Emerald Teacher Seraphina

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Emerald Teacher Seraphina

Seraphina is one of the teachers of emerald ranked lessons in the school.


Seraphina will only appear if the player's maximum possible breast size is at least E cup.

Tits Lesson

The students are given a breast enhancement surgery appointment with the nurse.


  • If the player is is at maximum breast size (or is at least H cup, with extreme proportions fetish enabled):
    • If the player's breasts don't have enough cleavage showing, then they gain 6 magic power but are given a temporary addiction to exposing their breasts, until they are seen topless 20 times.
    • Otherwise they are promoted.
  • If the player does not have a chest tattoo, and the player's cleavage is exposed, students are made to write lewd things on each other's chests. The player can then make theirs into a permanent tattoo in return for promotion. This gains 4 magic power.
  • Otherwise, an appointment is made with the nurse for all students. Going to the nurse before your next tits lesson results in a huge amount of breast expansion.


  • If you don't want extra-huge breasts, remember to avoid the nurse after this lesson. If you want to avoid having this blocker to the rather useful med bay bed, then perhaps make sure your breasts have some cleavage showing, since this is a requirement for there to be a chance of the chest tattoo option.