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Delicateness is one of the main bimbo stats of the player. It reflects how much you have trouble tolerating pain, how much willpower you have to disobey NPCs, and how unstable your emotions are. In general, it increases from getting hurt, but not including combat.

Having high delicateness will make it more difficult to resist against sex, and to prevent fainting from high soreness.

Status Line

1 to 3: "Strong Willed" (low bimbo) / "Brave"

4 to 6: "Rebellious" (diapers enabled) / "Resilient" (low bimbo) / "Tenacious"

7 to 9: "Nervous"

10 to 11: "Shy" (low humiliation) / "Cowardly"

12 to 13: "Sheepish" (low humiliation) / "Fearful"

14 to 15: "Immature" (diapers enabled) / "Weak Willed"

16 to 19: "Crybaby" (diapers enabled) / "Spineless"

20: "Crybaby" (diapers enabled) / "Obedient"


  • The bimbo of the player is increased by 20% of the delicateness of the player.
  • A high delicateness of the player makes it more difficult to steel your mind against fainting.
  • Once the delicateness of the player reaches 16/20, the player can faint from the wooden horse.
  • If the delicateness of the player is greater than 5 when the paddle trap successfully hurts the player, the player can get the Spank Me Tattoo.
  • The player may submit instead of resist if they are in pain and/or their delicateness is too high.
  • If the sex addiction of the player is larger than 8, the player submits by default, in the first round of sex before the user gets to make a decision.

Temporary Modifiers

  • Whilst the player is the living sex doll, they do not have any delicateness.
  • If mind break protection is enabled, the delicateness of the player can never be more than 16.
  • Some items of clothing inherently increase delicateness, including the clit piercing, the sissy bow, and the fake nails.
  • The Spank Me Tattoo increases delicateness by 3 whilst the player's asshole is exposed.

Permanent Modifiers

  • When you steel your mind against fainting, delicateness increases and sex addiction decreases.
    • Neither of these things happen if the player is the sissy class.
  • Suffering external pain (i.e. not soreness increasing) outside of combat increases delicateness. This includes:
    • The wooden horse
    • Needle traps
    • Paddle traps
    • The matron spanking scene
      • The amount of delicateness gained is reduced depending on the padding of your underwear.
    • The dominatrix stocks spanking scene
    • The dominatrix whipping scene
    • Refusing to lick the underside of the dominatrix's boots
  • Delicateness increases by 1 from the matron's feeding scene.
  • Delicateness can increase by 1 from resting in the royal bed.
  • Delicateness is recovered (decreased) from potions of virility.
  • Delicateness can decrease from defeating enemies.
    • The chance of this increases the higher delicateness currently is.
    • The chance of this also increase the more difficult the NPC is.