagina, sex addiction above 7/20, delicateness between 7 and 14, intelligence over 9/30, and all of anal, vaginal oral and titfuck addictions to be higher than 3/10.
  • Aika: New one year later epilogue "Anal Only Lifestyle" has you rejecting vaginal stimulation entirely, and joining the community over at where you become a popular... 'content creator'.
    • Requires vagina, anal sex addiction at least 5 higher than vaginal sex addiction.
      • Variant A requires sex addiction below 14/20 and humiliation above 24000/40000.
      • Variant B requires sex addiction below 14/20 and humiliation below 24000/40000.
      • Variant C requires sex addiction above or equal to 14/20 and have chosen the piercing secret at the start of the game.
      • Variant D requires sex addiction above or equal to 14/20 and have not chosen the piercing secret.
  • Aika: The hypno curtsey trigger gets easier to resist each time it successfully makes you perform a curtsey.
  • MG: Strapon dildos! If you only like to play as a female but still wish you could take monsters to poundtown, this item is for you.
    • Any time you dominate a female monster and you're wearing a strapon, or a demon lord's codpiece, you can decide which one you would rather use.
    • If you already have a penis, strapons are still useful if your penis gets too small.
    • Strapon dildoes are a type of crotchless panties, so sometimes if your underwear get transformed enough times they will transform into one naturally.
    • [Feminine NPC's Only] Strapon dildos can also be obtained as a drop from any npc that wears a strapon.
    • The vampiress drops a special strapon that's more useful if you're a vampire spawn, and less useful if you're a vixen.
    • The dominatrix always drops the strapon she was wearing, so you, too, can ream people with a huge 20 inch dildo.
    • Ghosts will rarely drop themselves as a strapon that you can wear. It grows whenever you satisfy a monster with sex, and shrinks whenever you kill a ghost in the hotel. The longer it gets, the more it saps your strength and dexterity.
  • Aika: Added some extra protection and links to the emerald butt plug lesson to try and protect against glitches causing softlocks.
  • Aika: Added the debug command "schoolbell" which triggers the next lesson's alarm early (or late, if you should be getting detention already!)
  • Aika: Added the personality types of all the students to their names so that you as the player have some of the information necessary to guess how they might act and how well they might perform in various lessons.
  • Aika: Improved the 'promote me' debug command to promote all other students to your rank too.
  • Aika: Increased the amount of time in between lessons (and how late you have to turn up to get detention) by one third. Furthermore, schooltime tracking moves half as fast while you are in the woods or mansion areas (when you're furthest away from a portal) and schooltime freezes if you're in the hotel but haven't found the warp portal room yet. Essentially I was finding in some test playthroughs that I wanted to go to the school via the hotel but hadn't found it yet, and tried my best to find it in time but still ended up in detention because it took so long. This just served to discourage exploration in a really lame way.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug in the school where the nurse could get stuck in a state where she only increased your breast size.

Release 7 Version 2.2

12 February 2016

This is so quick because I needed to fix some major bugs.

MEGA mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version.



  • You can now remove and put on some diapers (i.e. ones that aren't pullup) through ripped / unzipped clothing.
  • When you become aroused, you won't cool down for at least 20 turns.


  • Fixed a bug where vagina was getting ruined instead of asshole in some sex scenes.
  • Fixed a bug where whether the newbie tips appears was based on the "new status line" option rather than the newbie tips option.
  • Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper couldn't see jewellery that was in your inventory but not worn.
  • Fixed a bug where diaper covers could not be worn.
  • Fixed a bug where the matron wasn't changing diapers properly.

Release 7 Version 2.1

10 February 2016

Nowhere near as big as the previous update but still a pretty big one.

The main things I got from the previous poll is that nearly 50% of you enjoy diaper content (I would have guessed between 10% - 20% so that's really interesting) and epilogue content shouldn't take up too much of my time. So, (45% of) you will be glad to hear there's loads of new diaper fetish content, and also all of you will be glad to hear that I'm going to be delegating a lot of the epilogue writing to guest writers (i.e. contributors), and we'll see how that goes, it could be the best thing to happen to TQ or the massive variation in the qualities of epilogues could make it a disaster. Only time will tell.

Anyway, if you're interested in helping write for Trap Quest, throw an email towards [email protected] The following are key requirements:

  • Fluent English, including ability to spell(check).
  • Some basic understanding of coding & Git (collaboration software) and willingness to learn the basics of Inform7.
  • Understanding that anything you write will require an Aika seal of approval in order to make it into the game, so you could write something that gets turned down.

If you do have something make it in, then you will get:

  • Access to new stuff as if you were currently a $20 patron (but not permanent access into the future).
  • Your writing in Trap Quest omg hi mom I'm on TV!
    • As of right now the plan is that at the end of the epilogue, it'll say "written by [your name here]".

Also if I get flooded with way too many requests of people looking to help out, I will start a waiting list of sorts, and slowly let people try over time, so that I don't spend literally all my time managing and reviewing epilogue content.


  • Taking the gladiator below 50% HP turns her into an angry, sex hungry futanari.
    • Yes, you read that right. It's impossible to turn her back, and from then on all she'll be interested in is revenge, through sex.
    • In the future there'll probably be a side quest to turn her back, for a reward.
    • As a side effect, the gladiator no longer one hit KOs you if you attack her when at max breast size.
    • As a balancing mechanic (or for those that hate futa), the gladiator takes a lot longer to regain interest in you after forcing your head into pink smoke. So, if you don't want to make her angry, just kneel and let her do her normal thing, and then it'll be a while before she bothers you again.
    • Also, the gladiator will not transform if you have "flat chested until sex change" enabled or have spend points so that the max breast size is flat chested - these options will remain the 'trap' options which have no futanari characters.
  • Adult baby class (check wiki for more info)
  • Added female names Kimberly and Adrianna
  • The witch now gives you one altar use per unit of bodily fluid you give her, and accepts mixtures.
  • Semen addiction doesn't kick in until a bit higher in the semen addiction tree (up to 15 from 11), so you can give a lot more blowjobs before you have gone too far.
  • Stockings can be stumbling now instead of constriction which didn't make much sense.
  • Chastity cage is now flagged as a sissifying item.
  • Absorption clothing now fully cleans itself rather than slowly, 1 unit at a time.
  • Formalised mechanics for not having manual dexterity (e.g. uncursed fake nails) or not being unable to use hands at all (cursed fake nails, handcuffs, sex doll transformation); this should now be consistent.
    • Side effects of this: handcuffed players will not be able to masturbate and will have a much tougher time drinking.
    • Another side effect: cans cannot be drunk when standing without being picked up first.
  • The PC now realises overdresses are cursed immediately upon wearing (as opposed to you only noticing when you check your inventory!).
  • If wearing a chastity belt, the player can't give birth but also won't get contractions.
  • Intelligent NPCs now replace plugs & gags after they're done with you.
  • Fixed a bug where the patron would always say he was leaving an extra gem even when he wasn't.
  • Fixed a bug where the player automatically trying to eat candy from a container would fail.
  • Fixed the inconsistency between hair length description and Danaume character window hair lengths. Side effect is that there's the same image for the first three hair levels.
  • Corrected the witch talking about jewels when curing the sex doll curse.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the game would sometimes refer to monsters not in the room when explaining why the player was unable to wear clothing.
  • Fixed a bug where diapers were allegedly reparing themselves when they weren't even ripped!
  • Fixed a bug where the vines would ignore insertables.
  • Fixed a bug where the butt slut & pussy slut effect were only blocking the other lower orifice, not the mouth.
  • Fixed a bug where the sword of purity wasn't properly applying the pussy slut effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the player running out of time still caused the 'doomed' title and made prize money always 0.
  • Fixed a bug where recipes would not spawn from chests for the first 5100 seconds rather than the first 100 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where a few new items that should have been fluid immune were not.
  • Fixed a bug with the matron where if you wet your diaper in the middle of a spanking or feeding scene, it would suddenly turn into a changing scene.
  • Fixed a bug with the matron where she would rip off chastity cages.
  • Fixed a bug where eating a mushroom when tied to some bonddage with the dominatrix essentially just made the entire scene teleport with you.
  • Fixed a bug where the latex bodysuit wasn't preventing neckwear from being worn.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not unwield weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where the blue minimalist swimsuit counted as exposing nipples.
  • Fixed a bug where low semen addiction could result in a "You are too horny to offer a blowjob" message.
  • Fixed a bug where after the first faint, the player could find the minotaur horn in a container.
  • MG's contributions:
    • Changed Wench description to mention whether or not she has stolen panties.
    • Clothing stolen by the wench is now used (dirtied) by the wench.
    • Added new descriptions for RoboButler, RoboBellboy, and Mechanic, and a player comment at the end of the description for the dominatrix.
    • Added new greetings for mechanic, demoness, slutty sisters, dominatrix and matron
    • Added new description for condom of kings.
    • Added new sex scenes and flavour text for aeremancer; most notably in the woods
    • Updated fairy's answers to questions for release 7.
  • A few flavour enhancements by Lucas, notably some new potential titles for posters from the camera trap.

Patreon Patrons Only Stuff:

  • Keriax character window now has different arm poses, depending on sluttiness and situation.
  • Keriax character window now has breast images (and accompanying cum layers) for size 16 and 17 natural breasts and fake/inflated breasts. These are so big that they are partially off-screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the transformation reversal options menu would glitch if you tried to go below a removed row.
  • The gameshow epilogue now has a non-diaper scene for females only for round 2.

Release 7 Version 2.0

24 January 2016

So I've been working pretty darn hard over the last few weeks, and there's a lot of new stuff. I'm sure that also means there's a lot of new bugs, and since I'm the only playtester up until the moment, it's up to you to find them. I hope it's stable enough for you to all still enjoy <3

MEGA mirror for porn version (remember the Drawn version mirror is on my Patreon).

For an in depth discussion into why some of these changes are happening, please go to the previous blog post.

EDIT: There's some where bug going on with this blog software and the letter 'F', at least on my browser. I promise you I know how to spell, but some 'F's are missing from the text below, even though they are in the preview window of the text editor. Shrug, hopefully it's still obvious what I've written...

EDIT2: The problem has miraculously disappeared. I have no clue why, I didn't do anything. It's possible it was something that my mods over at ULMF.ORG were doing as we're on the same server.

EDIT3: Huh, it was Google's fault!


  • Several new items of clothing, lots of them are rare.
    • Increased the overall chances of finding a rare item. It is still low early and increases as the game goes on.
  • Game ending improvement - you now get a score that reflects how well or badly your character ended up.
  • Prize money and jewellery rework:
    • Jewellery value reshuffle. Bracelets now worth exactly two times the value rings of the same type, necklaces worth exactly two times the value of bracelets. Value order is sapphire < emerald < ruby < pink diamond < pure diamond < solid gold.
    • Prize money is now determined by the jewellery you are wearing when the game ends. It is currently the total value of the jewellery * $25000.
    • There's no longer a dignity restriction for how many rings you can wear, but you max out at 8.
    • Every time you faint, the most valuable jewellery item currently existing in the game will be removed, regardless of if you're wearing it or have left it somewhere.
    • You still get 0 money if you faint 4 times.
    • There is a big STOP button in a new room in the Hotel - this room will eventually be in region 4 in the game, whenever that eventually gets made. You can press it at any time to immediately end the game.
      • However to press the button you must first succeed at a boss battle in this room. See the previous blog post for more details.
    • Examining the STOP button gives you an exact calculation of how much prize money you'll get for ending the game at that moment (i.e. the combined value of all worn jewellery).
    • Rather than ending the game, The Demon Lord drops a metric fuckton of valuable jewellery.
    • The virgin warrior has recieved a little 'nerf' here - wearing a necklace when you hit the stop button is quite important for money, so you have to uncurse and remove that chestpiece at some point. Unless...
  • Virgin warrior expansion - at maximum humiliation, instead of becoming broken, the virgin warrior outfit transforms into a different, breast exposing version, which does not take up the neck slot.
    • This new chestpiece keeps the player at just below maximum humiliation, preventing them from ever becoming broken.
    • BUT whilst the chestpiece is worn, the player will no longer gain bonuses from staying a virgin.
  • There's now a new option in the bonuses menu called mindbreak protection.
    • Bimbo and sex addiction won't go higher than 16 / 20, where the player is a nympho but can still string full sentences together and speak in the first person.
    • Humiliation doesn't hit broken levels, but stops just before, similar to the new virgin warrior outfit. The main impact of this is that the player won't immediately engage in sex once dropped on their knees.
  • Arousal is now a more layered attribute, structured much like humiliation.
    • Humiliation no longer has any intelligence penalty.
    • Arousal decays slowly over time.
    • The higher your RAW (not including temporary modifiers from items) sex addiction: the slower arousal decays, and the higher your maximum arousal goes (and remember, go too high and the player will refuse to masturbate).
    • Orgasms (including masturbation) bring arousal back down low, but if sex addiction is too high, it doesn't go all the way back to 0.
      • Whether you orgasm is now mainly decided by arousal, with orifice soreness only having a marginal effect.
      • It used to be that you would always orgasm before fainting, it is now fully decided by RNG, so at low sex addiction it is possible to faint without orgasming first.
        • Fainting from orifice soreness increases sex addiction slightly.
    • So, what arouses the player?
      • Vaginal and anal stimulation, i.e. whenever the game checks to see if soreness might increase.
        • Submitting or resisting still simply affects whether soreness or humiliation gets most affected; it doesn't impact on how much arousal you gain.
      • Humiliation - At high levels of humiliation, the player gets aroused upon being noticed in sexy clothing.
        • At broken level (or just below broken for players with mind break protection), all humiliation turns the player on.
      • Blowjobs - At high levels of sex addiction, just giving a blowjob turns the player on.
      • Semen - At high levels of semen addiction, interacting with semen turns the player on.
      • Multiple other things, including pink smoke, cursed chastity cages, whip of domination, being milked, etc.
    • So what happens if you're aroused?
      • The lowest levels of arousal, that aren't mentioned, do nothing.
      • Low levels of arousal get the blood pumping in the player. You get +2 dexterity.
      • Medium levels of arousal get even more blood pumping, but also it's harder to concentrate. Another +1 dexterity, but -1 intelligence. At this stage, cursed chastity cages (not belts, males only) increase strength.
      • As arousal builds from here, from high to higher to even higher, intelligence steadily gets higher and higher penalties.
      • Arousal causes your effective sex addiction to increase. So for everything other than arousal, you count as having higher sex addiction.
  • There is now a 'pussy slut' effect, which is the opposite of a 'butt slut' - most monsters who can choose between the two will always go for the vagina.
    • If both the butt slut and pussy slut effect would be active, they cancel each other out.
    • The sword of purity being pulled out causes a permanent pussy slut effect, as does the 100% cunt tattoo and the crotch slut tattoo.
  • Vines no longer prioritise vaginas.
  • There is now only 1 chastity cage coded into the game rather than 3. What this means is that you only have to uncurse and remove one chastity item before it will stop appearing, rather than having to do that three times.
    • This is the first of several planned improvements to the chastity experience to keep everyone happy.
  • Male players wearing a chastity cage have a 50% chance to negate penis shrinkage and sex addiction increase when experiencing a shameful anal orgasm.
  • Headgear grows hair much more slowly.
  • Weight loss drinks will sometimes reduce hair length instead.
  • Sprinkle traps have a 40% chance of increasing hair length instead of changing the colour.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: You can now cut hair with the knife, unless your bimbo is too high compared to your hair length.
  • Semen addiction now has a less than 100% chance of going up when your stomach digests semen, with the chance increasing as the number of units of semen in your stomach decreases.
    • In this way, multiple small doses of semen spread out over time will get you addicted more than the same total amount all at once. So you can be less worried about things like the statue making you go crazy quickly.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Semen addiction can now be beaten by going cold turkey. Your addiction goes back down to 10 out of 20 (craving starts at 11) if you survive long enough without. The amount of time you need to have no oral semen intake increases the higher your semen addiction currently is.
  • The player will refuse to wear clothing with no obvious tactical benefit (modesty or orifice protection or footwear) which is way too lewd for their humiliation level.
  • The amount of exercise needed to increase strength / dex increases with how high the stats are.
  • The fetish corset is no longer breast covering. But this isn't just a cheeky way of fixing a glitch, one of the new items is a breast covering corset and the layering bug has been fixed.
  • Magic dust no longer affects jewellery, and can increase hair length.
  • Status line now always says your class, even if you're an 'object'.
  • The wrestler now treats a sissy similarly to other submissive classes.
  • You can no longer fuck a defeated opponent if there are other aggressive opponents left in the room.
  • You can no longer collect ass expulsions into a drinking vessel if there are aggressive opponents in the room.
  • You no longer pay the witch with jewellrey, you pay her with semen or urine.
  • Whether or not you are too far gone to resist is now determined by your semen addiction (if you are being orally assaulted) and sex addiction (if you are being otherwise assulted), rather than your humiliation. Since submitting causes humiliation, this made the last stages of humiliation an inevitable spiral the player could not even choose to resist against, and considering how impactful being broken is, the player should be able to resist against these last stages. Broken players will still never be able to resist.
  • Added a pregnancy section to the upskirt photo's potential titles and descriptions.
  • You can now offer orifices when already immobile, as long as there is an unfriendly monster still not fucking you yet.
  • You can now offer your mouth even if you can't speak, since there are now speech impeding items that still keep your mouth free for use.
  • Two new variations of the maid outfit, one is the second least lewd, and one is the new most lewd.
  • The wench automatically succeeds in flipping you over if you present your mouth or she's got access to your clit piercing lead.
  • The demoness now gets bored like everyone else after pulling out.
  • Blessed and cursed diapers can now sometimes magically repair themselves when ripped, if they are soon to be used again and are not yet at their soak limit. Uncursed diapers will never do this.
  • Patrons (except dickhead patrons) will sometimes give you an extra item of jewellery as a tip if you're wearing a slutty item of clothing they really like (chance increases with the outrage level of the item).
  • You can now get pregnant with the demon lord's child.
  • The chainmail skirt (rare item) no longer prevents 1 in 3 increases in body soreness. Instead it prevents all damage done from attacks to the hips (about 1 in 5 attacks).
  • Swimsuits and evening dresses are now more valuable than before because 1 in 2 of them will have the new 'dominance' attribute, which whilst worn decreases sex addiction by 4 (2 if cursed, 6 if blessed).
    • Clubbing dresses have a 1 in 3 chance of getting the attribute.
  • Properly coded in the leg slot - for example, now you can't wear stockings and a catsuit at the same time, and you can't wear a catsuit when already wearing heels.
  • Properly coded in the arm and hand slots, in a similar fashion.
  • Decreased the rate at which heel skill increases.
  • Increased how much fatigue you need to fall over by a flat amount (as opposed to an amount that scales with strength). Also, the game says you are tired at 50% max fatigue, up from around 40% max fatigue.
  • Store clothing will never be cursed or have a negative magical attribute (except dressup).
  • NPCs with unique loot should now always drop one, if there are any left to summon from off-stage. Jewellery can also drop, with a fixed likelihood, which is around 70%. There's also a very small chance of multiple jewellery being dropped. As usual, the higher the difficulty rating of the monster, the higher the chance of getting valuable jewellery.
  • Every purposeful urination into a toilet or body of water reduces incontinence by 1.
  • Nighties now, in addition to making fatigue go up faster when standing, make it go back down much faster when kneeling.
  • Fixed a bug where the matron would not remove existing diapers / underwear if they were crotchless or ripped.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrestler was still dragging you anyway, ignoring other monsters who were fucking you.
  • Fixed a bug where the mechanic could put the collar on you whilst a monster was using your face for sex.
  • Fixed a bug where the tube top could be worn over overbust corsets.
  • Fixed a bug causing an error code with some patron sex scenes.
  • Fixed a bug where the pink pullstring collar sometimes had you saying nothing.
  • Fixed a bug where chastity cages / belts worn voluntarily were still glitching and visible through clothing.
  • Fixed a bug with a weird split in half message when wearing certain underwear when 1 step away from minimum penis size.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could eat the pink pill in the simulation capsule.
  • Fixed a bug where the no panties tattoo was always punishing your intelligence level rather than only when the player is wearing underwear.
  • Fixed a bug where a broken player could enter an infinite loop of sex with the minotaur.
  • Fixed a bug where the stethoscope was giving twice as much intelligence as it was supposed to.
  • Fixed a stupid bug where some unique items were appearing with full milk, urine and semen soak.
  • Fixed a bug where examining your (lack of) penis when reduced to size 0 could encounter an error and describe it as not visible.
  • Fixed a bug where the potion of the womb was not properly assigning a father to the created pregnancy.
  • The game now properly flags items as stolen and releases the shopkeeper if the player eats a consumable that teleports them whilst holding or wearing items owned by the shopkeeper.
  • Several spelling and grammar errors fixed (thanks Selkie).
    • Then spent literally over two hours running the entire code through a spellcheck (the number of times I clicked Add to Dictionary must be in the thousands). Found and fixed hundreds of spelling errors. As a side effect, all words with UK and US variations are now using the UK variation. Sorry!

Patrons Only Stuff:

  • Fixed a bug where the hip reduction option in the epilogue for players with lots of prize money wasn't working.
  • New Nintendolls Job Epilogue - Gameshow - Long story with a few distinct potential stories, depending on fetish choices (mainly diapers). Incomplete.
  • New One Year Later Epilogue - Super Rich
    • Including variations for a permanently pregnant player and an incontinent player.
  • New One Year Later Epilogue - Super Giant Breasts
    • Multiple variations for size 20, size 19 and size 17-18 breasts, humiliation & sex addiction levels.
  • New One Year Later Epilogue - Super Genius
    • Including variations for high humiliation, high sex addiction, low bimbo.
  • New One Year Later Epilogue - Super Gape (asshole)
    • Including variations for high humiliation, low prize money, male and high openness (vagina)
  • New One Year Later Epilogue - Unable to walk (max incontinence)
    • Including variations for low bimbo, medium-high sex addiction, low dexterity, and more.

Release 7 Version 1.2

01 January 2016

Don't get too excited, this is really just a hotfix and should be R7 V1.1b, but I put it as 1.2 in Kimochi and now it won't let me change it, so it's officially 1.2 now!

Also I got the filename wrong, I know it's not the first of January 2015, but again too late to change it now <3

I've uploaded the porn version to Kimochi too, for those that were missing the ability to access it on there.


  • Fixed the stupid bug with the Matron / Dominatrix freezing after restraining you.

Release 7 Version 1.1

31 December 2015

Happy New Year everyone.

MEGA link for porn version here.

  • Added Colin to the male names upon the request of a $15 patron.
  • Added Lesley to the female names upon the request of a $15 patron.
  • Virgin females can no longer become pregnant.
  • Allies cannot damage Xavier.
  • Significantly reduced the damage Barbara deals to NPCs (it was insanely high before)
  • When pregnant with only one potential father, the belly growth messages will remind you who the father is.
  • New epilogue story: Nintendolls Maid.
  • New 1 year later story: Receptionist.
  • Barbara update:
    • She can now go to the hotel.
    • She has a new scene in the hotel, the first time you ever enter the staff room, if there are no NPCs chasing you & no NPCs in the room & she is not busy elsewhere
    • The current ways she can become more slutty are:
      • Every time you faint
      • When she helps you escape from bondage in the dungeon
      • When she helps you fight a monster but before you defeat it, it grounds you and starts having sex with you
      • 1 in 100 chance every turn she is idling beside you bored
  • Fixed a minor bug with the wrestler's speech.
  • Fixed a bug where the matron would get two thirds of the way through changing a diaper then start spanking
  • Fixed a bug where the patrons would actually have sex with the player in the dominatrix's stocks.
  • Fixed a bug where robots could still pull players who were busy getting fucked.
  • Fixed a bug with a stack overflow when the shopkeeper tries to work out how you should pay for something when you have ridiculously large numbers of jewellery items
  • Fixed a bug where the cross trainer didn't show up in the list of items in the room
  • Fixed a bug where the chastity cage could prevent the displacement or unzipping of clothing above it.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters could engage with you halfway through a stretching session with the modification machine.
  • Fixed a bug where the modification machine could infinitely loop until the player faints by making sure there is always a minimum nonzero chance for the player to be gaped by an object that is larger than their orifice's resting state.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could still speak when wearing the steel collar.
  • Fixed a bug where other monsters could engage with you when the matron / dominatrix had you hooked up to a contraption.
  • Fixed a bug where wetting your diaper during a feeding or spanking session would magically turn it into halfway through a diaper change session.
  • Fixed another bug that was making the game track all things that had EVER creampied the player when working out babies. You should no longer be cursed with only tentacle spawn / faries / etc. after your first!
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs that had sex with you without taking your virginity caused guaranteed gape increases with each round of sex, if you were still a virgin.

Release 7 Version 1.0

25 December 2015

Merry Christmas from Aika and all the other contributors working on Trap Quest! Thank you to Keriax for throwing together this thing above which shows off some more of the features that either already exist or shall shortly be arriving into the game. No, not animated in the game, you silly ditz, just the individual elements as still objects.

So, yes, it's here, I'm making the Hotel region public. It is not perfect, it is not fully complete (for example Barbara has no Hotel functionality yet), and it is not bug free, but it's now available for you to play through and comment upon.

Furthermore, Keriax's window is now available to $5 patrons, as it has progressed lots and is ready for more extensive testing.

But wait, what is left for $20 patrons, you ask? Well, the next thing I am going to be spending most of my time working on is epilogues, and the top level patrons will have early access to these. There is already a barebones structure in place, with a couple of different endings possible, and if you have enough prize money, a menu with several options to allow you to reverse the changes. There will be lots more very shortly! Also, some of the less refined features of Keriax's window are still restricted to by dedicated debuggers, for example the new alternate breasts for air inflated / silicone filled players. Finally, of course, you have to be a top level patron to get access to the more game breaking debug commands that let you resize the player and throw jizz all over them whenever you want.

I'm anticipating that everyone downloading this release might be a little taxing on the poor server, so if that's the case here's a reminder that the drawn version can also be downloaded from my Patreon and via Kimochi, and the porn version has a MEGA mirror.

So, without further ado, the changelist:

  • A very serious and not at all silly santa hat (will be removed next version)
  • Reduced slap damage by 1, and slaps no longer increase your exercise meter.
    • For now, this means that knee is objectively better than slap since it increases exercise, unless you have a damage modifying item or there's a trip hazard (e.g. heels, wet floor)
  • I have made another decrease to the amount that combat damage scales with strength.
  • Candy now heals body soreness as well as restoring some fatigue. Chocolate bar > fudge > toffee in terms of impact.
  • Added James to the male names upon the request of a $15 patron.
  • Examining your belly will give you an idea of its contents.
  • Removed the rule that forced the player to be standing to wear most clothing, this was just annoying as opposed to interesting.
  • Significantly reduced the chances of vines to grab the player. It's still a larger change when kneeling, and it's still just as hard to escape once grabbed.
  • Fixed a massive bug where weight loss drinks were not reducing fat when weight gain fetish was enabled.
  • Weight gain fetish: specific actions now help reduce weight on specific things.
    • Standard "exercise" (moving around, kneeing and kicking without ever resting on furniture) affects belly and thighs only.
    • Slapping affects arms only. This rubberbands; the more fat your arms are, the less slaps on average it will take to reduce the fat by 1.
    • With weight gain fetish enabled, picking up items whilst standing adds to fatigue and adds to your ass's exercise meter.
    • Resisting against sex also adds to your ass's exercise meter.
  • Diaper fetish changes:
    • Characters with diaper fetish enabled will have an extreme aversion to urine on their clothes (except diapers obviously) and in the room.
    • While wearing clothes with any urine on them, or in a room with urine on the floor, they will count as "grossed out" and have their dexterity limited to 4 (stiff).
    • They will refuse to rest on furniture in any room (except the royal chambers) with urine on the floor.
    • In this way, any room you urinate on the floor becomes almost a no-go zone, and wearing non-diaper underwear becomes extremely risky since if it's cursed you're not going to be able to remove it to pee.
    • This aversion to urine disappears at 14 bimbo or at max humiliation.
    • If watersports fetish is also active you're gonna have a really bad time. To reflect, diaper fetish awards 4 extra points if watersports fetish is also active.
    • Bed wetting clothing will often make the player automatically urinate when they rest on furniture.
  • Pregnancy fetish awards 0 points for male players when TG fetish is disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where Danaume's character window had the belly drawn over the top of genitals in the rear view window.
  • Fixed a bug where some bras found in containers could glitch and have no cup size if enough points were put in max breast size.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the robots could pull you around even if you were currently having sex with another NPC.
  • Fixed a bug where the clitoris piercing and lead were sharing some properties accidentally.
  • Fixed a bug where the new orifice soreness mechanic meant that your intelligence was too low to regularly steel your mind from fainting. The check is now based on your actual raw intelligence rather than your number after temp modifier calculations.
  • Fixed confusions with the chastity cage where some players felt that it wasn't clear that wearing one wouldn't protect your modesty.
  • Fixed a bug where the slave collar had the description and image of the new steel collar.
  • Fixed a bug where the matron could drag players who were being fucked by another NPC.
  • Fixed a minor bug where examining stockings reported on their knee damage bonus even when they weren't worn.
  • Fixed a bug where the player couldn't wield a weapon when in combat, as it was blocked by the "can't wear clothing whilst in combat" rule.

Hotel Stuff

  • Pregnancy scene for patrons, with each different type of patron having a different line. To give birth to a patron's child you must be in the hotel.
  • New NPC, the mechanic, talked about in blog post.
  • New miniboss, the Demon Lord (appears from mechanic interaction with amulet)
    • Even if the mechanic doesn't transform immediately, you can trigger the transformation by taking the mechanic down to 50% HP.
    • He is by default immune to damage, and can only be damaged by:
      • The princess, the priestess, the fertility goddess, the virgin warrior OR
      • Any player attacking with the sword of purity, the ship of domination or the magic wand or the dildo heels OR
      • Any player with the new demon crotch tattoo (inspired by the infernal gem)
    • Currently, you immediately win the game if you defeat him.
  • Some of the matron flavour has been enhanced by a contributor who goes by "Dominique".

Patrons Stuff

  • Made a start on epilogues.
    • Earnings now work differently; you earn money by STAYING in the game, not finishing the game quickly.
    • Your earnings are capped at $1m and are shrunk by 25% for each time you fainted.
    • You will always finish with $0 prize money if you lose, either through fainting four times or having 0 intelligence.
    • Epilogues will only be accessible to top level patrons for now.
  • Several keriax belly images were not properly synced with the cum images, this has been fixed.
  • Keriax Character Window
    • Fake /inflated breasts (breasts with any silicone or air) now look different than normal breasts - more round and balloon like.
  • Lots of minor fixes, all headgear except scrunchie now in-game!

Release 6 Version 5.3

03 December 2015

Hi guys

As usual I will start with a reminder that the Hotel is still not available for public consumption. Also not yet for publbic consumption is the Keriax character window although I imagine we may soon be at the point where the $5 patrons will get a chance to play around with it. Anyway for now if you're interested in some preview shots of the Hotel and Keriax's window, check out this imgur album:

The changelist is as follows. May I bring your attention to the combat changes which are quite significant. I would appreciate feedback once you've played around with it a bit, both in terms of the balance of this particular patch, and the overall feel.

  • Danaume Characater Window: Hair now has 11 lengths in several colours - black, brown, red, blonde, purple, pink.
  • I realised that Danaume's original drawing for the tentacle monster (not the lake monster, the one you give birth to) never made it in, whoops. It's now in. Two variants for the larger sizes are planned.
  • New item 'mystical amulet' can be obtained from the minotaur's cage once it is opened. It boosts all stats by 1 and reducdes overall bimbo score by 1. Do you allow that beast out early in order to get that buff?
  • The game no longer prevents horny players from offering oral sex if they are trying to preserve anal / vaginal virginity or are already very sore.
  • The player is now always notified when they notice their diaper has been used (it used to be that this required an intelligence check).
  • Sex dolls and robots no longer can take your virginity.
  • Virility potions will now always increase penis size on males, up from 60% of the time.
  • Minor skills rework:
    • Instead of needing to pass two intelligence checks in a row to learn a skill, you now only need to pass one, in order to ask the right question. After that, whether you learn it or not is based not on a random outcome but a flat yes/no check. If you fail, the flavour text should give you a good idea about why you failed to learn the skill.
    • Also, low intelligence players should now find it slightly less crazily difficult to ask the right question. The minimum chance is 20%. Remember only the first question you ask an NPC within several minutes has a chance of being the skill learning question.
  • Minor soreness rework:
    • You can only faint from soreness when being fucked by something living (this includes all monsters, lake monster, so on).
      • So you can never faint from laying eggs, giving birth, dildo traps, and so on.
    • At maximum soreness, your intelligence is capped at 2, i.e. airheaded.
    • Lube will partially heal your orifice at the moment of application, as well as its existing affect of reducing the chances of further soreness increases.
  • Significant attacking rework:
    • Slightly reduced the amount that strength impacts on attack damage and gave all attacks the same strength scaling (heels used to be higher).
    • Gave all attacks small flat damage bonuses (slap: 4, knee: 3, kick: 2)
      • Yes, that's right, slaps now have the highest base damage. But remember that they are reduced by 1 for each 6 size increases of boobs.
      • Kicks have the lowest, because heels can easily give the biggest overall damage bonuses in the game, and are the only attack that can crit.
      • This doesn't literally add flat damage, it increases the size of your dice. If your kick is rolling 2d4 for damage (average 5), your slap is rolling 2d6 (average 7).
    • This should allow the opportunity for no-heel runs for those that would like to try it.
    • Combat might be too easy on this patch, let me know how you find it.
    • You can currently type "attack [monster]" to get an estimate of your average damage (before the monster's damage reduction).
  • Watersports fetish players may now automatically drink urine if humiliation is high enough.
  • Fixed a major bug with covered items - the game was determining that covered items were uncovered and vice-versa.
  • Fixed a bug where skirts weren't covering up underwear as intended.
  • Fixed two bugs where skirts and chastity cages were covering up themselves!
  • Fixed a bug where items wouldn't show up as "cursed" in your inventory if they appeared on you magically.
  • Fixed the shopkeeper's small chance of demanding an inefficient / incorrect payment, with a nifty recursive algorithm by Loril.
  • Fixed a bug where male hair started at length 2 rather than length 1.
  • Fixed a bug where the semen washed off clothes into the lake wasn't being tracked properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the psychic wench could want underwear of yours that she couldn't even see!
  • Recoded a couple of egg laying flavour lines for the throne and vines that were accidentally leaking into the game even when egg laying fetish was disabled.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the lake monster's tentacle "pointing at your ass" wasn't actually ejaculating any semen as the game claimed.

Top level Patrons Stuff

  • Keriax Chracter Window:
    • Two different semen layers for all breast, belly and hip sizes, and four semen layers of different intensity for face. Some breasts improved in quality.
    • Traps layer - dildo poles and asshooks, tripwires and pink smoke appear around the player when appropriate, and more.
    • Some more headgear
  • More piercings - clit piercing, clit lead, lip piercing and nose piercing.
  • Two more robot NPCs - RoboChef and RoboBellboy.
  • The wrestler now teaches "squat", which lets the player empty their belly of liquid and eggs on demand.
  • Hypno traps have more flavour.
  • Cross trainer in the gym is now visible.
  • Fixed a bug where questioning the matron gave the default responses rather than her specific ones.
  • The matron now also becomes unfriendly if you are fully incontinent, even if you aren't currently wearing a diaper.
  • The matron now also becomes unfriendly if you were brought to her feet by the wrestler, even if you're not sluttified yet.
  • Three more hotel bedrooms - and now multiples of each of the different types of bad-effect hotel beds can appear.
    • So just because you encountered one of a specific type doesn't mean that others are definitely safe.

Release 6 Version 5.2

16 November 2015

As always, I must remind you all that the hotel stuff and Keriax's art is not yet available to the public. It will be eventually, when enough is complete! Also I apologise for the lack of mirrors; my internet at the moment is painfully slow and makes uploading via web page very challenging. I'm having an upgrade installed in a few weeks so hopefully that will see the end of it.

I have been made aware of a bug with price calculation, where due to the crappy algorithm you will sometimes be forced to pay with more jewellery than you need to, if you are holding it. I will need to have a chat with my computer science friends about how to actually code a sensible algorithm that can deal with a large number of jewellery of different values, and always make sure it chooses the most sensible combination for a given price.

Anyway here is the changelist.

  • Messed around with stats in the status bar to make more sense. "Sore" now refers to orifice soreness, and "weakened" refers to body soreness.
  • Female NPCs, e.g. the demoness and mannequin, can no longer take your virginity. Currently this includes the aeromancer, but I guess that is up for debate?
  • Needle traps are now blocked by appropriate pieces of clothing depending on whether they go for your breasts, side or butt.
    • Breast needles will aim for a segment of the breast, and so the more cleavage you have showing the less likely your clothes are to block it.
    • Side needles will get blocked by any belly covering item of clothing.
    • Butt needles have a chance of being blocked by skirts if the player is standing (33% for super short, 67% for short, 100% for others) and have a chance of being blocked by crotch covering clothing too (higher chance with higher armour rating).
  • Added in male name Patrick (Patron reward).
  • Doubled sword of purity damage bonus.
  • Stockings with a magic modifier or curse or blessing now impact on the strength of your knee attacks.
  • Arousal was getting a bit silly at the highest sex addiction ranks, especially if the player was mentally broken and humiliation aroused them as well, since they were getting humiliated by every turn that they automatically submitted to a monster. This often led to the player orgasming shamefully every single turn that they were being fucked. It now takes slightly longer for the player to become horny again at all sex addiction ranks, and the amount of arousal gained by humiliation once broken has been halved.
  • The lake now remembers how much semen has been cleaned in it, and this number slowly decays over time. The lake monster has a higher chance of appearing as the semen count increases. Once the lake monster has appeared, it disappears if the number goes back down to 0 (this takes a long time). There is a minimum amount of semen it takes before the tentacle monster even has a chance of appearing (20 units). In reality the monster is usually going to appear somewhere between 30 and 35 units but it could be sooner or later.
    • The chance of evasion remains the same, based on dexterity, and is still massively improved by wearing swimwear (effect +10 dexterity for this check).
  • Danaume's Character Window - Hair of every length (only black colour so far).
  • MG's flavour text - way more content for the gladiator fuck scenes.
  • Keriax's Character Window:
    • Improved breast images - cleaned up smaller sizes and remade bigger ones.
    • Some corsets
    • Ballet heels
    • Pink choker and cat bell
  • I've made some attempted code optimisations since the interpreter seemed to be struggling and there was a decent amount of input lag rearing its ugly head again. Your strength, dexterity, intelligence and bimbo are now only calculated once per turn as opposed to every single time they are looked at (essentially I'm pretty sure they were looking at every single object in the game universe to see if it affected the stat, rather than just worn ones which is what I tried to specify, which was taking forever). This in some relatively rare instances might have some minor game impact where your clothing bonuses / penalties don't actually impact your stats until the end of the turn on which they are worn / appear, but realistically I don't think there will be anything the player notices.
  • Tanks now show the type of potion in their name if known, just like cans and vessels.
  • Fixed an issue where errors would be produced once the maximum number of giant wasps were in the game.
  • Fixed an issue with bikini bras spawning on the player, which was causing an error.
  • Removed some of the worse variations of the word vagina
  • Fixed an issue with natural horny submissive where the player would get horny turn 1.
  • Fixed a major bug where NPCs weren't actually getting stronger after you choose to fuck them rather than kill them.
  • Fixed a bug where intelligence influencing clothing wasn't actually impacting on the player's intelligence value. Oops!
  • Fixed a couple of issues with crafting where specific fetishes made it impossible to craft an item.
  • Fixed some errors with monsters dragging the player.
    • Also fixed a bug where the map wouldn't update properly when the player is dragged into a previously unvisited room.
  • Fixed a bug where the caged minotaur, friendly witch, friendly shopkeeper etc. would respawn in a different location if you fainted in the same room as them.
  • Fixed a bug with the gladiator introduced with the flatchested trap update, where the gladiator could no longer successfully apply a nipple chain if the flat trap stuff was not enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the minotaur horn to infrequently turn up in a container.
  • Fixed a bug where presenting an orifice to two or more monsters simultaneously could result in more than one of them penetrating that orifice.
  • Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper would always get angry when the gladiator dragged you out of the shop, even if you weren't holding anything for sale.
  • Fixed a bug where the intended periodic effect of the tongue piercing wasn't triggering.

Hotel Stuff

  • New monster ("wrestler")
  • New room (toilets)
  • Inspiration machine is working, tattoo varieties will increase over time.
  • Modification machine (room 101) is working, piercing varieties will increase over time.
  • No panties fetish now allows the player to wear crotchless and ripped underwear without penalty.
  • Fixed an error occurring with upskirt posters.
  • Fixed a bug with dominatrix when the player is the living sex doll.
  • Fixed a bug where one of the hypno traps wasn't doing anything. I'm still working on additional flavour for these.
  • MG's flavour text - Enhancements to the matron and wrestler conversations.
  • Intelligent monsters now have a chance of pulling on the pullstring collar. Each monster will only ever do this once. These pulls can only increase semen addiction and sex addiction.
  • Fixed a bug where the pullstring collar could just be removed after being uncursed.

Release 6 Version 5.1

29 October 2015

This version is just tweaks and bugfixes. I haven't had time to address many of the bugs found on the bug tracker, sorry.

Also, I'm away until Sunday now so if there are any glaring issues with this version I'm sorry it'll have to wait a few days!

  • Shameful male virgin events (including sissy class items) happen twice as often
  • Flat chested male option now only costs 3 points.
  • Min penis size options are now completely free if TG fetish is enabled.
  • Improved sex addiction code to have a line from the player every single time it increases.
  • Improved semen addiction code to have a line from the player at each level of semen addiction that is more accurate for the player's attitude towards semen.
  • Semen addiction goes up a bit more slowly.
  • Improved bukkake code to make semen movements more consistent. Made sure that the code is called properly if you are hit by more semen when already fully plastered.
    • If semen drips from your face, if you're on the knees it hits the floor, otherwise it hits your breasts if they are D cup or larger, otherwise it hits your belly if it's large enough.
    • If semen drips from your tits, if you're wearing non-saturated breast covering clothing it soaks into that, otherwise if you're on your knees it hits the floor, otherwise it hits your belly if it's large enough.
    • If semen drips from your belly, if you're wearing non-saturated belly covering clothing it soaks into that, otherwise it hits the floor.
  • Removed some of the more exotic names for a penis from the variations list because they just sounded stupid and out of place.
  • Danaume - created a few more unique map tiles for the game. Also an even more ridiculously large breast drawing for the highest levels of breast size
  • Keriax - More stuff
    • 4 different lengths of hair!
    • Stick figures in the top right summarise your status (standing / kneeling / fighting / fucking)
  • Fixed an issue where using "remove X" on some unworn clothing could be used to identify whether it was cursed.
  • Fixed a bug where the "reset choices" button on the stat choices page didn't revert flat chested option.
  • Fixed a bug where until the full outfit had spawned the runic headband could not be uncursed at the dungeon altar.
  • Fixed a bug where cans and dispensers would still scramble their colours upon fainting, even though they shouldn't any more.

Hotel Stuff (new stuff to be explained in a blog post shortly)

  • Hypno screen trap
  • Magic dust trap
  • Fixed a bug with the robobutler dragging the player

Release 6 Version 5.0 - Aika Delivers

26 October 2015

Welcome to the Aika Delivers release! I've taken on board some recent suggestions that I felt would improve player experience for a significant number of players and then spent some time trying to make sure it's not too imbalanced. This is the result.

EDIT4: If you have a nice big monitor, you've probably found that the drawn version isn't working for you. I've uploaded a fix, please download the new file on the download page. Also, delete your preference files if the porn version images aren't working for you.

EDIT3: By hitting quick start if you previously played with fake enhancements enabled and inflation disabled, or by overspending points by selecting the new flat chest option when you don't have enough points, you can trigger the cheating detector system. Be warned!

EDIT2: New version is up.

EDIT: The version with Danaume's drawn art is not showing the art. If you wish to play with this then please check back soon.

My new internet connection is currently awful and I'm having a horrible time trying to upload anything, so currently the only download links are the ones on the download page of this blog. I will get mirrors up as soon as possible. If anyone wants to make their own mirror and post it in the comments feel free. There's probably not much point anyway because with an update this big, there's almost undoubtedly going to be some massive bug or two found within a day that I need to hotfix.

  • Flatchested male option: If TG fetish is enabled, for 6 points you can have all breast growth prevented until the transformation happens.
    • Pink smoke (and the gladiator) focuses on shrinking your penis.
    • Other monsters (e.g. sex doll) generally impact hips instead of breasts.
    • Other things that would increase breast size just ignore that part of their effect.
    • Points cost is probably a bit too high right now but I'll address this after some more playtesting.
    • Expect bugs.
  • Diaper and watersports fetish are now fully distinct fetish options.
    • Both fetishes include bladder mechanics.
    • Only watersports fetish causes monsters / traps to pee on you.
    • Only diaper fetish has the diapers and incontinence mechanic.
  • Danaume's character window:
    • Larger sizes of boobs are now in the game. They don't go quite as impossibly ridiculous as the porn images because it just wouldn't work with the tiny frame of the drawn character.
  • Keriax's character window:
    • There is now a second character window, made by Keriax. Keriax is using photoshop to piece together variations of a character, using a drawing done by Sarath as the base (we have been given permission).
    • The window is progressing at a really fast speed, hips are done, breasts are done (but larger sizes are just placeholders at the moment and don't look great), facial expressions & make-up are done, bellies are done, genitals are done,hair is on its way, and there are a few extras such as chastity caged penises, heels, and a few more accessories.
    • The window is available to top level patrons now for previewing. When it is nearly complete, it will be available to all patrons, and when it is essentially fully functional it will, as with everything else, become publicly available. I don't really know what the timeline of that is, but judging by the speed at which Keriax has worked on this so far, it could be only a few months or even less.
    • You can see some preview images to give you and idea of what it's starting to look like here:
  • 'Sword in the Stone' room is now in the game. This was explained in a recent blog post.
    • There is no unique map tile yet, but there will be in the future.
  • New descriptions for woods locations from Nicole, including a couple of extra locations.
  • New food items and mechanics are now in the game.
    • Except for the cursed kneeling stool, resting on furniture no longer automatically adds weight, with weight gain fetish.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: As suggested by Samify, drinks colours no longer randomise again upon fainting. We will see what this does to game balance and player enjoyment.
  • As mentioned in the previous blog post, significant changes to male virginity, including the sissy class.
  • The player now knows how to 'fuck' defeated NPCs right from the start of the game.
  • Instead of the fuck skill, the shopkeeper now teaches the identify skill. Again, discussed in the previous blog post.
  • Male reward for using the fuck skill is now purely sex addiction decrease, rather than also having a penis size increase.
  • Insertable toys now slowly cause soreness again, rather than just preventing soreness decreases. It was too powerful for males to wear a plug to prevent anal sex.
  • Added the name "Brent" to the male name list (patron request).
  • Caffeinated drinks now increase intelligence if it is below its starting value.
  • Doubled the effect that sex addiction has on overall bimbo score. Overall bimbo should therefore rise a bit faster than the previous version.
  • You can now successfully wear corsets when you have slightly curvy bellies.
  • Whenever you drink any amount of (non-semen) liquid, you will always go down to 'not thirsty'. Semen still only reduces your thirst by 1.
  • Virgin warrior class now correctly influences most NPCs to use asshole instead of vagina, as was originally intended.
  • Most clothing items now have a newbie-friendly line at the end of the description which explains what that type of clothing can do. In the future I'll probably add an option that lets you disable these lines.
  • Slightly lowered the threshold of semen the slimegirl has to consume to want to climb aboard.
  • Switched the costs of inflation fetish and fake enhancements to better reflect difficulty changes
  • Made a second attempt at structuring code to determine whether an item of clothing is currently visible, or concealed by other items of clothing.
    • It seems to be working OK, and I have connected the humiliation code up so that the player should never be embarrassed in front of a monster by something that can never be seen.
    • Also the wench can't decide to steal your underwear if she can't see it, and the fairy can't meddle with it.
  • The player is now warned when they attempt to move into a room that they know has an active sprinkle trap inside it.
  • Wiping semen off yourself with clothing owned by the shopkeeper causes him to become aggressive as if you stole it.
  • Massive fucking bug found and destroyed! It was possible if random numbers hit the right things, for the 'random self reflection' code to get stuck in an infinite loop. So this would happen occasionally and cause freezes for no clear reason. But I found it! Woohoo!
  • Another nasty infinite loop bug that could cause the player to just continuously present themselves to an interested friendly monster has been squished.
  • Fixed an issue with the player talking to NPCs where they would often get the gender of the NPC wrong.
  • Fixed a minor bug where trying to exit the dungeon shop by a direction without a door would still cause the shopkeeper to turn violent.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting could (rarely) cause a unique accessory you've crafted to be cursed. These items should never be cursed since they can't be uncursed!
  • Leather items are now properly flagged as waterproof.
  • The largeness of bellies now affects your ability to escape from monsters, rather than just weight. Now corsets actually have a reason to be worn (other than possible enchantments), as originally intended.
  • Trousers can now be worn underneath skirts (this was already allowed, but only if you wore the trousers first. Now you can put either on first).
  • The game now properly prevents you from wearing a hobble-skirted item of clothing at the same time as trousers.
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn't check for clothing currently covering orifices before summoning orifice plugging items such as the milking harness.
  • Fixed a bug where sex dolls weren't actually getting destroyed when the game said they did from hitting your spike bra.
  • Fixed a bug where the witch had been set to find the player so boring that she immediately lost interest upon being spoken to, and therefore could never be conversed with.
  • Removed some debug lines that had been left in by mistake that said "monster is X" during some conversations.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the aeromancer would not end their attack step after performing the living sex doll curse.

Hotel Stuff:

  • Matron / Dominatrix
  • RoboButler
  • Seats in staff room
  • Feeding area bowls
    • Currently just edible food, does nothing else
  • Laundry room
    • Automated robot arms take off (and clean) all of the clothes they can when you enter this room standing.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs that occurred if you fainted whilst fucking a patron

Release 6 Version 4.9

02 September 2015

This version's delay was brought to you by Rocket League and Kushiel's Dart, which are both incredible and very difficult to put down. Apologies.

Anyway, to fix the image problem I've had to do two things. Firstly, I've had to split the porn character window images and drawn character window images into two separate versions of the game. Secondly, I've had to reduce the size of the character window images again, but this should have also reduced lag.

So, since the game is now split into two versions, and will be for the foreseeable future, to prevent the headache of trying to keep non-donators from gaining access to one of the two files, instead I'm just going to release the drawn character window early. It is still incomplete, most notably missing hair (there's only two versions, short and medium length and they are both brown) and the larger half of breasts. Anyone reporting that the character window is incomplete will recieve a slap over the internet.

Finally, instead of providing a new MEGA link each time, I'm just going to link to the same folder, which will contain all new versions. The file with a "P" at the end is the porn version, and the file with the "D" at the end is the drawn version.

Anyway, here is the changelist:

  • Split the game into two versions, one with drawn art and one with the porn images.
    • Removed a feature that allowed players to have body images appear in-line rather than in a separate frame.
  • Fixed a bug where you could still ask unfriendly monsters questions, and they would usually answer as if they were friendly.
  • Fixed a bug where a wench would not actually run away scared if she encountered you in the middle of combat / sex.
  • Changed a feature with the natural submissive option, you now don't first become horny for around 8 in-game minutes.
  • Fixed a bug where an ally dealing lethal damage to a fairy in the same turn that the player's attack is successfully dodged could result in the fairy disappearing with no notification and no rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper would never climax during oral sex if you always resisted.
  • Fixed a bug where fainting in the Vine Boss's lair caused a crash.
  • Danaume's Character Window: Hips added. Max size hips looks pretty unreal on the tiny waist of the model, but it would look unreal in real life too!

Hotel Stuff

  • Nothing this time, busy fixing major issues!

Release 6 Version 4.8

20 August 2015

Okay I finally sorted the DNS rubbish and now we have an actual real address bar! Woo! However this means again all the disqus comments have disappeared as the site now counts as having different URLs.

And here is the changelist:

  • Fixed a bug where undoing would not refresh the character window.
  • Recoded the urination function (trust me, it needed it). Some more flavour in here now.
  • Fixed a bug where the new rare diaper was appearing regardless of fetish options.
  • Fixed a bug where the bat corset didn't count as covering the breast slot.
  • Fixed a bug where the function that dispersed monsters at the top of the stairs to the Woods was instead causing an infinite loop.
  • Fixed a billion bugs with the tentacle monster (this was much more messed up than I realised).
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur was using the default climax functions rather than its own.
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur horn was still appearing in crates after the player had fainted.
  • Fixed a minor bug with forbidding masturbation with cursed clothing.
  • Fixed a logical bug with tongue piercing spawning where it would always spawn (even if already spawned) if your mouth was lubed up and you received an oral creampie.
  • The game should now always notify you the first time you become horny.
  • You can now decide whether you receive virgin bonuses, the first time it happens.
    • You are no longer prevented from presenting mouth and asshole due to too high dignity once you have started receiving virgin bonuses.
  • Recoded the entire map generating function from the ground up. Again, trust me, it was well overdue. Hopefully the average case will be much faster (but every now and then it will still be slow).
    • This now allows me to specify some more specific rules about map generation, e.g. no tiles allowed in the space south of the white wall.
    • I would not be surprised if this causes bugs, which may or may not include freezing infinite loops. I apologise for someone whose run is ruined by this.

Hotel Stuff:

  • New content outlined in the previous blog post is now complete.

Release 6 Version 4.7b

10 July 2015

Aika works at the speed of sound! This is purely bug fixes.

  • Fixed a bug where the demoness got bored for an extremely low amount of time after using you, which caused further issues with broken humiliation levels.
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur's set up function was being skipped, giving him the default 10 max health.
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur could never be friendly.
  • Fixed a bug where skirted items and knickers could no longer appear (a new hotel feature was forgetting to check if you actually had the fetish)
  • Fixed a bug where the new oral sex scenes with the shopkeeper did not send him back to the shop, and therefore guards still treated you as a thief.
  • Fixed a mathematical bug with the new bimbo calculation algorithm that made it even lower than it was supposed to. Getting maximum numbers in all bimbo stats (not including humiliation, so hair colour + make up + genitals + addictions + heel skill) is gets you to exactly maximum bimbo. However there are also other ways to get there earlier, including certain items of clothing (e.g. many clubbing and latex dresses), large silicone implants, cursed piercings. Humiliation is currently completely separate, this is on purpose but just an experiment.
  • Entering the princess' bedroom now disperses NPCs waiting for you at the entrances of other regions.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters who have used the player before could skip orifice selection rules and just go back to whatever they did last time.
  • Fixed a bug due to a logic error in the milking bench that allowed it to keep going when you were dragged out of the room if your fatigue was still nonzero.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters were not correctly getting flagged as no longer potential fathers after a successful pregnancy, so future pregnancies could be from anything that had ever creampied the player.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the game thought you meant the pink pill when you right just "push" at the start of the game.
  • Fixed a bug where the mannequin could go for your asshole ignoring any rules about if it was actually available or not.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters would immediately get frustrated and leave upon finding all your holes in use (it was supposed to be a 1 in 4 chance each turn).
  • Fixed a bug where the tentacle monster would start having sex with you then immediately get frustrated and leave you alone.
  • Fixed a bug where every now and then a sex doll would just disappear on the turn it was supposed to start fucking you.
  • Fixed a bug where fairies didn't become friendly when you greet them.

Release 6 Version 4.7

09 August 2015

  • Fixed a stupid bug where the player at high humiliation levels could automatically try and have sex with monsters that didn't exist (were off-stage), rather than the one they were supposed to (The code said "a random monster" rather than "a random monster in the location of the player")
  • Fixed a bug where the wench could steal underwear while the player is standing
  • Fixed a bug where the game thought all monsters were male when the player was male and all monsters were female when not.
  • Fixed a bug where normal bloomers would appear to the player as crotchless bloomers, causing confusion.
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur horn could appear in containers.
  • Fixed graphical bug with monster perception where there would be line breaks in silly places when the player was humiliated about their clothing.
  • Fixed several minor bugs with masturbation. It is now possible that masturbation will last several turns. The higher your sex addiction, the lower time on average it will last. For females, most sex toys, when used to masturbate with, reduce the turns taken to climax by 1.
  • FIXED THE FUCKING LATEX STOCKINGS BEING THE WRONG COLOUR (Aika is a dumb slut who takes 4 attempts to fix the simplest fucking glitches)
  • Minor buffs to the player's damage.
  • Slightly buffed the amount of fatigue the player can handle before they topple.
  • Nerfed the impact of inventory weight by a third.
  • The descriptions of bimbo levels and the titles you earn more appropriate. No changes to mechanics, but it will feel like overall bimbo score takes longer to build up.
  • The player will now automatically search containers before opening them for quality of life.
  • Masturbation can now take several turns. At the moment there are boring placeholder phrases for this, but don't worry in a future version these will be a bit more interesting.
  • There is now a quite forgiving dexterity check to avoid being knocked out by a dildo pole trap when on your knees.
  • You can now rest on the bed in the prison guard's room but if a guard sees you there he will become (permanently) unfriendly, and increase in difficulty.
  • Significant balance changes:
    • The pink pill and fainting changes mentioned in a recent blog post.
    • You can now open containers when kneeling. However, you cannot search for traps whilst kneeling.
    • Monsters in general now have less max health. Most significant nerfs were to the guard and gladiator.
  • Several massive contributions from others:
    • Extremely huge contribution from MG: he's helped me rewrite the conversation code to be more powerful. Several things that the player says and the monster replies with should make a lot more sense now. You can now ask several questions to a monster, only the first question within a few minutes has a chance of being the skill learning question. THERE WILL BE BUGS.
    • Large contribution from a currently anonymous individual: Several new items of clothing (underwear) and other bits and bobs, including some flavour for make-up descriptions and some monsters.
    • Nicole: Improved descriptions for maid outfit items
    • Kat: Extensive amounts of shopkeeper flavour for oral sex scenes, and reactions when you kneel in front of him etc.


  • Created the creampie pole trap
  • Created the hotel beds & associated features

Release 6 Version 4.6

15 July 2015

I am now on vacation for about a week and a half. Hopefully there won't be any gamebreaking issues found as after tomorrow I won't have a PC on me and won't be able to fix them!

  • Fixed a bug where monsters could select a player's vagina for sex even if they were male.
  • Fixed a bug where "penis" was one of the body parts that monsters could attack.
  • Fixed a bug where the mannequin would only do anal stuff, and nothing else.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would repeatedly demand a drink from the guard, no matter what their state.
  • Fixed a bug where double penetration could never occur, monsters would just wait instead.
  • Fixed a bug where you could put jewellry given to the witch onto the altar. (Also, even worse, was that this jewellery held by the witch was actually being counted towards the player's inventory weight).

Release 6 Version 4.5

14 July 2015

EDIT: known bug: game sometimes thinks male has a vagina

This release is quite a milestone, because I'm done fulfilling legacy donators requests that aren't going to be in the hotel themselves. This means from now onwards, I will be working on the hotel level. What this means for you is that you'll not be seeing much more content except numbers tweaks and bug fixes for two or three months.

Unless you're a top level patreon donator, in which case you'll also get access to early alphas of the new region. These will be extremely buggy and incomplete and the focus will be on testing and bug squishing.

The other thing of note is that today I put in a lot of effort trying to fix some of the dodgy issues with the website. I think I've managed to nail most of them, and the only downside is that for the next 48 hours or so there'll be a nasty IP address in your address bar instead of the URL. However after DNS propogates, this should go away. Oh, and all the disqus comments on previous blog posts have disappeared. Sorry, I can't seem to get disqus to realise they're supposed to be there, since the URL has changed.

Anyway, here is the changelist. There's no massive new content but there's a lot of tweaks here and there and big bug fixes. The thing that I've spent the most time doing is rewriting the monster combat engine which not only will make my life much more straightforward moving into the future, but it should also make it a lot more feasible for fans to one day create their own NPCs for the game.

  • There's a bit more small penis humiliation (but thanks to MG there's also a lot in the fuck skill scenes)
  • The automatic submission on knees now applies to a few more monsters.
  • Increased the rate that the stomach absorbs liquids since we track more liquids now than we used to.
  • Sex addiction was going up a bit too slowly, so the increase is now doubled if the orgasm occurred during sex.
  • Removed a feature where sometimes a monster would fail to penetrate you due to your big ass cheeks.
  • Removed a feature where the princess' bed could make you lose points in key stats, this was a bit harsh.
  • Added a feature where some attacks hit you in the belly, and this can cause instant ass squirting.
  • Long wait now works properly; it doesn't stop the command just because some part of your body changes size. BUT this means that you might hit long wait and then find that your bra starts to increase your breast size or something, so use with caution.
  • In order to help kneeing find its niche, you can now never fall over when kneeing unless you are unsteady in your heels.
    • Also reduced the odds of falling over when kicking by about 1/3.
  • Increased the egg laying fetish to 4 points worth, since that wasp is pretty good at making people faint from overfilling.
  • There's now a chance of succeeding at the deepthroat with the shopkeeper even if you don't have the skill and don't have a lubed throat, the chance scales with semen addiction.
  • Fighting a sex doll increases the duration of the sex if it wins, rather than decreasing it.
  • You get more turns to successfully please the wench than before when fully beaten up, and less turns than before when fully healthy (to be clear, you still get more turns if you're healthy). Resisting should be a more legitimate option now.
  • If the wench wants your knickers, you can no longer satisfy her by offering your tongue instead.
  • Fixed a bug where the wench would become friendly again if she couldn't push you over. Conversely, she now does become friendly again if she successfully steals clothing from you.
  • The check to see if the mannequin adds the hat and other artificial enhancement fetish related stuff is no longer dependent on stuff like breast size vs bimbo, but is just very likely to happen, if the mannequin decides to punish you via your face and not your asshole.
    • To get the fake nails, all you need is maximum makeup (and the correct fetish).
  • The demoness no longer instantly makes you faint if you have 10 ass soreness and she inserts her heel inside. Instead you have to survive a single soreness check.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the minotaur where it checked ass soreness instead of pussy soreness when the minotaur was using the player's vagina.
  • Minotaur now has less health but deals more damage. So the fight should be similarly challenging but shorter.
  • Fixed a bug where submitting to the shopkeeper made sex last longer rather than shorter.
  • Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper and witch were not disappearing upon defeat.
  • The fairy attacks much more randomly now rather than prioritising a couple of things. UNLESS you have pregnancy fetish enabled, in which case she still prioritises penis shrinking / womb filling 50% of the time.
  • With the giant wasp, resisting = less eggs on average but sex takes longer (and obviously more soreness). Submitting = the opposite, lower soreness chances and quick sex, but more eggs. So if you're at risk of overflowing with eggs, resisting is better.
  • Fixed a bug where unintelligent monsters were not waiting a turn after you kneeled voluntarily (or from fatigue).
  • Fixed a bug where the movement hindrance due to large hips and ass was happening at half the hip weight that was intended.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get two extra points by having TG fetish saved as enabled from a game as a male, and then playing as a female.
  • Fixed an infinite loop with the lake monster trying to rip off your underwear.
  • Flavour content from MG (thank you so much MG <3):
    • Tentacle monster description
    • Tentacle monster comment
    • Vine Boss description and comment
    • Sex doll player comment
    • Sex doll penetration
    • Some special double penetration opening lines
    • Minotaur idle
    • Swimming Pool room description

Release 6 Version 4.4

30 June 2015

This is probably a buggy release but I'm tired and need to go to bed so this is what you get. Things are going to be hectic for the next few days but hopefully this fixes some of the most annoying bugs.

Sounds like Barbara is still glitching a bit, sorry, just ignore her for a few days.

  • Added the first part of broken humiliation causing automatic actions - when on knees in front of royal guard you will automatically present yourself for use.
  • You no longer create a puddle of urine on the floor when fainting if watersports fetish is off.
  • Fixed a bug where 4 diapers sometimes being allocated to the container item pen instead of 4 pairs of panties
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn't understand "nightie" as the nightgown version of the nightie.
  • Fixed a bug where the intelligence of the player would get stuck at 1 instead of decreasing down to 0 when sex addiction was at maximum.
  • Fixed a bug where Barbara would respawn after being defated by the minotaur. (She will instead start appearing again after the next time you faint)
  • Fixed a bug where the player would refuse a cup of semen when a semen addict.
  • Fixed a bug where the periodic effects of piercings was never being checked.
  • Fixed a bug where the latex stockings were each showing the wrong colour when examined.

Release 6 Version 4.3 Hotfix

27 June 2015

I managed to find an hour to hotfix and upload this new version. Completely untested but I'm 99% sure I identified the issues in the code and fixed them.

  • Fixed issue with traps being removed but the player remaining stuck upon fainting.
  • Fixed issue with fatigue going up at stupid amounts at level 0 heel skill (essentially a divide by 0 error)

Release 6 Version 4.3

27 June 2015

Hey guys! I hope there's no gamebreaking bugs here as I won't be able to address them until Monday.

  • The status line compass has now been done away with completely. Instead you have two options, the compact status line for low resolution monitors which is 5 lines deep, or the standard one for high resolution monitors which is 3 lines deep. Thank you to Narse for pointing out that you can have more than 3 lines, I had just assumed this was a limit.
  • EXPERIMENTAL (but likely to stay): Reworked how fainting resets the game.
    • The player no longer loses any inventory and is not transported back to the princess's chambers. Rather they wake up where they fainted.
    • The player still reduces body parts to their "real world" sizes and loses all soreness and liquid fill, but several other things no longer change, including makeup, hair colour, fake hair, fat (chubbiness), sex doll transformation.
    • Monsters should have moved on from your current location and lost interest. They no longer become friendly again just because the world has reset. If they hated you before, they still hate you. I think the worst place to faint currently is the witch's altar after angering her, since she'll be up for round 2 when you wake up.
    • Any non-unique monsters that died respawn. The shopkeeper now remains dead (he used to respawn upon fainting).
    • The world still resets around the player. So you lose all map vision, and your drinks will no longer have the same effect as before.
    • In this way hopefully fainting is less of a bonerkill but still resets enough stats to give players who aren't doing well a meaningful 2nd, 3rd and 4th chance.
  • Changed the status line again.
  • Removed a feature where monsters have a fixed starting location.
  • Removed a feature where you required the top hat as well as the rubber dress for silicone implants to increase in size.
  • Very slightly increased the likelihood of silicone implants increasing in size.
  • Nerfed the difficulty of the ass hook for those with particularly low dexterity. Assuming you have the minimum dex required, the minimum chance you have to escape with each pull is 33%.
  • The game now always tells you when your breasts have gotten bigger, let's see if this annoys people or they like it.
  • Changed the fatigue increase of kicking from a number that scaled with weight to a flat (and very low) number.
  • Halved fatigue gain overall.
  • The amount that wearing heels increases fatigue scales down with heel skill (from 2x at 0 heel skill to 1x i.e. no effect at 10 heel skill)
  • Fixed a bug where sex toys would remain worn but no longer be flagged as penetrating you if you faint.
  • Fixed a bug where the throne & the slimegirl could cause an infinite loop (actually fixed now!)
  • Fixed a bug where some of the clothing that spawns on you at the start of the game had incorrect layering variables.
  • Fixed a bug where examining a certain pair of latex stockings showed the wrong image.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't reapply a scrunchie.

Release 6 Version 4.2

26 June 2015

EDIT: Anyone who downloaded this in the first 15 minutes it was live, please download the new version. I had left a couple of debug lines in that started you off with 10 semen addiction.

  • Added a decent amount of sheer nylon items. They're not great for your modesty or protection, but sometimes a girl has to make do with what she can find!
  • Added the shibari rope harness. This harness covers nothing and takes up the overdress slot. It reduces your dexterity significantly, but whilst wearing it, your strength will sometimes permanently increase.
  • Added a feature where having an empty stomach with high semen addiction reduces dexterity. At maximum sex addiction your character will refuse to drink anything else until they're about to faint from thirst.
    • You are no longer prevented from offering blowjobs when horny if you have medium or higher semen addiction. However once "very horny" then you can't again.
  • Removed a feature that prevented you from paying for clothing if you couldn't speak. See, I do listen to you guys ;-)
  • Recorded the layering algorithms, so much less incorrect mistakes forbidding you to remove stuff should be made.
  • Fixed a bug where sprinkle traps were not working.
  • Fixed a bug wearing an already worn accessory could cause a game crash.
  • Fixed a bug where bras stopped you wearing exclusive overdresses that didn't even cover the breast slot.
  • Fixed a bug where the tartan tube top was not being correctly identified as part of the schoolgirl class outfit.
  • Fixed a bug where the grey briefs showed the image of the green briefs.
  • Fixed a bug where the black clubbing dress had the wrong image.
  • Fixed a bug where the default influence of stockings on the steadiness of a pair of heels was 0 instead of 1.
  • Fixed a bug where a couple of clothing items including the catsuit were flagged as having a knee length skirt rather than no skirt.
  • Fixed a bug where you could gain levels of heel skill when on your knees.
  • Fixed a bug where the nipple chain could not be summoned.
  • Fixed a bug where the guard could ignore plugs with males.
  • Fixed a bug where the BUC and magic modifier of heels were influencing the unsteadiness of the heels twice as much as intended.

Release 6 Version 4.1

24 June 2015

I've spent a bit of time testing this one but as usual I'm sorry if there are any gamebreaking bugs I've missed.

EDIT: Trying to wear an accessory you're already wearing can result in a game crash. Will be fixed for 4.2, but please try to avoid doing this for now!

  • Fixed the issues with cleaning oneself of semen (and actually checked it's working this time).
  • The ass hook trap is back in the game. You need to pull down on it in order to perform the dexterity check to get it out of your ass. If you have quite low dexterity (less than 7) you won't be able to get a grip on the ass hook and will eventually faint when your fatigue gets too high. A scene with Barbara is possible when you wait in this situation if you have already met her and she is currently flagged as somewhere in the Dungeon.
  • Uncursing something worn on the dungeon altar gives you the opportunity to remove it immediately (this is necessary for some items that will under certain conditions try to curse themselves nearly every single turn).
  • The higher levels of the three main stats have been scaled down to be less overpowered. This is just numbers behind the scenes, but the effect should be that you find the game a bit less stupidly easy if you get ahead early.
  • I've made a first attempt at defining when an item of clothing is concealed underneath the other items you're wearing. When an item is fully concealed, it does not humiliate you.
  • I've tweaked the humiliation values of some clothing so that the starting male is not completely objecting to wearing something as basic as a T-shirt with a humiliating phrase on it.
  • There is no longer an inventory limit.
    • Every time you change rooms by walking, you gain fatigue based on the combined weight of all items you are carrying.
      • Most items have 1 unit of weight. Some have slightly more, e.g. liquid vessels have weight equal to the number of doses. Necklaces and bracelets are also heavy.
      • Worn items count as having 20% of the weight of items held in your hands (hardly any at all).
      • You can examine yourself to get a vague idea of the weight of your inventory.
    • Standing in heels is double as tiring as standing normally.
    • The motivations behind these changes are that strength was already important enough and in this way strength is still relevant to inventory but in a lot less of a restrictive way. Also now you never get frustrated by trying to wear something but being told you don't have room in your held inventory (even though it's not going there).
    • YOU WILL LIKELY FIND YOURSELF GETTING TIRED MORE OFTEN WITH THESE CHANGES. That is intentional, deciding where to stop and rest is an important strategy element.
    • You should have less chance of just getting tired and falling over in a fight because of your weight; but obviously kicking increases fatigue so is another story.
  • The game no longer attempts to re-use items that have already been spawned. This was to prevent annoying errors, but has some side effects I'm happy with:
    • You can uncurse and remove some items that keep spawning until they run out, and then no more will spawn.
      • The number you need to burn through before they stop spawning varies. For example: for headgear it's 1, for most cuffs it's 1, but for chastity cage it's 3.
    • In order to allow you to become a class repeatedly, headgear can now be worn again once it has been removed / purloined.
      • Yes, this means you can easily try out all the classes now with the purloin debug command. Just remember at some point in the future this command will be disabled.
      • However to avoid too much instant removal / replacement when convenient (e.g. only putting on a princess outfit when interacting with a royal guard), headgear will curse itself when you re-wear it again.
  • The items that you encounter in your first containers are now fully randomised, rather than being fixed to certain items (you may have noticed a lot of leotards and fishnet dresses at the start).
  • However some (very few) items are now classified as "rare", which means they only very rarely spawn from treasure chests.
    • These items are ones that are considered to be overwhelmingly positive to wear.
    • The likelihood of finding one starts off extremely low (0.3% for each chest) but becomes higher as your earnings decrease (20% for each chest when you are almost bankrupt). However the chance becomes 0% once you are fully bankrupt.
  • Your first few treasure chests will not spawn recipes.
  • Several new clothing items have been added. For some of these items, the theme is that they are slightly (but only slightly) less ridiculous than most other items of their slot, but rarely have any interesting effects. For the players that are trying to retain at least some level of dignity. For example, a clubbing dress.
  • New rare trap in the woods can spawn a crotch rope or a pair of pouch panties on you, depending on gender. Only ever triggers once.
  • Catgirl class outfit (see blog post)
  • Milking harness no longer counts as blocking crotch (except the plug in the ass, obviously)
  • Orifice soreness now recovers more quickly.
  • The royal guard now defends players who have had his baby in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where the slimegirl would not exit you back into the pool when she wanted to, if you had no semen to wash away.
    • Removed a feature where the more thirsty you are, the less chance that your bladder would fill when you drink / consume liquids.
  • Also removed a feature where worn diapers would sometimes double bladder increases.
  • Fixed an issue where shopkeeper could have sex with the player's vagina through asshole exposing clothing.
  • Fixed an issue where you could wear clothing with plugs regardless of usual wearing rules by using the plug verb instead.
  • Headgear now probably restricts / permits hair colour darkening.
  • Drinks containers now drop on the floor when you faint.
  • Fixed a bug where the existing potential fathers weren't wiped upon birth.
  • Fixed a bug where the map was not updating when the player was involuntarily moved rooms.
  • Fixed a bug where some fainting reasons were still causing stat penalties.
  • The number of tanks in the dungeon is now fixed at 4 per iteration rather than each room simply having a 1 in 7 chance.
  • Barbara now gets more slutty every time you meet her and talk to her (this is a temporary feature until there are more ways for her to transform)
  • The aeromancer should no longer be able to just ignore plugs.
  • Fixed a major bug that was accidentally introduced last version, where the weight of the player was always 0.

Release 6 Version 4.0b (Hotfix)

17 June 2015

Thanks for the speedy bug reports everyone. Here's a quick hotfix that gets rid of the bugs that were easy to find and squash.

Some anon mentioned an issue with the character window being broken for them, and their settings menu being messed up. I have no idea what's going on there but if you have that issue too, please do comment with as much information as possible. He said he fixed the issue by deleting his settings file which for most interpreters should be in the same location as the game file.

  • Fixed character window heels always being thigh highs. For those that are interested, this was the same issue as the royal guard flavour issues we've been having, essentially it turns out I can't just call a function for a 'random worn heels' or a 'random dangerous monster' because it decide which function to use (and uses the first of the most specific ones it can find for some reason) before it finds out what the random result is. So I have to set up a variable 'let H be a random worn heels' and THEN call the function on H for it to work properly. There's probably a couple more places this is happening in the source code but I'm not good enough with regular expressions to work out how to find them easily, without you guys just reporting them.
  • Fixed ballet heels printed name issue
  • Fixed minor glitch where wedge heels would 25% of the time be cotton
  • Fixed an issue with the game freezing when the throne trap is trying to fill you up and you have the slimegirl inside you (the final stage of the throne before it lets you go always tries to get you to maximum fill, which is impossible with the slimegirl, causing an infinite loop).
  • You should no longer be able to part with the slimegirl by inserting her into a container.

Release 6 Version 4.0

17 June 2015

Since this is a massive update, I'm elevating the version number to 4.0!

The downside is that of course there are now loads more bugs for you all to find. Go ahead and start reporting! I imagine there'll need to be a hotfix tomorrow evening.

  • Fixed bug where the pink wardrobe disappears after fainting!
  • Fixed a bug where standard accessories could be cursed, and the only way to remove them was to pay with them!
  • Fixed a bug where semen, urine and milk fluid types got reset to "nothing right now" upon fainting.
  • Fixed a bug where drinks containers always disappeared upon fainting, even if in the pink wardrobe / location of the player.
  • Fixed bug where squirting 1 unit of semen into a vessel caused nothing to appear.
  • Fixed a P5 bug caused by presenting your breasts to a monster.
  • Fixed a bug where unique shop items (e.g. the maternity dress) were vastly overpriced.
  • Fixed a bug where the yes and no responses to "do you want to resist?" when getting fucked and milked on the bench at the same time did the wrong thing.
  • Fixed a bug where the sex addiction and semen addiction of the player were set to 1/3 of each other instead of 2/3.
  • Did some more fixes to the "clean" verb, hopefully it'll be more co-operative now.
  • Fixed a bug where the game prevented the latex hood from being worn.
  • Time no longer progresses for several rounds after the lake monster scene.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs where events that were supposed to reduce sex addiction (e.g. defeating an enemy with a whip of domination) were reducing semen addiction instead.
  • Fixed a bug where individual monsters could only get the player pregnant once each.
  • 'Pull vines' now works as well as the existing 'Attack vines' and 'Pull vine'.
  • All living things (most notably vines) will now reliably remove virginity.
  • Finally worked out why the game sometimes chooses the royal guard flavour over others when it's not a royal guard monster you're interacting with! If you notice this happening, report the bug and I will finally be able to fix this.
  • Lubricant no longer lowers the chance of openness increases.
  • Fixed a gape bug - paddles and other elements that can increase orifice soreness without actually going inside can no longer increase openness.
  • Your thighs only get coated in semen if bukkake fetish is enabled, otherwise it just flows directly to the floor. NB sometimes the in-game flavour still might only mention that it trickles to your thighs. All the change is doing is ensuring that with bukkake fetish off, no semen sticks to your person, it all runs off immediately.
  • The slipperiness of liquid on the floors of rooms has been made a bit more meaningful. It used to max out pretty quickly (at 10 units of liquid); instead it now maxes out at 40, but the impact of any single unit of liquid has been halved. So with small amounts of liquid there is less of a punishment, but rooms absolutely coated in fluids are much more difficult to walk in.
  • Washing in a body of water now correctly cleans your belly (the outside, not the inside) of semen. You can now clean your belly with the clean command.
  • Fixed a bug where humiliation increased by a minimum of 10 every single turn!
    • Also fixed a bug where humiliation wasn't decaying each turn as intended.
  • You can no longer bless the squirt dildo, only uncurse it. You naughty munchkins.
  • You can now clean individual items of clothing that you're not wearing in bodies of water.
  • You are now warned when you try and crawl into a room you can see has pink smoke in it, or rest on furniture in a room that has pink smoke in it.
  • A bug where only cotton stockings were appearing has been fixed.
  • The standing function was old and outdated, it has been rewritten to better work with modern weight mechanics. You can no longer faint from being too heavy and failing to stand, you must decide to do it manually.
  • You can no longer automatically faint from being too heavy and trying to crawl, you must decide to faint manually.
  • The 'fuck' skill is significantly easier to learn assuming you ask the right question. You cannot learn the skill successfully if your sex-addiction is too high (over 12).
  • Heel modular code treatment (plus a few improvements)
    • Random spread of heel heights is no longer mostly 2 inches and no 1 inches but instead a normal distribution around 3 inches (minimum 1 inches, maximum 5 inches, with platform and wedge heels being slightly larger).
    • Item name now includes "pair of" at the start.
    • All heels except 1 inch heels are now 1 level more difficult to walk in with heel skill 0.
    • Situations that make you walk more slowly (i.e. diapers, hobble skirts, ankle bondage, large hips, butt plugs) have been made fully distinct from situations that might make you fall over (i.e. heels, slippery floor, super long hair, belt of sturdiness).
      • Things that can make you fall over are checked every time you move. NB. this means you can now fall over from a slippery room even when not wearing heels.
      • This standard tripping chance no longer checks against dexterity, unless it is a monster or trap that is trying to make you fall over.
      • Things that slow you significantly reduce the likelihood of you escaping from a monster by trying to walk away, but no longer affect your chance of falling over.
      • In a turn when you walk away from an unfriendly monster, the game first checks if you are too slow, and then checks if you fall over.
      • It is now possible (but quite unlikely) that you could have a 0% or near 0% chance of walking fast enough to avoid the monster blocking your movement, if for example you have a hobble skirt and a full diaper and a low dexterity score. This is more realistic but I have yet to see if I am happy with its impact on fun gameplay.
  • Panties modular code treatment (plus a few improvements)
    • Descriptions now tell you how much the underwear is successfully concealing your butt cheeks (no effect on gameplay yet).
    • Penis and orifice description now tells you if the underwear is successfully concealing them.
    • Large penises now count as exposed if they don't fit inside the underwear.
    • Examining the underwear will also usually let you know if your penis is visible.
    • Lewd writing on the underwear now appears in player description summary of clothes.
    • Lewd writing magic effects no longer restricted to when they are worn. Instead, most now either constantly affect a stat, or periodically change a stat.
    • Undies with lewd writing now have different outrage levels to those without.
  • Spent a lot of time trying to make sure that the player's self examine description is more well organised and less repetitive. But there's still a lot to do here.
  • Fuck skill can now be used on aeromancer (see blog post)
  • The aeromancer now is only aggressive if you have your nipples or crotch exposed (or have a high bimbo score). She still has no friendly interaction with the player.
  • Slimegirl now added (see blog post). NB she currently does not disappear from your belly upon fainting.
  • Quality of life improvement with monster movements, when you issue a "go" command, monsters will now move before the room description is displayed, so the "you can see X monsters here" is actually accurate. There should be no other gameplay impact to this change.
  • The description of your own breasts now includes a more accurate description of how heavy they are, and also lets you know if they are currently on display.
  • Removed a feature that reduced the maximum your belly could hold when pregnant. This was frustrating for pregnant players as you could often faint from belly overflow when anally creampied whilst waiting to give birth and it didn't add anything meaningful or fun to the gameplay.
  • Added an experimental feature to reward pacifists who use strength as their dump stat. If the first time an enemy becomes aggressive, you successfully run away (not to the royal chambers) until they lose the will to chase you, a tracking variable is increased. Every three monsters you escape from in this way (remember, it only counts the first time you encounter each monster), you gain a bonus point in dexterity or intelligence, whichever is lower. This variable does not reset upon fainting, but some monsters may count as having been encountered in your previous lives.
  • Players with near maximum sex addiction can always successfully steel through orifice soreness in exchange for further intelligence loss. Furthermore, you can never lose your last point in intelligence through this choice, or through orgasms. Instead you stay at 1 intelligence, fucking and sucking to your heart's content, until the next external source causes you to permanently lose intelligence. Then, the next orgasm triggers the brainless bimbo game over unless you can find a way to increase your intelligence permanently before it. This should give slightly more viability to a carefully planned "fuck almost everything" strategy.
  • Added a new status line which does away with the compass to make more space, since most people use the map now. The top line is left completely free for super long titles, and the extra space is used to add a "sexuality" tracker which summarises your feelings towards sex (well, the kind of sex the game is trying to throw your way anyway). You can switch back to the old one in the settings if you prefer.
  • Royal guards can now take several turns to receive a blowjob
    • Submitting increases humiliation but resisting only has a 50% chance of getting the guard closer to finishing, so can take a lot longer.
    • The game flavour should make it obvious when the guard is going to climax next round.
    • Submitting in the final round of the blowjob results in a deepthroat cumshot. Can trigger gagging and puking if you don't have the right skill, and increases semen addiction.
    • Resisting in the final round makes him cum normally in your mouth and order you to swallow.
      • If you swallow, you increase humiliation and semen addiction.
      • If you spit, he punishes you by destroying a random worn item of clothing (but I guess if you play this really cleverly by removing everything you like, you could get rid of something you don't here. You clever slut.)
      • If bukkake fetish is enabled, there's a decent chance of instead receiving a facial, which can be dodged with dexterity. However a successful dodge results in the same punishment as above.
  • So, lots of new flavour text from MG:
    • Guard blowjob scenes
    • Aeromancer fuck scenes
    • Small bits for shopkeeper and gladiator
  • Also a bit of flavour for the demoness from Kat, a new contributor.

Release 6 Version 3.5

28 May 2015

Once again the majority is fixes, not new content. Sorry y'all, but we're slowly getting the game to a place where it could be considered remotely newbie friendly!

  • Danaume's Character Window:
    • Ass Size (but not hip width yet)
    • Pussy Gape & Soreness
    • Pubic hair that varies depending on lives left (can be varied and disabled in settings menu)
      • For some reason this defaults to "tidy & below" the first time you load the game, if you have an old preferred settings file. And I have no fucking idea why.
    • All character window base images have been massively reduced in resolution to reduce filesize and rendering lag (from ~4000 pixels high to ~1000 pixels high).
  • New male name option thanks to a donation
  • Hair colour decays a bit more slowly
  • Significantly reduced the chance each turn for your womb to 'consume' semen, and the chance of it consuming semen is a further halved when pregnancy fetish is enabled.
    • This should make it much more likely you'll get pregnant before your womb empties itself.
  • Fixed bug where referencing thighs resulted in the game saying "You can't see any such thing".
  • Fixed bug where the aeromancer did one final attack on you after inflicting you with the sex doll curse, instead of immediately becoming neutral.
  • Insertables can now only fall out when the player is upright, so get on your knees to self-inseminate when gaped.
  • Increased the clarity of the girls saying "You have 2 tries left after this one" to "You have 3 tries left" since it was confusing people.
  • Cleaning should now work properly
    • You should now be able to specify cleaning with finger/fingers, but you won't be allows if your semen addiction is too low.
    • You should now be able to specify nothing, and the game will automatically use fingers if your semen addiction is high enough.
  • Fixed issue with woods map going off the vertical edges of the screen
  • Fixed issue with extreme proportions fetish enabled and weight gain fetish disabled where ass size went up twice as fast as it should, and behaved weirdly upon fainting.
  • Fixed bug with princess throne scene where it didn't prompt you to press enter to continue.
  • Fixed bug where worn accessories would change their material type upon fainting.
  • Fixed bug where every now and then, two containers with the same name would appear in the same room.
  • Reduced the cost of the fishnet dress, leotard, blouse, fetish dress, maternity dress.
  • Reduced humiliation rating of tube top, monokini, cheerleader outfit, maternity dress, pink rubber dress.
  • Fixed bug where a corset worn above a dress could destroy the dress upon bursting.
  • Fixed a bug where items "of confidence" would only dampen humiliation gain if the item was a corset (which is rare, I know.)
  • Fixed a bug where the titles associated with being punished for losing your virginity after getting some bonus stats only occurred if your virgin penalty was -1 but not lower.
  • Fixed a bug where the father of your child could appear whilst somehow still asleep.
  • Added dynamic lines in the descriptions of all items of clothing so that if you examine them whilst worn, they will let you know what stats they are affecting, and to what vague degree of magnitude.
  • Examining clothing also gives you a much clearer idea now if it would be more or less humiliating to be wearing it, compared to being completely nude.
  • Only male players consider items found in chests "too girly".
  • A lot of modular code improvements:
    • Sensible modular mechanics are in place to determine how transparent an item of clothing is.
    • Sensible modular mechanics are in place to determine how short a skirt is.
    • Partially using the above, sensible modular mechanics are now in place to properly determine if the player has their breasts or crotch on display.
    • Overdresses as a whole have received the modular code treatment (this took for fucking ever). This is likely to have caused bugs, so please hunt them down and report them.
    • Headgear has had some more significant changes to the underlying code too, so again there may be bugs here.
  • Black drinks are now grey instead (because the game code can't currently handle a drink colour being the same name as a clothing colour, and now black blouses are coded properly).

Release 6 Version 3.4

16 May 2015

I've had lots of free time in the last few weekends, so I've had extra time to change a lot of stuff. This likely won't be true of the next few weekends, just to warn y'all. Expect no more than one update a week.

  • Fixed a bug where selecting "random start" caused the cheat detector algorithm to think you were cheating.
  • Fixed a bug where you could put cursed items into a container to remove them.
  • Cleaning body part coat is improved, now you can specify face, breasts or thighs. Use "clean [part] with [item]".
  • Wench no longer wants to take anything you have that has an in-built plug.
  • Minotaur will no longer interrupt resting on furniture in the cage room, whilst he is caged.
  • Minotaur will no longer return to the "caged" state if in the same location as you when you faint, unless it's the cage room.
  • Monsters will no longer lose the "can get you pregnant" flag when you first faint. Oops. Also fixed the error raised when the game tried to resent the potential parents list.
  • Halved the amount that existing humiliation reduces future humiliation gains, to make deciding whether to take the humiliating option a more difficult decision. And also so that it's less likely that the player is still finding some basic female clothing humiliating when the rest of their mental stats are well on their way to maximum bimbo.
  • To further increase the stakes of bimbo stats (and make them make more sense), sex addiction and semen addiction can both never be lower than 2/3rds of the other, and also can't be lower than 2/3rds of the overall bimbo score (both are rounded down). So once you start to hit proper bimbo levels where nearly all your character's reactions to the game are slutty (11+), your sex and semen addiction will be automatically at 7 - 8, which is going to start making you horny and you won't mind the taste of semen. However your permanent stats are not actually affected, this is counts as a temporary modifier. This means that
    • if you lose some significant temporary bimbo modifiers, these stats will go back down to their permanent values too, rather than being stuck at the higher values, and
    • it may take several increases to the permanent stat before you actually observe it increasing again, with regards to in-game flavour.
  • Nerfed hair colour, each type of hair colour reduces the relevant stat by 1 less than before. E.g. 1 point in blondeness does nothing, 3 points in blondeness (max) gives -2 to intelligence.
  • In this way, bimbo elements should be a bit less about directly reducing your main stats, and more about potential snowballing slutty attitudes.
  • Inflation fetish being disabled now has some changes, since so many people have been complaining about inflation style flavour still being in the game:
    • If inflation fetish is off, the aeromancer will no longer spawn.
    • If inflation fetish is off, dolls are now liquid filled rather than air filled. But the effect is the same, your boobs get bigger.
    • You can now tell if a doll is cum filled or not by examining it.
    • Some dolls are now female, but still have a penis! (There's no new images yet)
  • More MG written content:
    • Doll stuff
    • Wench sex flavour & description
    • Vines sex flavour
    • Fleshed out minotaur description
    • Fleshed out mannequin description
    • Throne illusion sex scene when you are the princess - can occur once per game, significantly increases intelligence but slightly increases semen addiction.

Release 6 Version 3.3

13 May 2015

  • Pink dungeon wall borders to make it easier to see where the exits are.
  • Gladiator no longer glitching when you fight when friendly, and repeatedly destroying all the clothing that exists in the game rather than the one you're wearing.
  • Lubricant is now applied to an orifice of your choice, and it makes that orifice a lot more slippery for 5 - 10 minutes.
    • Whilst slippery, the orifice has increased resistance against soreness and openness increases.
    • Toys will slip out much easier.
    • On the turn you apply lube, monsters are delayed.
    • Having a lubed up throat significantly reduces the chance of gagging and puking. It also gives you a 50% chance of successfully deepthroating the shopkeeper.
    • Lubricant dries up much faster when the orifice is used for sex.
  • As one of the main ways of decreasing existing orifice soreness has now gone away, I've tried to balance this by significantly increasing the rate at which orifice soreness decays. It's now once every 3 minutes instead of once every 8 minutes.
  • With watersports, keeping in line with the rest of the changes to humiliation where it is meant to only be caused by the player actively submitting to degrading situations, choosing not to drink pee is no longer humiliating. The other penalties still exist, i.e. hair colour change, and urine soaking your upper half clothing and the floor.
  • The game now tracks whose semen contributed to any body of semen that might eventually make it into your vagina, i.e. all semen in your belly and in vessels. In this way by using the squirt dildo and an open topped vessel, you can capture anal creampies and transfer them to your vagina in order to artificially inseminate yourself, if you desire.
  • I haven't fully tested this code yet and it was pretty extensive so I would be super surprised if there are no bugs right now.
  • Diapers now each have their own individual capacity, humiliation and price, and some even have unique effects (one causes incontinence pretty quickly if cursed, you'll have to find out which yourselves). The highest capacity diapers, when mostly full, will cause real issues when moving when standing, even without heels.
  • There is a new experimental command "long wait" which waits until something meaningful happens. It's very experimental in terms of what it stops waiting for and what it doesn't, so use it at your own risk.
  • The lake monster disappears after a long time.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs caused by me assuming the language parsed logic statements sensibly.

Release 6 Version 3.2

10 May 2015

There's probably lots of bugs as I haven't had a chance to properly test everything I did. I need to go to sleep now and I'll try and do a hotfix in the morning. But I wanted to get this out as I've done loads today and it's going to need a lot of testing!

  • Cheerleader outfit now allows you to use the "beg for mercy" command.
  • Gender can be chosen at the start of the game again.
  • Uncursed panties no longer act as if they were cursed, increasing hip size.
  • Orifice and soreness code rewritten
    • Gape used to mainly occur when something initially entered an orifice.
    • No items / NPCs except sex toys had a girth variable.
    • Now all things that go inside you, traps, monsters, etc. have a size number.
    • Chance of avoiding soreness increasing each turn of sex / prolonged insertion is affected by:
      • current orifice openness vs girth of insertion.
      • (if it's a monster) was the player submitting?
      • (if it's an intelligent monster) did the player successfully beg for mercy?
    • If the roll succeeds massively then soreness can go up twice.
    • Gape has a chance of increasing if the size of the insertion is larger or the same size as the current gape.
  • Gladiator no longer applies nipple piercings once taking you to max size. Instead, she'll try to apply them if you fight her again when she is friendly and lose. If you already have nipple piercings, she'll make you instantly faint as usual.
  • Sex and semen addiction can never be lower than 50% of the other one, to stop weird cases where you are obsessed with cocks but hate semen.
  • I actually put delayed humiliation on now, so you shouldn't have sentences interrupted for humiliation flavour.
  • MG text:
    • Royal guard has lots of varied lines for the time he's having sex with you.

Release 6 Version 3.1b

09 May 2015

EDIT: Hotfix 3.1b actually makes headgear period effects work again. Properly tested it this time! Also if anyone well versed in i7 can tell me why function instances with captial letters have a weird priority above functions without, or if that's not the case then why it seems to be, then I'd love to know!

Some quick fixes!

  • You can now use the fuck skill even if you have orgasmed recently.
  • Fetishes page now shows you only positive points accumulated on this page, rather than including subtractions from saved benefit options.
  • Hair increase function somehow had the actual "increase the hair length by 1 clause" disappear, whoops. This has been fixed.
  • Headgear spawning code had a tiny tiny typo that meant it would never spawn any clothing ever. Derp. This has been fixed.
  • Examining an item of clothing now informs the player in the case that the player would be fine wearing it if it wasn't soaked in bodily fluids.
  • Gave bras the same recoding treatment I gave headgear. Let me know if there are any bra bugs.
  • All cursed bras now have a chance of increasing in size over time, not just maternity and milk production ones.
  • All bras now have a set maximum size which they cannot grow over even when cursed, going over this size causes them to break. e.g. you can never end up with a training bra over C cup.
  • Fixed bug where the elixir of invigoration recipe wasn't actually coded into the craft system.
  • Fixed a bug where the wasp didn't change locations.

Release 6 Version 3.0

08 May 2017

  • Fixed double speech bug
  • New lighter blank map tile to try and make dungeon doorways slightly more clear
    • Map is bigger to make this even more clear
    • It's still not perfect but I think this improves things. I still found it difficult to make out at first but after a couple of hours of play I was used to it.
  • Room descriptions will now only appear once per game, unless you type "verbose".
  • Vines should now always appear in the woods map when appropriate.
  • Tentacle monster icon in lake should now show up properly.
  • Cursed crotch covering clothing now prevents the fuck skill
  • Removing any item of clothing (not just crotch covering) delays monsters for a turn. It is only humiliating if it is a crotch covering item.
  • Fixed bug with humiliation flavour where the player was always unsure if they were pregnant.
  • With latex prisoner, heels will now be posture training and catsuit will never be.
  • Ripped diapers can now be removed even when incontinent.
  • Fetish and points options are automatically saved and used as default for the next game.
  • The new "quick start" option uses these saved choices.
  • The option "random start" replaces the old "quick start".
  • TG fetish sex change now takes place immediately when your real life penis hits 0, rather than when you next faint.
  • TG fetish no longer forbids you from setting an in-game minimum penis size; if your penis is at this minimum size then your real life penis keeps shrinking to 0 and in this way acts as a timer towards TG.
  • 'Game over' is now caused by fainting 4 times. It is still disabled for now (you can keep playing). Money earnings is still a feature but will only be used for determining end score and epilogue.
  • Prologue has been edited (especially the male version) to make a bit more sense considering how different the game is now from when it was first written.
  • A male at the start of the game will now express a bit more initial disbelief that they're meant for him when examining clothing (until he first wears some).
  • A few more verbs that newbie players commonly attempt to use are understood by the parser and the player is advised on alternatives.
  • All uncursed bras except the metal bra can now be pulled aside to get milked on the bench. Maternity bras are still slightly better, as they can be opened even if cursed.
  • Fixed a bug where wetting yourself in the royal bed sometimes didn't actually empty your bladder.
  • A lot of clothing code, most notably headgear, has been massively recoded in a more sensible fashion but intended to function almost exactly the same (except you will now frequently have outfit pieces spawn at the same time as hair changes). Let me know if any bugs have appeared.
  • Sex addict has been renamed "natural horny submissive" for greater clarity for newbies. It gives 2 less sex addiction than before and gives 1 less point You no longer require an orgasm instantly, but instead it starts after about 7 minutes of in-game time.
  • Masturbation now keeps horniness at bay for almost double as long but the time duration after becoming horny before you can masturbate safely has gone up.
  • The chastity cage/belt no longer makes horniness return faster, this was unbalanced. Also, if blessed, it prevents you becoming horny over time (other game effects can still make you horny). Orgasming for any reason when you have a blessed chastity cage/belt makes it instantly become cursed instead.
  • You can now masturbate 'through' cursed underwear if it is made of a thin fabric (e.g yes for cotton, silk, mesh; no for latex, metal, leather).
  • Fixed a bug where every time the humiliation level of a worn tongue piercing was checked, it triggered an error (the code was trying to check if the player was wearing a latex hood, but it was coded incorrectly).
  • More awesome flavour text from MG:
    • Gladiator text including: when she becomes aggressive to a male player, when she's friendly, watersports scene for male players, oral sex and watersports scenes for the fuck skill.
    • Royal guard watersports scene
    • Witch text including: when she does nothing, when she trips you, when she spawns a corset, when she spawns heels, when she spawns a ballgag, when she spawns anklecuffs, when she blocks your path, when preventing the player from standing up.
    • Wench oral sex scenes for the fuck skill, lots of variation depending on penis size.
    • Wench text when the player kneels.

Release 6 Version 2.8

15 April 2015

Edit 2: I've had a hectic day and haven't been able to fix the major bugs yet. Sorry guys. Stay tuned and look out for an update in 24 - 48 hours.

Edit: multiple reports of crashes. I recommend not bothering with a serious play through until I can have a look tomorrow.

  • New map graphics! Thanks Danaume for all your hard work.
  • Fixed issue with cow print bikini bra sometimes being nipple exposing
  • Fixed issue with demoness not becoming friendly if you have high enough heels
  • You can now wear trousers with dresses that have skirts
  • Fixed issue where dropping a worn orifice plugging item of clothing would remove it from the inventory but not tell the game that it was no longer inside you.
  • Issue orgasming and the P10 error hadn't been fixed properly; now it has. Grr this error.
  • For donators, the work in progress character window now has anal openness and soreness.

Slime girl NPC is still in progress, I'll make a blog post about how you encounter her and what she does soon.