Emerald Teacher Bianca

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Emerald Teacher Bianca

Bianca is one of the teachers of emerald ranked lessons in the school.

Upskirt Lesson

The students learn to expose themselves by bending over with short skirts.


  • If the player is wearing an always-exposing super-short skirt and no trousers, they are immediately promoted.
  • If the player is wearing a hobble skirt, they are given a hypnotic trigger to deeply curtsey (pulling up their skirt) when people see them. The player also gains 2 magic power.
    • If the player already has the trigger, they are instead promoted.
  • If the player is not wearing a skirt, they are made to wear a short black clubbing dress.
  • The player gains 1 dexterity.
  • The player must choose whether to demonstrate at the front of the class.
    • If the player has the short skirt fetish or has humiliation high enough to handle exposing what is under their skirt, they progress to the dexterity check.
      • If the player manages the dexterity check, they take one unit of pain (0.5 delicateness). Otherwise they are promoted.
    • If the player can't bring themselves to bend over at all because their humiliation is too low, they are given the short skirt permanent fetish.


  • It's a lot less humiliating to bend over and expose yourself to the class if you're wearing something underneath that conceals your genitals.