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The player can become a cultist by wearing a cultist veil. The cultist robe is a related item, but not actually needed to qualify for the class.

Obtaining the Veil

Main article: Cultist Veil

The cultist veil can be found in the Hidden Altar room in the Mansion, which is also the home of the dark altar.

Obtaining the Robs

Main article: Cultist Robe

The cultist robe can spawn on the player as long as the player isn't wearing an overdress, and they are already wearing the veil


  • Allows the player to freely wear and remove cursed items
    • Causes the veil to increase the player's strength, dexterity, and intelligence by their number of cursed items
  • Allows the player to learn the Invoking skill from the Pocket Necronomicon
    • Also causes the invoke skill to make the elder altar curse items placed on it, rather than blessing them
  • Prevents the player from wearing blessed items
  • Causes cultists to become friendly
  • Causes the Herald to become friendly
  • Allows the player to damage Ghosts
  • Causes the Djinn not to offer a wish to players he has not met before(at least until he meets them "between jobs"
  • Drastically increases the chance of the Wishing Well being "offended" by the player's wish