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Commands are phrases the player types into the interpreter to control the players actions throughout the game (usually).

This is a nearly exhaustive list of all commands currently in the game:

  • Commands with an "X" or "Y" in them require certain "objects" to be typed in.
  • These objects can be anything, depending on the command.
  • Some Commands can even use "all" instead of "X". E.g. "drop all" drops your whole inventory.

General commands

These are "simple" commands. That means that they don't use any variables. (might have to split off character commands from "general" commands (like "save") for better readability)


  • This shortens room descriptions so they only take up a little bit of the screen.


  • This reverses the effects of the brief command.


  • restarts the game(including startmenus)
  • not to be confused with "faint," which merely resets the dungeon
  • Has a yes/no confirmation


  • saves the game on your local hard drive
    • by default, the name will be whatever you named your trapquest file.


  • Loads/restores a previously saved game
    • Be wary that the version the game was saved in must also be the version that it is loaded into
  • Has a yes/no confirmation

Q / Quit

  • closes the game
  • Has a yes/no confirmation

Z / Wait

  • waits one turn
  • passes 6 seconds of time.
  • Functions the same as "submit" during rapes.
  • If the player is lighter than air and floating, they will be given a yes/no confirmation to wait until they have deflated enough to stop.
  • Likewise, if the player is stuck on a dildo pole or an ass hook, the player can choose to wait until something changes. (Usually this means they keep waiting until they faint)


  • Waits until the player is fully rested, unless interrupted.
  • Will fail if the player is not kneeling
  • Will also fail if there is a hostile monster in the room
  • Has a yes/no confirmation
  • When used in conjunction with a piece of furniture, functions somewhat differently


  • Forces the player to faint
  • This allows the player to "force" a dungeon reset

N/ North; E/ East; S/ South; W/ West; D/ Down; U/ Up

  • Moves the player in the chosen direction, if possible
  • All hostile monsters except fairies have a chance to prevent the player from moving under the following conditions
    • Player is kneeling
    • Player is wearing something that makes them move slowly, such as a hobble dress or anklecuffs.
    • Player has a large belly
    • Player is wearing heels of a height that exceeds their heel skill.
    • The chance will increase depending on the player's dexterity, and the number of monsters in the room.
  • If the player is kneeling, they will be unable to use the "up" command
  • If the player is being fucked, this command functions the same as "resist"
    • If the player is being fucked by vines, they must manually enter "resist"


  • Moves the player in the direction of a "remembered" room.
  • This command is otherwise the same as all other movement commands, except the player does not "choose" the direction in which they move.


  • Sets the "remembered" room to the current location of the player
  • By default, the "remembered" room will be the Royal Chambers
  • If used in conjunction with a recipe, functions differently

M / Map

  • Provides the player with a map of previously visited rooms
  • If the player is using the "map on left" preset, then this command will reset the map in the event something causes it to disappear

I / Inv / Inventory

  • Lists all items held and worn by the player
  • Marks worn items by adding "(worn)" behind the item name


  • Changes the player's status from "standing" to "kneeling"
  • This command will fail if
    • Player is already kneeling
    • Player is stuck on a dildo trap, hook trap, or wooden horse trap
  • Causes the following monsters to pause:
    • Aeromancer
    • Demoness
    • Gladiator
    • Guard
    • Shopkeeper
    • Wench


  • Changes the player's status from "kneeling" to "standing"
  • If the player is being fucked, functions the same as "resist"
  • This command has a chance to fail.
    • This chance is affected by weight, fatigue, strength, body soreness
      • This chance is also affected by the number of hostile monsters in the room, with hair length factored in as well.
    • If the player is "stuck" then this command will always fail


  • Struggles during sex.
  • Increases orifice soreness
  • Prevents humiliation gain from being fucked
  • If the player has a high enough bimbo, this command may fail and the player will submit anyway.
    • This means they will incur all of the associated humiliation penalties


  • Submits during sex
  • Reduces the gain of orifice soreness during sex, often preventing it completely
    • The chance of preventing it completely increases with orifice openness
  • Increases humiliation


  • Used to escape dildo and spinning dildo traps.
    • The player must win a roll that pits their dexterity against their fatigue, body soreness, and weight.
    • If the player is wearing heels, this command may fail without a high enough level of heel skill.


  • Pays for items taken from the shopkeeper
  • Will fail if:
    • player does not have enough jewelry to pay for the specified item.
    • player recently stole something and did not "sit" for punishment.
    • player is carrying a stolen item.


  • Brings up a menu of all the player's available alchemic recipes.
    • The player will be given a yes/no confirmation for each one.
    • If the player chooses to perform any of their recipes, the menu will close afterward, even if there were other recipes available
  • Will fail if;
    • The player is not in the apothecary
    • The player does not have the necessary ingredients for any of their recipes in their inventory(Items on the ground aren't counted)
    • The player is sharing the room with a hostile monster


  • Lists the player's remembered recipes


  • Causes the player to masturbate over 2-4 turns.
    • This means its possible to get interrupted
  • If player has a mid-high bimbo score, resets time since orgasmed
  • Lowers body soreness
  • Lowers humiliation
  • Increases sex addiction
  • This command will fail if:
    • Player does not have genitals
    • Player is wearing a chastity cage
    • Player has a bimbo stat of ? or more
    • There is a hostile monster in the room
  • If "time since orgasmed" is low, may materialize a chastity cage onto the player
  • Had to be taught by the wench in R5
  • If the player has an insertable item in their inventory, and they are female, they will be prompted with a choice of using that item.
  • If the player is wearing panties, they will be given the option of removing them before they masturbate.
    • If the panties are cursed they will not be able to remove them, although if the material is thin enough the player will be given an option to masturbate through the fabric.
    • At any rate, leaving the underwear on will soak them with cum.


  • Empties the player's bladder
  • This command will fail if the player does not have genitals
  • Use of this command will, by default, cause the player to pee on the floor, but the following rooms and clothing will change their actions to some degree
    • Using this command in the Underground Lake will cause them to enter the water and urinate.
      • If the player is male, they will not enter the water and will instead stand on its edge.
      • If their genitals are blocked, they will try to pee on the floor, rather than in the water.
      • If the player does end up entering the water, anything on their body and clothes will automatically be washed into the water
      • If the tentacle monster is present, the player will pee on the floor unless they have a high bimbo.
    • Use of this command in the Toilets will cause the player to pee in the toilets
      • The player must not have anything blocking their genitals, or they will try to pee on the floor
      • The player must be standing or else they will try to pee on the floor
    • Using this command while wearing a diaper will cause them to pee into the diaper, unless the diaper is ripped at the crotch
      • If the diaper is already soiled and it is not ripped at the crotch, this command will fail.
    • Otherwise, the player will "try" to pee on the floor, or into their underwear if they are wearing any. This is accompanied by a yes/no confirmation.
      • Selecting yes in either situation will humiliate the player.
      • If the player is not wearing an overdress, urinating on the floor may cause a Nightie of Bed-Wetting to spawn onto the player.

Interaction commands

These are more complex, because they involve variables (mostly items/room equipment).

Apply X

  • Used to apply salves to the body
  • If there is more than one compatible body part, salves must be applied with the syntax "Apply X to Y", where "X" is the salve and "Y" is a valid body part

Climb X

  • Used to climb the ladder in the Mysterious White Wall

Craft X

  • Tries to perform alchemy on an item
  • Fails if the player is not in the apothecary
  • Fails if the "glowing bowl" in the apothecary is on cooldown

Bang X/Dominate X/Fuck X

  • Used to initiate "Dominant sex" with a female monster
  • The player may refuse this command if their Delicateness is too high compared to the monster's difficulty
  • Will fail if the player's crotch is blocked, or if their genitals are unusable in some way.
  • Will fail if there is more than one aggressive monster in the room
  • Will fail if the player is on their knees
  • Has a chance of punishing the player depending on the monster's current health, difficulty, and the player's strength

Eat X/Use X

Open X

  • Opens containers
    • If the player is not handcuffed, they will search the container first
  • Opens the pink wardrobe in the Royal Chambers

Examine X/ Look X/ x X

  • Examines just about anything, including the player theirself
  • Functions the same as "Search" when used on a Chest or basic container.
    • If the player has a very high bimbo score, the command "examine chest" will cause the player to examine their breasts

Search X

  • Searches the named object for traps
    • This has a random chance of success, based on the player's intelligence, and whether or not they are wearing the Stethoscope.
  • If the player is bound at the ankles, they must be kneeling to perform this command
    • If the player is bound at the wrists, this command will always fail.

Sit on X/Kneel on X/Sleep on X/ Sit on X

  • Rests on the kneeling stool, milking bench and hammock
  • Sleeps on the Pink bed
  • Sits on the Throne
  • Any combination will work, but the action itself is dependent on the furniture used.
  • Sleeping on the bed repeatedly may cause a cursed Nightie to spawn onto the player
    • If the player is already wearing a Nightie, and the watersports fetish is enabled, the player may wet the bed, which will cause the Nightie to change into a Nightie of Bed Wetting.

Talk X

  • Disables all other commands except "greet," "question," and "drink"
  • Was required in Release 5, but became optional in Release 6
  • Prevented by Ballgags, the cock pacifier, and cursed tongue rings, as well as the commands directly related to this one.

Talk; greet/ Greet X

  • Initiates conversation.
  • NPC's will ignore players that try to talk to them without a greeting.
  • Only friendly NPC's will 'accept' the greeting, although they will usually notice the player anyway.

Talk; question/ Question X

  • Asks the named NPC a question.
  • The question is random, but depending on the player's intelligence, they may ask the NPC how to learn a skill.
    • Once the player has asked an NPC a question, regardless of content, they will not ask about skills until they have gained 1 or more points of intelligence.
  • If the player asks an NPC too many questions in a row, they will get annoyed and tell the player to buzz off. If they keep going, sometimes the NPC will become agressive. Some questions will leave NPC's more annoyed than others.
    • The only way to determine if an NPC is annoyed with you is to ask them a question, so sometimes its better just to leave them alone.
  • Asking NPC's questions while they are annoyed may have the following negative effects
    • The guard may force the player to wear a cursed ballgag
    • Note that different NPC's have varying levels of tolerance for your questions.

Talk; drink/ Ask X for drink

  • Asks the NPC for something to drink
  • The player must be thirsty
  • The drink/result depends heavily on the NPC being asked.

Ask X for food

  • Asks the NPC for something to eat
  • The player must be hungry
  • Note: The given item will not be immediately consumed, so this command may be repeated to hoard food items.

Drink/Suck X/Use X

  • drinks from vessels, bottles of lubricant, and the statue in the Statue Hall
    • Drinking a bottle of lubricant will coat the inside of the player's mouth
  • 'Use X' will not work on clothing items, which must be 'used' with 'Wear X'
  • The player will refuse to perform this command at maximum semen addiction unless they are drinking "creamy" liquid.
    • The player regains the ability to drink normally if they are Very Thirsty

Pull X

  • Pulls the lever in the Prison Guard's Bedroom
    • Releases the minotaur
    • Can be performed by certain stupid NPCs. (I'm looking at you, Barbara).
  • Used to break free from the throne trap.
  • Used to escape from vines.
    • This is not counted as resisting the vines, so be careful if you want your dignity to be preserved.
  • Used to escape the hook trap
    • Will fail if the player has less than 7 dexterity.
  • Used on clothing, acts the same as the Displace command

Look under X

  • Currently only available for the throne.
  • Doesn't do anything significant (The chance of a dildo spawning isn't calculated until the player actually sits on the throne).

Take X

  • Takes an item.
  • Taking an item from the Dungeon Shop and leaving without paying for it can get the player in trouble with the Guards, as well as the Shopkeeper.

Wear X

  • Wears a piece of clothing or jewelry
  • If there is a hostile monster in the room, this command will fail.
  • This command will also fail if there is a piece of clothing in the way.

Remove X

  • Removes a piece of clothing or an inserted object
  • If the player is kneeling this command will fail, except in a few special cases, such as with insertables
  • If an insertable item was removed, intelligent monsters in the room will momentarily pause.

Stand on X/Stand in X/Enter X

Drop X

  • Drops an item of clothing or jewelry
    • Will remove the named item if it is currently being worn.
  • Will fail if the named item is cursed or underneath something else.

Displace X/Hike X/Hike up X/Move X/Pull aside X/Shift X

  • Moves a crotch-blocking item so that monsters won't try to destroy it when they rape you.
    • May also be used on certain skirts and breast-covering clothing
  • Will fail if the named item is cursed
  • When a monster tries to tear a piece of clothing off you, they will displace anything they fail to destroy.
  • The following crotch-blocking items cannot be displaced(and therefore will eventually be destroyed if a monster wants to get at your sweetmeats:
    • Latex Plug panties
    • Denim cutoffs
    • Hotpants
    • Diaper
    • Leotard
  • Items that have been displaced will be referred to as "pulled aside" or "pulled down" in the inventory.
  • Causes any intelligence monster in the room, except for fairies or the witch, to pause.
  • Replaces a displaced item if it can't be displaced any further
  • Counts as a submissive action

Replace X/Adjust X/Fix X/Unmove X

  • Reverses the displace command
  • If there is a hostile NPC anywhere in the room, this command will fail.

Clean X with Y/Wipe X with Y

  • Cleans the named body part with the named item
    • If the clothing is made of a latex or metal, this command will fail
    • Obviously, if the player cannot reach the named piece of clothing, this command will fail
    • Depending on their semen addiction, the player may refuse this command if they have nothing to wipe with, or if "Y" is fingers
    • If the player has a high enough bimbo, they will refuse to clean their face because they "deserve to be covered in it"

Use X on Y/Fill X with Y

  • Uses an item on room furniture
    • Generally, this means a liquid vessel to be used on a tank or bucket.
  • Uses lubricant on a named orifice.
    • Obviously, will not succeed if there is something in it already.
    • Using lube near an aggressive npc is a submissive action

Pee in X/Piss in X/Urinate in X

  • Causes the player to urinate in the named vessel
  • This command will fail if the named vessel was not open topped.

Place X on Y

  • Places one item on room furniture
  • Fails if used on anything that isn't a summoning portal or an altar.
  • Used on altars
    • Placing the player on the dungeon altar will result in a small bonus
    • Placing items on the dungeon altar will improve their BUC status.
    • Placing items on the dungeon altar will also put it on cooldown
      • While on cooldown, placing items on the dungeon altar will degrade BUC status
    • Placing jewelry on the woods altar will randomly improve the BUC status of items in the player's inventory.
    • If there are items in the room, but not in the player's inventory, there is a small chance it will affect them as well.
    • The altar will affect more or less items depending on the quality of jewelry placed on it.
    • The elder altar will destroy any item that has been placed on it
    • If the player knows the Invoke skill, the elder altar will instead curse or bless items that have been placed on it, for cultists and normal players respectively.
    • Placing the "me" or the "player" on the altar will result in a scene where the altar rapes the player
    • Using the elder altar will speed up the progress of the Doom Quest.
  • Used on summoning portals
    • Usually destroys the item and increases the portal's countdown
    • May decrease the countdown instead, depending on what is offered
    • Items with bodily fluids on them will usually be more effective

Plug X with Y/Insert Y in X

  • Plugs the named orifice with the named object
  • The player may refuse to perform this command depending on the openness of that orifice, and their current humiliation level

Present X/Offer X

  • Presents the named orifice to every monster in the room
  • Has a chance of making the monster use the offered orifice
    • Depending on the monster, success or failure may not be left up to chance
    • Applies to all monsters in the room
  • This command cannot be performed if the player is already having sex, or if there's something in the named orifice already.
  • This command will have no effect if performed against some Monsters
  • This command may have a different effect depending on whether or not the monster is friendly
  • If the player is virgin or an anal virgin(if the player is male), they may present their mouth regardless of humiliation level
  • If the player is horny, and their semen addiction is low, they will refuse to offer their mouth
    • If the player is very thirsty, they will regain the ability to offer their mouth.
    • If the player is very horny, they will always refuse to offer their mouth unless they are craving cum.
  • The player will always refuse to present their ass or their vagina if their humilation level is too low
  • If the player has C cup breasts or bigger, they can present their breasts as a viable "orifice"

Suggest X to Y

  • Presents the named orifice to a specified monster

Give X to Y/Present X with Y/Present X to Y

  • Gives the named item to the named NPC.
  • Obviously, requires the item to be in the room or in the inventory

Put X in Y

  • Puts an item into a piece of furniture, like the wardrobe or a chest
  • If the named furniture is a bucket or a tank, functions the same as the "Fill X with Y" command.
  • If the named item is an orifice, functions as "Plug X with Y"

Push X

  • Presses the button at the start of the game
  • Presses the buttons on the wooden horse.
  • Presses the STOP button at the end of the game.

Hit/Attack/Break/Fight/Kill X

  • Prompts the player to specify between "slap X," "Knee X," or "Kick X"
  • In Release 5, this command was not optional, and would select from slap, knee, or kick depending on what the player was wearing and what their stats were
  • When 'X' is the throne or vines, functions the same as the 'pull X' command

Slap X

  • The player will hit the named NPC with a weak attack
  • In Release 5, players would attack by slapping if:
  • Damage is reduced if the player is bound at the wrists
  • Certain items modify the slap attack, and others disable it completely.

Knee X

  • The player will hit the named NPC with a moderate attack
  • Chance of making the player fall over
  • In Release 5, this was the default attack
  • If the player is bound at the ankles, this command will fail
  • Makes monsters more likely to successfully trip the player

Kick X

  • The player will hit the named NPC with a strong attack
  • High chance of making the player fall over
  • Has a chance to increase fatigue
  • Damage is increased if the player is wearing heels
  • This command will fail if the player is bound at the ankles
    • This command will also fail if the player is wearing a hobble skirt or dress.
  • The player has a chance of refusing to perform this command if their heel skill is too low in comparison to their height of their heels.
  • In Release 5, players would perform this attack if they were wearing heels equivalent to or above their level of heel skill

Wash/shower in X

  • washes in a body of water, such as the lake or the waterfall
  • The player will refuse to perform this command if the tentacle monster has appeared in the lake
    • If the player has a sufficiently high bimbo score, they will swim in the lake anyway.
  • Cleans the player's clothes and body of cum
  • Has a chance to reduce the amount of cum in the player's womb
  • Passes time very quickly

Wash X in Y/Shower X in Y/Clean X in Y

  • washes a piece of clothing in water, such as the lake or the waterfall
  • The player will refuse to perform this command if the tentacle monster has appeared in the lake
  • Cleans the item of non-water liquids
  • Will not attract the tentacle monster in the lake

Skill commands

These are commands which the player doesn't initially "know". He/She must learn these skills from NPCs first.

  • All Skills require one skill-specific stat (listed below) and Intelligence to be learned.
  • Not all skills give the player a new command.
  • Asking NPCs a "useful" question is also based on the characters intelligence.

Beg/Mercy/Beg for Mercy

  • Learned from the Royal Guard.
  • Humiliation increases the player's chances of learning this skill. See Skills.
  • Raises humiliation when used.
  • Prevents the player from getting sore while being fucked by a guard.
  • Has a 1 in 3 chance to make the shopkeeper cum immediately.
  • Not usable unless the player is being fucked by a monster.
  • Has no effect if the player is gagged.


  • Learned from the demoness.
  • Heel Skill increases the player's chances of learning this skill. See Skills.
  • Can be toggled on or off with this command.
  • Has a ?% chance of raising humiliation each turn while active.
  • Increases Dexterity while active. (+5)
  • Not usable unless the player is wearing heels

Debug commands

The following commands are considered to be debug commands. The "Purloin", "Showme" and "Gonear" commands are available as of Release 9 v1.1, but the rest are locked.

Purloin X

  • Moves "X" into the player's inventory
  • The player can use this command to pick up the following things, although certain things that were never meant to move, such as traps or chests, will not function normally.
    • NPC's
      • NPC's can still be interacted with while in the inventory, but they may not function correctly when it comes to dialogue.
      • Puroined NPC's have their health reset when the player moves them into their inventory, and cannot attack the player
        • Ironically, they remain aggressive to the player if they were before.
    • Furniture
    • Items and clothing
    • Traps
    • Chests
  • The purloined item must exist

Purloin all X

  • Moves all items that fit the description of "X" into the player's inventory
  • The player can use this command to manually spawn monsters, but each monster has a "population cap" that cannot be exceeded.
    • Starting with Release 6 v2.6, many of the monsters will have the "nonexistant" type, which interferes with their normal function.
  • The player can also use this command to get items that normally wouldn't work with purloin(the different butt plug variants for example)
    • Items that do not exist are still impossible to purloin.

Showme X

  • works like the "examine" command
  • Anything "examined" in this way will show all available information about the named item, NPC, furniture, room, or player.

Gonear X

  • Teleports the player to a named location or object
    • As with the "Purloin" command, the object must exist in the game world
    • If this command used to teleport to an object in a room that the player hasn't entered yet, and has more than one entrance, the room will have no exits until the player leaves and enters normally.
      • In Release 5, this would not happen, and the player could teleport to any object at any time.


  • Enabled for the $5+ donators to the game.
  • As the name implies it resets the last action the you took (random rolls will not be the same if the action calling for one is repeated)
  • An "Action" regarding undo is anything successfully typed into the console, not just time-consuming actions.
  • It can reset up to 10 turns consecutively


  • Enabled for $20+ donators
  • Toggles "Debug Mode" on or off (see below).

Debug Mode

Debug Mode unlocks several new things, including 'debug information' and several new commands (see below). In Debug Mode, the player is able to prevent him/herself for use, regardless of humiliation level. The player is also able to wear any clothing, regardless of whether their humiliation level would allow it otherwise; it will tell you when you would have been unable to wear something due to humiliation level. The player is also able to purloin and successfully wear tattoos.

Debug Information shown:

  • Shows room generation after fainting
  • Reveals "interruption checks" when the player is resting
  • Shows the time for "interest" reset on hostile monsters that are chasing the player
  • Shows damage calculation and monster health when the player is in combat with a monster
  • Shows dexterity checks against monster attacks
  • Shows intelligence checks for examining chests and basic containers
    • Will also show whether or not a container in the room is trapped
  • Shows fatigue gain and loss
  • Shows dexterity check and "fluid" check against the tentacle monster in the lake
  • The status bar at the top gives you actual numbers rather than vague phrases
Debug Mode Commands
Command Effect
Gonear x Teleports The Player to Item or NPC.
  • "x" Equals name of Item or NPC.
Showme x Shows various details and stats of Item/NPC/Clothing.
  • "x" Equals name of Item/NPC/Clothing.
Purloin x Adds Item/NPC/Clothing to inventory/Room.
  • "x" Equals name of Item/NPC/Clothing.
Item Causes a random item (normally found in chests) to materialize in the same room as the player
Brain Increases intelligence.
Bulge Increases belly size.
Swell Increases breast size.
Gape Increases orifice openness.
Ruin Increases orifice openness and orifice soreness.
Paint Increases make up. If used when makeup is at 3, sets makeup to 0.
Stupify Decreases intelligence.
Anaconda Increases hip size by one step until maxed.
  • In older versions, this would reset to real life hip size if hip size was maxed.
Bukkake Increases the semen coating on your face.
  • If semen coating is maxed, resets it to 0.
Pearl necklace Increases the semen coating on your breasts.
  • If semen coating is maxed, resets it to 0.
Sticky feeling Increases the semen coating on your thighs.
  • If semen coating is maxed, resets it to 0.
Hyper weapon Increases penis size.
mini weapon Decreases penis size. (Does not display the shrinkage flavour text that occurs when penis shrinkage is due to shameful orgasm. Will not trigger male to female sex change).
Clumsy me Forces The Player to trip.
Rapunzel Increase your Hair length.
Susan Wayland Immediately grants maximum heel skill. If heel skill is already at maximum, resets it to 0.
Cow time Injects 8 units of milk into your breasts. May cause Breasts to enlarge.
Turn me on Slightly increases the arousal of The Player (2000 units). Makes time progress so that you instantly see the effects.
Me so horny Significantly increases arousal of the Player (8000 units).
Jack me in Gives the player all skills.
Damp feeling Increases incontinence. (or resets to 0 if it is maxed)
Show me the money Adds solid gold jewellery to all open slots.
Wear me out Sets body soreness and fatigue to maximum.
Orgasm Produce an orgasm.
I have the power Gain 5 magic power.
This isn't even my final form Heal self. Recovers Health, Fatigue and removes Soreness.
Set [stat] Set [stat] then specify value. Stats include:
  • strength
  • dexterity
  • intelligence
  • humiliation
  • delicateness
  • urine addiction
  • creampie addiction
  • diaper addiction
  • anal sex addiction
  • vagina sex addiction
  • titfuck addiction
  • semen taste addiction
Toilet time Makes The Player need to use the loo.
Balloon Inflates Breasts, Belly and Hips with air.
Freeze hair Prevent hair changes. (repeat command to unlock hair)
Knock me up with [noun] Brings The Player immediately to full-term pregnancy with the target's child.
Fuck my shit up Applies all appropriate tattoos onto The Player.
Pin condom on [noun] Pins used condom on clothing.
Shower time Covers The Player randomly in milk, urine or semen. (fetish permitting)
Superhero Makes The Player a busty Superheroine.
  • Any Clothes The Player is wearing are ripped off.
  • Drastically increases breast size (typically JJ).
  • (if diaper fetish is enabled) A diaper appears on The Player.
    • The diaper's BUC status is random.
  • A piece of superheroine wear. (a superheroine top or a superheroine outfit)
  • Gives The Player the "No panties" and "Super short skirts" fetishes.
  • Resets Humiliation to 0.
Fetish model Turns The Player into a Latex Fetish Model.
  • All currently worn Clothes are destroyed.
  • The Player is then clothed in cursed latex clothing and bondage gear, similar to the "Encased in Latex" fetish.
Blow me up Initiate or progress the Latex curse which transforms The Player into a Sex Doll.
The chosen one Become a Virgin warrior with a Blessed hairclip.
Disintegrate [NPC/clothing/tattoo] Instantly destroys the named NPC, Clothing item, or Tattoo.
Polymorph [worn Clothing] Triggers a transformation attempt.
  • Some items can take up to 5 transform attempts before they transform. (so you should try more than once)
  • Many items will never transform.
Curse [clothing] Curses the specified Clothing item. (Blessed to Uncursed, Uncursed to Cursed)
Bless [clothing] Blesses the specified Clothing item. (Cursed to Uncursed, Uncursed to Blessed)
Imbue [clothing] Increases the magic modifier of the specified Clothing item.
Dispel [clothing] Decreases the magic modifier of the specified Clothing item.
  • Works on Clothing and essentially resets it as if it was brand new,

including randomising its Influences, Curse, Magic enhancements/Modifiers, and so on.

  • Sets a Monster's refractory period to 0 and wakes them up if asleep.
Laser removal [tattoo] Removes tattoos.
Disintegrate [tattoo]
  • Teleports The Player to the stairs up to the next levels.
    • In the Hotel, simply brings The Player back to the Hotel exit.
One more time Resets all timers.
Befriend [monster] Stops them being aggressive, assuming that you aren't past their appearance tolerance.
Anger [monster] Makes an enemy unfriendly.
Weaken Decreases a Monster's current Health to 1.
Barbify Progresses Barbara's journey towards 'Bambi'.
lumos Display all map locations.
Force spawn [summoning portal] Decreases the cooldown of the summoning portal.
Doom time To progress the doom timer.
Schoolbell Triggers the next lesson's alarm early. (or late, if you should be getting detention already!) DQv2.1.1 TQv10.1.1
modify stomach water Change the amount of liquid in the player's stomach. You will be prompted for a number between 0 and 500 (a normal full stomach is 14)
modify stomach food Change the amount of food in the player's stomach. You will be prompted for a number between 0 and 500 (a normal full stomach is 14)