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The player can become a Faerie by wearing the Glittering Rose and a pair of Fairy Wings at the same time. The Faerie also has a related equipment, the Fairy Wand

Obtaining the Rose

Main Article: Glittering Rose

The glittering rose will spawn on the player whenever the player gives birth to the baby of a fairy that has already delivered a baby for the player once.

Obtaining the Fairy Wings

Main Article: Fairy Wings

The fairy wings will spawn randomly on the player as long as there is nothing covering the player's chest or belly, and they are currently wearing the rose.

Obtaining the Fairy Wand

Main Article: Fairy Wand

The fairy wand will spawn randomly for the player as long as the player is not already wearing an equippable, has the rose, and the fairy wings are currently unable to spawn


  • If the player isn't pregnant, fairies may trap the player and forcibly impregnate them with the help of some vines
  • Prevents the player wearing panties, and prevents panties from spawning on the player
  • Causes the Vampiress to become aggressive
  • Increases the chance of the Wishing Well giving the player a good outcome(depending on how many fairies the player has had babies with)