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How do I start the game?

First of all, you're going to need a special program called an "interpreter," which can run .gblorb files(the file extension of trapquest). The most popular program is Glulxe, but some people prefer Gargoyle or Zoom for Macs.

Once you have selected, downloaded, and installed your interpreter, run the interpreter and browse your computer for the trapquest file. As mentioned above, trapquest has a .gblorb file extension, so if you change the name of the file when you downloaded it, that is what you should look for. Once you find the file, simply select it from within the interpreter and the game will start.

How do I beat the game?

Currently, there is no way to beat the game, but in earlier releases you could end it by killing the minotaur. The minotaur is normally trapped and inaccessible in the Cage Room, so to defeat him the player must first release him by pulling the lever in the Prison Guard's Bedroom. The player cannot pull the lever unless they have 3 or more intelligence; if the phrase "airheaded" is in your status bar, your intelligence is too low. Keep in mind that the minotaur will roam the dungeon once freed, attacking and killing anything he meets along the way.

In lieu of an actual victory condition, many people prefer to kill the minotaur, vine boss, and altar witch because they are some of the most challenging fights in the game.

Why does X item keep appearing on me, and why can't I take it off?

Sometimes, an item will appear on your player as if by magic. These items will always be cursed, which means they are impossible to take off unless you use an altar to uncurse them. As for why the item appears on you, that depends! You can learn more about each individual circumstance by visiting that item's page, but if you don't want that item to spawn, try to keep something in that "slot". For a list of different item slots, visit the items page.

How do I get to the woods?

You have to go up the stairs in the Stone Stairwell. To return you need to go __down__ the stairs in the Dungeon Exit

How do I learn skills?

You have to ask NPC's questions if you want to learn any skills. Not every question can gain the player a skill, and if the player's intelligence is too low they may not learn the skill anyway. The likelihood of learning a skill from the right question is always influenced by a negative stat, as well as intelligence. Not every NPC can teach the player skills, so it is wise to research exactly which ones do on the Skills page.

Why are some items still cursed after I uncurse them on an altar?

Some items curse themselves when the player wears them, so anklecuffs that the player blessed and then took off will still be cursed if they get put back on. Additionally, certain magical attributes, such as milk production or posture training, will cause items to do the same. For more on which magical attributes do this, see their page. Sometimes its better to wear an item to see if it has a magical attribute before taking the time to uncurse or bless it on an altar.

The dungeon altar in particular has a cooldown, so placing items on it will not work its "timer" has run out.

Is there a way to see the exact stats of the player?

The player can use the internal debug "showme self" command, to check their personal stats, among other things. Without cheating, the player can still glean information on themselves with "examine me" and with "addictions". It is also wise to pay attention to the UI and dialogue changes. In short, "exact stats" for everything aren't accessible, but the game will still feed you information in its own ways.

How do I increase my stats?

Currently, the main method to increase your "positive" stats is to drink liquids from a can or drinking vessel. __Announced for future update__: Exercising will increase a random "positive" stat as long as the player doesn't need to burn fat.

  • The player can exercise by doing strenuous activities. Defeating a monster increases the "exercise count" a lot.
  • Resting will reset the exercise count.(Kneeling, however, will not)

Wearing clothes can modify your stats, but keep in mind that if they are cursed, their influence will usually be a negative one. Sitting on the throne may increase your intelligence. This is very risky.

  • Triggering the throne trap and enduring the ordeal without fainting will increase your Strength.

Placing yourself on the dungeon altar will "help you on your quest." It doesn't always increase "positive" stats. (even off cooldown)

  • If the altar is on cooldown, only negative effects will happen.

When the cum amount in the player's womb decreases, it can reduce humiliation. This is very risky because the player can become pregnant instead.

  • There is a minimum cum amount needed for pregnancy. Use this to your advantage.

How do I remove X?

The dungeon altar and the woods altar can both be used to remove cursed items. In the case of the woods altar, the player needs to bring it an offering of jewelry so it will randomly improve the BUC status of one of their items. The dungeon altar allows the player to choose the item to be improved, but can only be used once every now and then.

Locked items such as the handcuffs are removed by waiting for a while then interacting with the prison guard in the dungeon. Alternatively you can try to please him or defeat him.

Cursed class headgear such as the maid headdress can only be removed by the knife in the hotel or by completing its quest.

How do I kill monsters?

To defeat monsters, you have to reduce their HP to zero. Your main method of dealing damage is Attacking. Some friendly NPCs will assist you in battle. Rarely, you will be able to wear the spike bra to inflict additional damage. In general, Strength will increase the damage you deal while Dexterity will increase the chance to avoid attacks. Players that know the fuck skill will be able to use some female NPC's to increase their self confidence and their penis size if applicable, although the NPC will survive to fight another day, in addition to not dropping anything.

How do I buy something from the shop?

First, you need to find the dungeon shop room, which is always generated with an exit to the south only. Once there, you'll need to take one of the items and then use either the "pay" or "buy" command to purchase it. Every item has a set price, but depending on the jewelry the player has on them, the shopkeeper will sometimes offer them a bad deal. If the player is gagged, or they do not have any jewelry, they will be unable to make a purchase. Although there are ways to get things from the shop without going to the trouble of paying for them...

Why do I get tired so quickly?

The items in your inventory, as well as the items you're wearing all contribute to your weight. A high weight reduces the time it takes for you to succumb to fatigue, but depending on your strength, you might be able to hold out for longer.

How do I know what items I'm holding?

Use the inventory command (shortcut: i). A distinction is made between "held" items and "worn" items. Worn items do not contribute to carrying weight.

Why won't X NPC answer my questions?

NPCs need to be friendly to hold a conversation. On top of that, NPCs need to be greeted before they will acknowledge your questions. Bear in mind that "mindless" NPC's, like the minotaur or the sex doll can't be questioned, and some simply aren't interested in helping you at all, such as the aeromancer.

My game froze up, what's happening, and what do I do?

If your game has been "thinking" for more than 10 seconds, what your experiencing is probably a crash. Your only real option is to close the game and start over, but if you save often, you can simply restore to an earlier point.

How do I save/How do I load my saves?

Use the save command to save, and the restore command to load. Keep in mind that the save files you make with the save command will be .glksave, not .glk, so be prepared to give your saves unique names that you(and your interpreter) won't confuse with the game itself. Saves do not transfer between versions, so you cannot continue your progress in a previous version in a new version.