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The demoness is a monster found in the woods region. By default, only one appears in the area, although certain traps may increase that number. She is only friendly to players with low bimbo scores, or players wearing very high heels. When friendly, she can teach the player how to strut, which increases passively increases dexterity. While unfriendly, she is very dangerous, and is easily capable of fainting an unprepared player.


  1. Dildo heels of Kicking
  2. Infernal gem


  • Heat up the floor (causing the player's heels to melt if they are wearing any, and increasing body soreness if they are not
  • Attempt to increase body soreness

Actions upon victory

  • Forces the end of her heel into the player's ass
    • If the player is wearing a buttplug, she will remove it and force it back in when she's finished having her fun.
    • Depending on whether or not the player resists, she will either leave the player be, or regain her strength for another round
  • If the player is wearing latex plug panties, she will turn them into overdrive for a couple seconds
  • If the player is wearing a buttplug that the demoness can't remove for whatever reason, she will magically increase its size
  • If the player is being fucked by another monster, and watersports fetish enabled, she will try to urinate on the player's face
    • If watersports fetish is not enabled, she will increase ass openness instead.


The demoness will become hostile under any of the following conditions:

  • The player has a bimbo score of 9 or greater
  • The player is the priestess
  • The player is wearing heels with a height less than 4 inches
    • Keep in mind that this is different from wearing no heels at all
  • The player is already fighting another demoness.
  • Attacking.


  • The demoness is friendly to most players as long as they are wearing heels taller than 4 inches.
  • She will become friendly to players that lose to her whilst having low bimbo.
  • As long as she's friendly, she can teach the Strut skill, which increases dexterity, powers up the kick attack, and adds humiliation gain every turn.
  • May offer the player a deal for anal, oral, or vaginal(trap fetish disabled) sex in exchange for a reward
    • The demoness won't wear condoms
    • Offering your vagina as a virgin will increase the player's dexterity and strength by a lot, in addition to reducing intelligence, humiliating the player, and removing their Soul
    • Offering your vagina while pregnant will end your pregnancy and increase your addictions to sex and semen by a lot
      • There a chance she gets you pregnant immediately afterward with her own child
    • Resisting during the "deal" will increase the intensity of her orgasm at the end
    • Provided the player sees things through, and they don't get a more specialized reward, the demoness will award them one of the following boons(along with an increase to sex addiction):
      • Increased strength
      • Increased dexterity
      • increased penis size
      • Decreased vagina openness
      • Decreased anal openness
      • A piece of ruby jewelery
      • Favour with the demoness(i.e. nothing)


  • Difficulty: 7(Varies)
  • Hitpoints: 20-30
  • Girth: 4
  • Mess: Semen, 1*
  • Fuckable? No.
  • Takes virginity? Yes


The demoness is only interested in the player's butt, but she will pause after knocking the player down, so they'll have a chance to present it. Can penetrate orally after request of drink and presenting mouth.


Fighting the demoness without heels is not recommended, because the body soreness rises quickly from her "hot floor attack," but the infernal gems can guarantee you a boon from the mechanic in the hotel, which can be more valuable than any deal she can give you. Heels themselves also only play a minor role, because they'll get stuck on the floor sooner or later. It is advised to use a "spare pair" of heels, because the heel will be melted down during combat periodically. Since this means that the player has to use the "slap" attack for most of the fight, additional damage output is also recommended. This can be either from long (fake) fingernails or assistance from other NPCs (fairy, wasp, Barbara). If the player has it, the whip of domination is also very useful for this fight. The demoness is always aggressive to priestesses, but she takes more damage from them, so it can be a good stragey to approach her with the right headgear. Her deals are generally not worth it on their own, but if you really need more strength or dexterity, or you need a quick way to increase your sex addiction, you might want to take one after all. You can resist as much as you want to during the sex(as long as you're willing to deal with a bigger mess at the end), and taking her deals makes the demoness like you more, which can help you down the road.