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Item - Nonconsumable - Common


A hard-shelled egg that only appears when the egg laying fetish is enabled. If the player is anally raped by a more "beastly" creature, such as the wasp or the lake monster, the player may come away from the interaction with several eggs stuffed up their butt.

Ways of Obtaining

  • Added to the belly when penetrated anally by the lake monster, tentacle monster, wasp, vine boss, or after remaining on the throne trap for three or more turns.


  1. Small Egg
  2. Medium Egg
  3. Large Egg



  • If a medium egg is encountered by a giant wasp, it will fertilize it, causing the egg to immediately grow into another wasp.
    • A wasp can only perform this fertilization act every several minutes, so you don't have to worry about all 6 of the eggs you laid getting fertilized at once.
  • (When carried in belly)
    • If a giant wasp notices the player, they will be friendly, and will assist in combat.
      • If the player is noticed by a wasp whilst having no eggs in their belly, and then is filled with eggs later, the wasp will still be aggressive unless it was the one to add the eggs,
  • (When expelled)
    • May increase orifice soreness
      • This has a higher chance of happening the larger the egg, and the more eggs passed at one time
    • Will always leave before anything else in the ass.
    • If the player has enough in their belly that its contents will be forced upward into their stomach, any medium or large eggs that move upward will cause them to faint
      • Small eggs will cause them to faint if they would be forced upward out of their mouth, just like anything else.


There is no way to obtain eggs other than by expelling them from the ass.