Cow Slave

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Cow Slave

The Cow Slave is a lactation fetish only class, obtainable through either the Cowgirl class or the Royal Slave class. Cow Slaves gain strength and breast sensitivity based on the amount of milk they hold in their breasts, and struggle to fully orgasm unless someone is touching their chest. Their milk production is doubled, with half of it going to their belly. Items related to the Cow Slave include the Cowbell, the Nipple rings, the Cow Print Bikini Bottoms, Cow Pattern Boots, and bondage items like the Anklecuffs and wristcuffs.

Obtaining Cow ears

Main article: Cow Ears

Every turn the player spends being milked on the milking bench has a progressively higher chance of spawning cow ears, as long as the player isn't already wearing a headgear.

Every time the player nurses a fairy, there is a 1 in 3 chance of a pair of cow ears spawning

Obtaining Royal Circlet

Main article: Royal Circlet

  • May materialize from involuntary lactation (i.e. not being milked).
  • The more times the player has lactated without "meaning to," the likelier the circlet is to spawn.

Obtaining Cow Print Basque

Main article: Cow Print Basque

  • Spawned by the Cow Ears if there is no item covering your chest or vagina/ass
  • Spawned by the Royal Circlet the same way the cow ears are spawned, by being milked on the milking bench.


  • Changes the player's title to Cow Slave
  • Doubled milk production
    • Half of it goes to the belly, half to the breasts.
  • Increases strength by an amount proportionate to how full your breasts are with milk.
    • at least 21 units gives an increase of 1, and over 65 units gives an increase of 7. The increments get closer together as the number of units rises, so the worthwhile reward only really comes from an extreme number of units.
  • Increases breast sensitivity by an proportional to the milk inside them.
  • Decreases the player's intelligence by the sensitivity of their breasts divided by 2
  • Whenever the player gives a boobjob, there is a chance they lose 1 point of intelligence.
  • If the player is female, makes the Minotaur more likely to try and impregnate the player.
    • Consequently, will also change the text that displays when the rape begins.
  • As long as the minotaur is alive, the player will slowly gain arousal as long as they remain in the dungeon
    • Being in the same room as the minotaur will make them instantly horny if they aren't already, and drastically increases gains every turn.
  • Increases the chances that npc's will accept an invitation to use the player's breasts for "sex"
  • Can only orgasm when submitting during sex.
  • The dungeon stage will not do anything special except arouse you.
  • The demon broadsword will always become cursed if taken.
  • The royal guard will only mess with you if provoked.
  • Wrestlers and the dominatrix are always aggressive.
  • The wrestler might put you in the urinal if watersports is enabled.
  • Increases the chances of getting the Pregnant Breeder epilogue after the game