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Commands are phrases the player types into the interpreter to control the players actions throughout the game (usually). Some commands need certain objects to work, while some commands work all by themselves. Most of the commands in the game should be listed on this page.

Temporary NOTE: If the name of the command isn't bold, its probably outdated and you should take it with a grain of salt.

General Commands

These are simple commands that you, the user, can use to control your gameplay experience. They generally don't have many rules.


  • This shortens room descriptions so they only take up a little bit of the screen.


  • This reverses the effects of the brief command.


  • restarts the game(including startmenus)
  • not to be confused with "faint," which merely resets the dungeon
  • Has a yes/no confirmation


  • saves the game on your local hard drive
    • by default, the name will be whatever you named your trapquest file.


  • Loads/restores a previously saved game
    • Be wary that the version the game was saved in must also be the version that it is loaded into
  • Has a yes/no confirmation

Q / Quit

  • closes the game
  • Has a yes/no confirmation

Z / Wait

  • waits one turn
  • passes 6 seconds of time.
  • Functions the same as "submit" during rapes.
  • If the player is lighter than air and floating, they will be given a yes/no confirmation to wait until they have deflated enough to stop.
  • Likewise, if the player is stuck on a dildo pole or an ass hook, the player can choose to wait until something changes. (Usually this means they keep waiting until they faint)

M / Map

  • Provides the player with a map of previously visited rooms
  • If the player is using the "map on left" preset, then this command will reset the map in the event something causes it to disappear

I / Inv / Inventory

  • Lists all items held and worn by the player
  • Marks worn items by adding "(worn)" behind the item name


  • Lists the player's remembered recipes


  • Toggles the player's visual inventory

hide inventory window

  • Disables the inventory window

display loot

  • Causes the inventory window to display loot only.

display clothing

  • Causes the inventory window to display clothing only.

display summary

  • causes the inventory window to display a summary of its contents

display full inventory

  • enables the inventory window in its entirety.

quests / recall quests

  • lsts any and all clothing and wisp quests you currently have, as well as a few other major quests that you might have going on, such as the Doom Quest or (for beta testers) Extra Credit predicament.

inventory window

  • toggles the item window at the top of the screen.

Zoom Map

  • Increases the "resolution" of the visual map

Dezoom Map/Unzoom Map

  • Decreases the "resolution" of the visual map.

What Do These Buttons Do

  • Temporarily disables the effects of GUI buttons (allowing the user to click on the buttons to get an explanation of the button's effect)


  • Allows the player to change their GUI settings.

Graphical Location Window

  • Changes the location of the main window

previous inventory page

  • Changes the "page" for the item window at the top of the screen.

next inventory page

  • Has the same effect as the "previous" version of this command, but moves to the right instead of to the left.

graphical inventory window

  • enables the graphical inventory focus window

graphical clothing window

  • enables the graphical clothing window

list craftables

  • Creates a list of crafting items the player is carrying.

list blessables

  • Creates a list of worn or carried blessable clothing. Also includes tattoos.

items/list inventory

  • Creates a list of all worn or carried clothing and collectibles.

clothing/list clothing

  • Creates a list of all worn or carried clothing

accessories/list accessories/jewelery/list jewlery

  • Creates a list of all worn jewelery.

edibles/list edibles/list good/list vans

  • Creates a list of all edible items and drinks in the player's inventory.

loot/list loot/list collectibles

  • Creates a list of all alchemy products and non-alchemical collectibles in the player's inventory

tattoo/list tattoo/list tattoos

  • Creates a list of tattoos the player has.


  • Describes the current status of all the player's addictions.


  • Creates a list of all known skills, memorized recipes and memorized Spells.

Simple Commands

Short commands that require no arguments.


  • Causes the player to wait for 6 seconds.
  • If the player is flying, stuck on a dildo, trapped by an ass hook, Blindfolded, in Detention or in the Hole in the Wall, the player will be crompted to "long wait" instead.
  • If the player is getting fucked by a monster, counts as "Submit".
  • See Waiting

Long Wait

  • Causes the player to wait for several turns in a row
  • Can't be used when immobile (unless the player is flying, stuck on a dildo, trapped by an ass hook, Blindfolded, in Detention or in the Hole in the Wall)
  • Cannot be used while being fucked by a monster.
  • cannot be used in the Extra Credit Zone
  • If the player is standing, they will be warned that they will gain fatigue, then prompted to continue.
  • Once activated, creates a prompt for a number. The "wait" will last the specified number of turns.
  • Player will also be asked if they want to stop when friendly monsters are nearby. (If there is already a monster in the room, you may need to use this command twice if you answer yes.)
  • See Waiting


  • Waits until the player is fully rested, unless interrupted.
  • This command will fail if
  • If the player is being fucked by a monster, counts as "Resist"
  • Has a yes/no confirmation
  • See "Kneel on X"

Faint/I like Pineapple Pizza/I Like Pineapple On Pizza/Pineapple Pizza/Pineapple

  • Causes the player to say their "safe word" and faint
  • Has a yes/no confirmation

N/ North; E/ East; S/ South; W/ West; D/ Down; U/ Up

  • Moves the player in the chosen direction, if possible
  • Hostile monsters (except in unique cases like with the fairies) have a chance to prevent the player from moving under the following conditions
    • Player is kneeling
    • Player is wearing something that makes them move slowly, such as a hobble dress or anklecuffs.
    • Player has a large belly
    • Player is wearing heels of a height that exceeds their heel skill.
    • The chance will increase depending on the player's dexterity, and the number of monsters in the room.
  • If the player is kneeling, they will be unable to use the "up" command
  • If the player is being fucked, this command functions the same as "resist"
    • If the player is being fucked by vines, they must manually enter "resist"


  • Sets the "remembered" room to the current location of the player
  • By default, the "remembered" room will be the Royal Chambers
  • If used in conjunction with a recipe, functions differently


  • Moves the player in the direction of a "remembered" room.
  • This command is otherwise the same as all other movement commands, except the player does not "choose" the direction in which they move.


  • Changes the player's status from "standing" to "kneeling"
  • This command will fail if
    • Player is already kneeling
    • Player is stuck on a dildo trap, hook trap, or wooden horse trap.
    • Player is sitting on the throne.
    • Player is Immobile
    • Player is in the middle of using the Gloryhole
    • An aggressive monster is nearby
    • If the player's Fatigue is maxed out, they can still kneel
  • Has a yes/no confirmation if the player is trying to kneel in a location filled with pink smoke
  • Has a yes/no confirmation if the player is trying to kneel in a location covered in sticky Glue
    • Player will automatically aggree to this confirmation if their bimbo score is high enough.
  • See Kneeling





  • Causes the player to jump
  • Used to escape dildo and spinning dildo traps.
    • The player must win a roll that pits their dexterity against their fatigue, body soreness, and weight.
  • This command will fail if
  • If the player is wearing Pom-Poms, the player will cheer!
  • Causes the player Pain if their Breast size exceeds 16 (KK cup)


  • Pays for items taken from the shopkeeper
  • Will fail if:
    • player does not have enough jewelry to pay for the specified item.
    • the player is not in the Dungeon Shop
    • The shopkeeper is not nearby


  • If successful, initiates masturbation.
  • This command will fail if
  • If the player recently came from masturbating or they have the Lock It Tattoo, and they are not wearing a chastity bond, they will be warned that a chastity item may show up, then prompted to continue.
  • if the player has a penis and there is something covering the player's penis, they will be warned that they they will cum in their clothes, then prompted to continue.
  • If the player is only able to masturbate through anal masturbation, they will be warned and then prompted to continue.
    • Otherwise, the player will be prompted to masturbate anally if they have the skill.
      • Player will agree automatically if their Bimbo Score exceeds a certain level.
  • If the player's penis is too soft for masturbation, and they haven't decided to masturbate anally, they will be prompted to continue.
  • Takes 6 seconds.


  • Empties the player's bladder.
  • This command will fail if
    • The player does not have genitals.
  • See Urination


  • Causes the player to swallow] whatever is currently in their mouth
  • fails if the player is currently being deepthroated.
  • takes 3 seconds.


  • Causes the player to spit out whatever is currently in their mouth
  • fails if anything is occupying the player's mouth.
  • takes 3 seconds.

Squat/Expel/Expel Creampie/Expel Enema/Squat Down/Poo/Poop

  • Causes the player to expell the contents of their belly (like Eggs).
  • takes 6 seconds.
  • severely humiliating
  • This command will fail if:
    • The player has an active expelling trophy
    • The player has maxed Semen Addiction and any semen in their belly.
    • The player has 16 or more [[Semen Addiction, any semen in their belly, and they are not cramping from holding in their creampie.
    • There is nothing in the player's belly.
    • Something is penetrating the player's ass
    • The player's Latex Curse has progressed to level 5 or higher.
    • Player is stuck in the Hole In the Wall or they are Blindfolded
  • If there is something covering the player's asshole, they will be prompted before they can continue.
  • If there is a toilet nearby, the player will be prompted to use that instead.

Breath/Breathe/Hold Breath/Hold My Breath/Hold Breathe/Hold My Breathe

  • causes the player to stop or start holding their breath
  • See Suffocation


  • Requires the Invoke skill.
  • If the player is NOT a Cultist (Class), causes a random blessable item or clothing in the player's inventory to become Blessed.
    • Fails if there is nothing to bless
  • if the player IS a Cultist (Class), causes a random curseable item or clothing in the player's inventory to become Cursed.
    • Fails if there is nothing to curse
  • Fails if the Dark Altar's charge is less than 200.

Beg/Mercy/Beg for Mercy

  • Requires the Beg skill, the Sissy class or the Cheerleader class.
  • This command fails if:
    • Player is not being fucked
    • Player is having Requested Sex.
    • Something is penetrating the player's mouth.
    • Player is not able to speak
  • See Begging
  • Takes 6 seconds.

Strut/Strutting/Slut It Up


These commands are simplified version of semi-complex commands

Slap/Punch/Hit/Slash/Slash at/Swipe/Scratch/Thrust/Swing at/sa/sl

  • Causes the player to Slap the nearest monster (prioritizing aggressive monsters first)
  • fails if no monsters are nearby.
  • See "Slap X"


  • Causes the player to Knee the nearest monster (prioritizing aggressive monsters first)
  • fails with no monsters nearby.
  • See "Knee X"


  • Causes the player to Kick the nearest monster (prioritizing aggressive monsters first)
  • fails with no monsters nearby.
  • See "Kick X"


  • Causes the player to drink something in their inventory
  • fails if there is nothing to drink
  • See "Drink X"


  • Causes the player to pick up something nearby.
  • Fails if there is nothing to take.
  • See "Take X"


  • Causes the player to wear something in a nearby container.
  • If there is no nearby container with clothes in it, the player will try to wear something on the ground instead
  • Fails if there is nothing nearby to wear
  • See "Wear X"


  • Causes the player to open the nearest container.
  • Fails if there is nothing nearby to open.
  • See "Open X"

Talk/Greet/Converse/Speak/Say/Say hi/Say hello

  • Causes the player to talk to the nearest intelligent monster.
  • If nothing intelligent is nearby, the player will try to talk to unintelligent monsters instead.
  • Fails if there are no monsters nearby to talk to.
  • See "Talk X"

Suck penis/Suck cock/Suck dick/offer tongue/present tongue/offer blowjob/suggest tongue/suggest blowjob

  • Causes the player to offer their mouth for sex.
  • See "Present X" and "Present X to Y"

Mop/Lick Puddle/Lick floor/lick ground/drink puddle/slurp puddle/slurp up puddle/clean puddle/clean mess/mop puddle/mop mess/clean room/mop room/spray room/spray puddle/spray mess/mop up puddle

  • Causes the player to clean up the room using their mouth.
    • If the player has the Pink Spraybottle equipped, they will use that instead.
      • If the player is thirsty or there is semen on the floor and the player is craving cum, they will still clean up with their mouth.
  • See "Clean Puddle With X"

Semi Complex Commands

These commands require the player to provide a target first.

Use X

Bandage With X/Bandage Self With X

  • Uses a bandage.
  • Fails if "X" is not a bandage
  • Fails if the player's Body Soreness is 0.
  • Fails if the player is immobile or there is an aggressive monster nearby.

Cast X

Climb X

  • Used to climb the ladder in the Mysterious White Wall

Climb Through X/Climb Into X/Crawl Into X/Climb in X/Crawl in X/Crawl Through X

Craft X/Brew X/Craft With X/Do Alchemy With X/Perform Alchemy With X

  • Tries to perform alchemy on an item
  • Fails if:
    • There is no crafting bowl nearby
    • Player is not carrying "X"
    • "X" is a bottle and the player is [[Manual Dexterity|not able to use their hands
    • "X" is a bottle and there is nothing in it.
    • Player is kneeling
    • The glowing bowl is on cooldown/not glowing.
    • "X" is not a valid ingredient.
  • See Alchemy

Bang X/Dominate X/Fuck X

  • Allows the player to take advantage of Barbara when she is bound to a bar stool.
    • Rules are the same for Dominant Sex using the player's penis (or a strapon)
  • Allows the player to bully pacified or caged monsters
  • Fails if the player is kneeling.
  • Previously, was used to initiate Dominant Sex with certain monsters.

Eat X/Swallow X/Consume X/Bite X/Unwrap X/mm X/mmm X/yum X

Eat Condom From X/Drink Condom From X/Bite Condom From X/Eat Condom Off X/Drink Condom Off X/Bite Condom Off X/Eat Condom On X/Drink Condom On X/Bite Condom On X

Open X

  • Opens a container or the Pink Wardrobe in the Royal Chambers.
  • If "X" is a Christmas Gift, unwraps it instead.
  • Fails if:
    • Player is in any way immobile
    • "X" is already open
  • If the player knows "X" is trapped, they will be warned and then prompted to continue
    • The player may open "X" automatically, depending on Bimbo Score.
  • If the Delicateness of the player is 2 or higher, the player will search for traps first (if "X" hasn't been searched already)
    • If the player finds a trap, they will stop.
    • Takes an additional turn
  • if "X" isn't the pink wardrobe, progresses the Trap Braving Quest

Examine X/Look X/x X

  • Examines just about anything, including the player theirself
  • Activates the Dark Scroll given by the Herald. See "Cast X"
  • Functions the same as "Search" when used on a Container
    • If the player has a bimbo score of 12 or higher and their Bust Size exceeds 6, the command "examine chest" will cause the player to examine their breasts instead!

Search X

Squirt X/Squeeze X

Talk X/Talk to X/Talk With X/Speak X/Speak to X/Speak With X/Chat X/Chat To X/Chat With X

Drink X/Suck X/Gulp X/Suck on X/Gulp From X/Drink From X/dr X/dri X

Pull X

Take X/ta X/t X

  • Takes an item.
  • Taking an item from the Dungeon Shop and leaving without paying for it can get the player in trouble with the Guards, as well as the Shopkeeper.

Wear X/Wield X/we X/wr X/wea X/waer X/wera X

  • Wears a piece of clothing or jewelry
  • If "X" is already on, tries to remove it instead. See "Remove X"
  • If "X" is not in the player's inventory, the player will pick it up first.
  • Fails if:
    • "X" is not wearable.
    • "X" is a tattoo or "X" is a piercing
    • "X" is a Salve
    • Player is immobile
    • "X" is not in the player's inventory and there is an aggressive monster nearby.
      • Also wastes the player's turn
    • Player is in the middle of an assembly
  • See Wearing Clothing

Remove X/rm X

Unplug X/Pull X

Unzip X/Pull Zip on X/Pull Zip On X/Pull Zip On X Down

  • Causes the player to unzip a piece of clothing.
  • Fails if :
    • "X" is not zippable
    • "X" is not equipped
    • "X" is not clothing
    • "X" is not covering an orifice or "X" is already unzipped
    • Player has reached level 8 of the latex sex doll tranformation
    • "X" is underneath something
  • Takes 2 seconds

Zip X/Rezip X/Pull Up Zip On X/Pull Zip On X Up

  • Causes the player to re-zip an unzipped piece of clothing
  • Fails if :
    • "X" is not zippable
    • "X" is not equipped
    • "X" is not clothing
    • "X" is covering an orifice or "X" is already zipped
    • Player has reached level 8 of the latex sex doll tranformation
    • "X" is underneath something
    • There is an aggressive monster nearby
    • Player is wearing a Zip It Tattoo
  • Takes 2 seconds

Stand on X/Stand in X/Enter X/Sit on X/Mount X/Kn On X/Kneel on X/Sleep in X/sl in X/sl on X/rest in X/sleep on X/lie on X/rest on X/re on X/re in X/nap on X/recover on X/lie in X'

Drop X

  • Drops an item of clothing or jewelry
    • Will remove the named item if it is currently being worn. See "Remove X".
  • Fails if:
  • If "X" is an Egg and the player is in a room with a toilet.
    • Allows the player to destroy an egg by flushing it down the toilet
    • Also gives the player the option to destroy all of their eggs at once.
  • If "X" is headgear
    • Disappears after being dropped.

Browse X/Skim X

  • Allows the player to read Category:PocketBooks
  • if "X" is a recipe, the player will just look at it.
  • Fails if:
    • Player is immobile
    • There is an aggressive monster nearby
    • The Intelligence of the player is 4 or less
    • "X" is not equipped and the player does not have an open equippable slot
  • If "X" is not equipped, automatically equips it.
    • Takes an extra turn
    • The player will be interrupted if an aggressive monster shows up or they become immobile after equipping the book.
  • Takes 6 seconds

Displace X/Move X/Move aside X/Move X Aside/Pull aside X/Pull X aside/Pull Up X/Pull X Up/Shift X/Shift X Aside/Shift Aside X/Hike X/Hike Up X/Hike X Up/Pull Down X/Pull Open X/Unbutton X

  • Moves a crotch-blocking item aside
  • If "X" is already pulled aside, replaces it instead.
  • Fails if:
    • "X" is not clothing
    • "X" is not displacable
      • Note that clothing can be "top" or "bottom" displaced.
  • Takes 4 seconds.
  • See Displacing & Replacing

Replace X/Adjust X/Fix X/Unmove X/Pull Up X/Pull X Closed/Button X

  • Moves a crotch-blocking item back into place
  • Automatically decides which clothing section to replace, if multiple parts of "X" are displaced.
  • Fails if:
    • Player is wearing a Tail Plug
    • "X" is not clothing
    • Player is not wearing "X"
    • "X" isn't displaced
    • Player has reached level 8 of the latex sex doll transformation
    • There is a nearby aggressive monster.
    • Player is wearing Gape Gloves and they are stuck in place
    • Player is trying to replace the crotch section and any of the following are true:
    • Player is trying to replace the top section and any of the following are true:
    • Player is wearing Gape Gloves and they are stuck in place
  • See Displacing & Replacing

Pee in X/Piss in X/Urinate in X/Pee into X/Piss Into X/Urinate in X/Urinate into X/wee in X/Wee into X/pp X

  • Causes the player to urinate in the named vessel
  • Also used for peeing into Pedestals
  • Fails if:
    • "X" is not open-topped
    • Player is immobile or there is an aggressive monster nearby
    • The Bladder level of the player is 3 or less.
    • Player is not disgraced and there is an intelligent monster nearby.
    • Player is kneeling
  • If the player is wearing urination-blocking clothing, they will be warned and then prompted if they want to continue
  • If "X" has something in it already and it's not urine, player will be warned and prompted if they want to continue
  • If the player's Urine Taste Addiction is high enough, has a chance to summon the Drink Me Tattoo
  • Empties the player's bladder
  • Adds 1 dose to "X" for every "2" units in the player's bladder.
  • See Urination

Push X

Slap X

Knee X

Kick X

Wash in X/shower in X/swim in X/shower under X/clean myself with X/clean me with X/shower with X/wash in X/shower X/wash with X/bathe in X/bathe with X/Enter X

Poke X/Awake X/Wake X

  • causes the player to poke an npc
  • takes 2 seconds
  • if "X" is sleeping:
  • if "X" is not sleeping:
    • ends "X"'s boredom
    • makes "X" lose 1 favor.
    • makes "X" notice the player.

Mend X/Repair X/Patch X/Patch Up X/Mend X/Fix X

Purify X

Drop X Into Well/Wish with X/Wish X

Memorise X/Memorize X/Remember X/Learn X/Commit X to memory/le X/mem X/re X/rem X

  • Causes the player to memorize a recipe
  • Fails if:
    • X is not a Recipe
    • Player already memorized X
    • An aggressive monster is nearby
    • Player is not a SchoolGirl and the result of the following formula is less than 4:
  • takes 6 seconds

Clean Puddle with X/X puddle/Mop Up Puddle With X/Clean Mess With X/Clean With X/clean room with X/clean cum with X/clean semen with X/clean piss with X/clean urine with X/clean milk with X

  • Causes the player to mop up any puddles in room.
  • Fails if:
    • "X" is not the player's mouth or the Pink Spraybottle
    • Player is flying
    • Player is not upright
    • There is no semen, piss or urine on the floor in the room.
    • If "X" is the Pink Spraybottle and any of the following are true:
      • there is an aggressive monster nearby
      • "X" is not equipped
    • If "X" is the player's mouth, they are not a Maid and they are not a Catgirl and any of the following are true:
  • See Mopping

Adjust X

Unlock X/Unlock X with key

  • Causes the player to unlock a locked piece of clothing
  • Fails if:
    • "X" is not clothing
    • "X" is not locked
    • Player does not have the relevant key (or a Skeleton Key)
    • There is an aggressive monster nearby
  • takes 6 seconds
  • If the player is unlucky, the player will drop the key.
  • destroys the relevant key.
  • Frees Barbara and Berri from their toilet predicament. (if the player has the Skeleton Key
  • See Bondage.


Seduce X/Appease X/Placate X


These commands automatically find additional information

Fill X/Dip X

Brush X

  • "X" should be a piece of glued clothing.
  • Attempts to rub the glue from "X" onto a non-sticky piece of clothing in the player's inventory.
  • Fails if there is nothing to rub the glue onto.

Present X/Offer X/Spread X/Suggest X/Display X/Put penis in X/Put cock in X/Put dick in X/take penis in X/take cock in X/take dick in X

  • Causes the player to suggest a nearby npc use "X" for sex.
  • Selects a random nearby npc to offer "X" to. In priority order:
    • Interested unfriendly Monsters that are willing to use "X" (that does not mean they will actually use it)
    • Interested unfriendly monsters in general
    • Interested monsters that are willing to use "X" (again, there is no guarantee they will use it)
    • Interested monsters in general
    • Any monster
  • Fails if:
    • "X" is not a body part
    • "X" is not currently presentable
    • if there are no nearby monsters
    • If the selected monster is caged
    • If the selected monster is already having sex with the player
  • See "Present X to Y"
  • See Presenting.

Suck off X/Give X blowjob/Give X head/Offer X tongue/Offer X blowjob/offer tongue to X/offer blowjob to X/offer mouth to X/offer face to X/present tongue to X/present blowjob to X/present mouth to X/present tongue to X/suggest blowjob to X/suggest mouth to X/bj X

  • Causes the player to suggest their mouth to "X" for sex.
  • See "Present X to Y"

Spritz X/Squirt X/Febreeze X/Spray X/Shoot X/spz X

Complex Commands

Commands that take 2 or more arguments.

Clean X with Y/Wipe X with Y

  • Cleans the named body part with the named item
    • If the clothing is made of a latex or metal, this command will fail
    • Obviously, if the player cannot reach the named piece of clothing, this command will fail
    • Depending on their semen addiction, the player may refuse this command if they have nothing to wipe with, or if "Y" is fingers
    • If the player has a high enough bimbo, they will refuse to clean their face because they "deserve to be covered in it"

Use X on Y/Fill X with Y

  • Uses an item on room furniture
    • Generally, this means a liquid vessel to be used on a tank or bucket.
  • Uses lubricant on a named orifice.
    • Obviously, will not succeed if there is something in it already.
    • Using lube near an aggressive npc is a submissive action

Place X on Y

  • Places one item on room furniture
  • Fails if used on anything that isn't a summoning portal or an altar.
  • Used on altars
    • Placing the player on the dungeon altar will result in a small bonus
    • Placing items on the dungeon altar will improve their BUC status.
    • Placing items on the dungeon altar will also put it on cooldown
      • While on cooldown, placing items on the dungeon altar will degrade BUC status
    • Placing jewelry on the woods altar will randomly improve the BUC status of items in the player's inventory.
    • If there are items in the room, but not in the player's inventory, there is a small chance it will affect them as well.
    • The altar will affect more or less items depending on the quality of jewelry placed on it.
    • The elder altar will destroy any item that has been placed on it
    • If the player knows the Invoke skill, the elder altar will instead curse or bless items that have been placed on it, for cultists and normal players respectively.
    • Placing the "me" or the "player" on the altar will result in a scene where the altar rapes the player
    • Using the elder altar will speed up the progress of the Doom Quest.
  • Used on summoning portals
    • Usually destroys the item and increases the portal's countdown
    • May decrease the countdown instead, depending on what is offered
    • Items with bodily fluids on them will usually be more effective

Plug X with Y/Insert Y in X

  • Plugs the named orifice with the named object
  • The player may refuse to perform this command depending on the openness of that orifice, and their current humiliation level

Suggest X to Y

  • Presents the named orifice to a specified monster

Give X to Y/Present X with Y/Present X to Y

  • Gives the named item to the named NPC.
  • Obviously, requires the item to be in the room or in the inventory

Put X in Y

  • Puts an item into a piece of furniture, like the wardrobe or a chest
  • If the named furniture is a bucket or a tank, functions the same as the "Fill X with Y" command.
  • If the named item is an orifice, functions as "Plug X with Y"

Wash X in Y/Shower X in Y/Clean X in Y

  • washes a piece of clothing in water, such as the lake or the waterfall
  • The player will refuse to perform this command if the tentacle monster has appeared in the lake
  • Cleans the item of non-water liquids
  • Will not attract the tentacle monster in the lake

Debug commands

Debug commands are walled behind donator passwords, and usually require the player to be in "Debug mode" in order to be activated.

Undo Command

  • Enabled for the $5+ donators to the game.
  • As the name implies it resets the last action the you took (random rolls will not be the same if the action calling for one is repeated)
  • An "Action" regarding undo is anything successfully typed into the console, not just time-consuming actions.
  • It can reset up to 10 turns consecutively

Debug Command

Debug Mode is toggled by the Debug command (enabled for $10+ donators). unlocks several new things, including 'debug information' and several new commands (see below). In Debug Mode, the player is able to present themself for use and wear any clothing regardless of Humiliation level. The player is also able to purloin and successfully wear tattoos.

Debug Information shown:
  • Shows room generation after fainting
  • Reveals "interruption checks" when the player is resting
  • Shows the time for "interest" reset on hostile monsters that are chasing the player
  • Shows damage calculation and monster health when the player is in combat with a monster
  • Shows dexterity checks against monster attacks
  • Shows intelligence checks for examining chests and basic containers
    • Will also show whether or not a container in the room is trapped
  • Shows fatigue gain and loss
  • Shows dexterity check and "fluid" check against the tentacle monster in the lake
  • The status bar at the top gives you actual numbers rather than vague phrases


Debug Mode Commands
Command Effect
dirtycheater You can use dirtycheater to enable cheat commands without getting all the debug text each turn that Aika uses to help hunt down bugs.
update donators file to use donator features on an existing old save
update donators password allows the player to update their donator password.
Gonear x Teleports The Player to Item or NPC.
  • "x" Equals name of Item or NPC.
Showme x Shows various details and stats of Item/NPC/Clothing.
  • "x" Equals name of Item/NPC/Clothing.
Purloin x Adds Item/NPC/Clothing to inventory/Room.
  • "x" Equals name of Item/NPC/Clothing.
Item Causes a random item (normally found in chests) to materialize in the same room as the player
Brain Increases intelligence by 1.
Bulge Increases the semen volume of the player's belly by 1. See Belly Size.
Swell Increases breast size by 1.
Gape Increases anal openness and vaginal openness by 1 (if the player has a vagina.)
Ruin Increases anal soreness by 1.
Paint Increases make up. If used when makeup is at 3, sets makeup to 0.
Stupify Decreases intelligence by 1
Anaconda Increases hip size by one step until maxed.
Bukkake Squirts 20 semen units on your face.
Jizz on [noun] Soaks 20 semen units on the body part or clothing of your choice.
Pearl necklace Squirts 1 semen on your breasts
  • If semen coating is maxed, resets it to 0.
Sticky feeling Squirts 1 semen on your thighs
  • If semen coating is maxed, resets it to 0.
Withdrawal method Squirts 1 semen on your belly
  • If semen coating is maxed, resets it to 0.
Hyper weapon Increases penis size.
mini weapon Decreases penis size. (Does not display the shrinkage flavour text that occurs when penis shrinkage is due to shameful orgasm. Will not trigger male to female sex change).
Clumsy me Forces The Player to trip. TQv9.5.5
Rapunzel Increase your Hair length by 1.
Haircut Decrease your Hair length by 1.
Susan Wayland Immediately grants maximum heel skill. If Heel Skill is already at maximum, resets it to 0.
Cow time Injects 8 units of milk into your breasts. May cause Breasts to enlarge.
Me so horny/Turn me on Significantly increases arousal of the Player (8000 units) and progresses time.
Jack me in Gives the player all skills.
Show me the money Adds solid gold jewellery to all open slots. TQv9.2.4
Wear me out Sets body soreness, anal soreness, vagina soreness(if applicable) and fatigue to maximum. TQv9.2.1
Orgasm/Make me cum Cause a shameful anal orgasm
I have the power Gain 1 magic power capacity and refresh usable magic power. TQv9.5.1
This isn't even my final form Heal self. Recovers Health, Fatigue and removes Soreness.
Set [stat] Set [stat] then specify value. Stats include:
  • strength
  • dexterity
  • intelligence
  • humiliation
  • delicateness
  • urine addiction
  • creampie addiction
  • diaper addiction
  • anal sex addiction
  • vagina sex addiction
  • titfuck addiction
  • oral sex addiction
  • semen addiction
  • sex addiction TQv13.2.0
    • Sex addiction, oral sex addiction, vaginal sex addiction, anal sex addiction, titfuck addiction and (if enabled) interracial sex addiction is now all set with a single command: 'set sex addiction'
  • taste addiction TQv13.2.0
    • Setting your semen / milk / urine taste addiction is now all done with the single command set taste addiction
  • breast sensitivity TQv12.4.0
set incontinence Sets players incontinence. Prompts for a value between 0 and 10. (Replaces old damp feeling command)
Toilet time Makes The Player need to use the loo.
Balloon Inflates Breasts, Belly and Hips with 3 air each.
Freeze hair Prevent hair changes. (repeat command to unlock hair) TQv7.3.5
Knock me up with [noun] Brings The Player immediately to full-term pregnancy with the target's child. TQv9.5.0
Fuck my shit up Applies all appropriate tattoos onto The Player.
Pin condom on [noun] Pins used condom on clothing. TQv9.5.1
Shower time Covers The Player in either milk, urine or semen. (fetish permitting)
Superhero Makes The Player a busty Superheroine.
  • Any Clothes The Player is wearing are ripped off.
  • Increases the player's breast size until either:
    • Player has a bust rating of 15 (KK-cup) or their bust size is maxed out, whichever is sooner.
  • (if diaper fetish is enabled) A diaper appears on The Player.
    • The diaper's BUC status is random.
  • A piece of superheroine wear. (a superheroine top or a superheroine outfit)
  • Gives The Player the "No panties" and "Super short skirts" fetishes.
  • Resets Humiliation to 0.
Fetish model Turns The Player into a Latex Fetish Model.
  • All currently worn Clothes are destroyed.
  • The Player is then clothed in cursed latex clothing and bondage gear, similar to the "Encased in Latex" fetish.
Blow me up Initiate or progress the Latex curse which transforms The Player into a Sex Doll.
The chosen one Become a Virgin warrior with a Blessed hairclip (restoring the player's vaginal virginity if necessary). TQv9.5.1
Disintegrate [NPC/clothing/tattoo] Instantly destroys the named NPC, Clothing item, or Tattoo.
Polymorph [worn Clothing] Triggers a transformation attempt.
  • Some items can take up to 5 transform attempts before they transform. (so you should try more than once)
  • Many items will never transform.
Curse [clothing] Curses the specified Clothing item. (Blessed to Uncursed, Uncursed to Cursed)
Bless [clothing] Blesses the specified Clothing item. (Cursed to Uncursed, Uncursed to Blessed)
Imbue [clothing] Increases the magic modifier of the specified Clothing item by 1.
Dispel [clothing] Decreases the magic modifier of the specified Clothing item by 1.
Refresh [object]
  • Works on Clothing and essentially resets it as if it was brand new,

including randomising its Influences, Curse, Magic enhancements/Modifiers, and so on. TQv9.3.2

  • Sets a Monster's refractory period to 0, fills their health, removes their boredom and wakes them up if asleep.
  • When used on a monster, it increases the time left until they'll be ready for sex again.
Laser removal [tattoo] Removes tattoos.
Disintegrate [tattoo]
  • Teleports The Player to the stairs up to the next levels.
    • In the Hotel, simply brings The Player back to the Hotel exit.
One more time Resets all timers.
Befriend [monster] Stops them being aggressive, assuming that you aren't past their appearance tolerance. If the monster is already friendly, increases their Favour by 1.
Anger [monster] Makes an enemy unfriendly. If they are already unfriendly, increases their level by 1.
Weaken Decreases a Monster's current Health to 1. If their health is already 1, decreases their Level.TQv9.5.0
Barbify Progresses Barbara's journey towards 'Bambi'. TQv9.6.1
preggify conceives or progresses Barbara's pregnancy. TQv13.9.0
barb forces Barbara to spawn in your region if possible, and with a special status, if possible. TQv13.9.0
lock [clothing] toggles whether the clothing is locked on. TQv13.9.0
fix luck lets you set the game to always make you unlucky or lucky. TQv13.9.0
lumos Display all map locations. TQv9.5.3
Force spawn [summoning portal] Decreases the cooldown of the summoning portal.
Doom time Progresses the doom timer by 1. TQv9.2.0
Schoolbell Deprecated: Removed after changes to academy to allow player access at anytime.
modify stomach water Change the amount of liquid in the player's stomach. You will be prompted for a number between 0 and 500 (a normal full stomach is 14)
modify stomach food Change the amount of food in the player's stomach. You will be prompted for a number between 0 and 500 (a normal full stomach is 14)
bowsettify [monster] Trigger Bowsette event TQv12.3.0
beesting lets you cycle through the various lip sizes TQv13.2.0
vodka increase your blood alcohol levels TQv13.2.0
power on [monitor] lets you activate monitors that are on cooldown or otherwise usually aren't active yet TQv13.2.0
epilogue immediately end the game and get to CHOOSE your epilogue(s) from a menu TQv12.2.0
joint predicament with [student] enter a two-person predicament with them (if one exists for your rank and state) TQv11.4.0
promote [me/student] promote a specific student or yourself and all other students by one rank. TQv10.1.1
invigorate [monster] makes a monster able to fuck you for longer TQv9.5.4
conjure summon a random spawnable NPC from that level as if triggering a spawning trap TQv7.3.5
flat is justice decreases bust size
lactate increases lactation rate by the square root of the current lactation rate.
oink increases the flesh volume (fattiness) of your arms by 1.
twiggy decreases the flesh volume (fattiness) of your arms by 1.
extra thicc increases the flesh volume (fattiness) of your thighs by 1.
thigh gap decreases the flesh volume (fattiness) of your thighs by 1.
relax increases vagina openness by 1
trigger triggers a random nearby trap, if one exists.
thirsty makes the player thirsty or ends their thirst, depending on how thirsty they are when the command is used.
  • if Thirst is less than 5, sets the level of all liquids in the player's Stomach to 0.
  • if Thirst is 5 or more, increases the water level in the player's stomach until their thirst level is 0.
randomise face randomizes the player's makeup, Lip Size, facial bukkake, hair blondeness, hair redness, and hair brightness.
heartless makes the player Soulless
forcefeed [monster] causes the monster to forcefeed the player.
vanish [barbara] causes Barbara to go somewhere else.
bore [monster] cause a monster to lose interest. Doesn't work well on Fairies
meme [monster] causes the monster to pay attention to you.
predicament time the next time you enter the portal from inside the School, it will trigger a predicament/extra credit lesson.
execute [predicament] triggers a specific extra credit lesson (use showme all predicaments to determine predicament names (with spaces and dashes, then purloin [predicament] before using the execute [predicament] command).
diaperdonate [monster] gives the monster a diaper.
stinkify [monster] infantaizes the monster.
incubate Fills the player's belly with 4 small eggs, 2 medium eggs and 1 large egg.
grope me please [monster] causes the monster to grope the player.
transtoggle allows the player to change their pronouns from masculine to feminine and vice versa.
final battle triggers the final battle between Xavier and the Ex-Princess
prank me [ditzy student] causes the student to prank the player.
hurt me causes the player 1 Pain.
restock shop resets the dungeon shop.
who's the daddy lists all possible fathers
hastur summons the MindFlayer