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Some things in the game can cause you to faint. If you have run out of time, that game ends, but if not, fainting causes several things to occur. The map resets, and all of your physical stats are reset to their "real world" values. The room you fainted in, all things in that room, your inventory, and the contents of the pink wardrobe are not affected by the reset, nor are any npc's that were sharing the room when you fainted(although they will be somewhere else when you wake up).

Stat Changes

Causes of Fainting

  • Typing the command "faint" will manually reset the dungeon.
    • You need to confirm with "Yes".
  • Ass soreness attempting to increase when at maximum combined with the player having orgasmed recently.
  • Being in the Toilets at maximum ass soreness.
  • Kneeling in the Toilets at 8 or higher ass soreness.
  • Thirst attempting to increase when at maximum.
  • In release 5, giving birth would make the player faint.
  • Exploding from being overfilled with air.
  • Have anything other than semen, milk, or urine, forced upward into your stomach from your belly
  • Have semen forced out of your mouth(not to be confused with failing to deepthroat, which merely increases humiliation)
  • Activating a dildo trap whilst kneeling
    • This will only happen if the player crosses a tripwire with very large breasts.
  • Being penetrated by a dildo trap when at maximum orifice soreness.
  • Being unable to jump off a dildo pole trap, which may be due to any of the following reasons.
    • If wearing heels of height 5 and above, inability to take them off. Inability to remove heels may be caused by any of the following.
      • Your dexterity is so low that you can't bend down
      • Your wrists are bound
      • Your heels are cursed
        • If the player does not know the heels are cursed, this alone cannot cause them to faint.
      • Your breasts and/or belly are too large
    • If wearing heels of height 3 or 4 and heel skill is low, inability to take them off.
    • Dexterity is very low in comparison to body weight
  • If your strength is extremely low compared to your body weight, you may be unable to ever stand up again. The game makes you faint.
  • If your strength is extremely low compared to your belly size, you may be unable to crawl. The game makes you faint.
  • If you run out of breath (body soreness + number of turns of suffocation > 9) when the wench is suffocating you, you will faint.
  • If a second unfriendly wench is in the room when a wench is suffocating you, you will automatically faint.
  • If the ass soreness of the player is maximum when the demoness first penetrates you, you automatically faint.
  • If you attack a gladiator when your breasts are already at max size, and if you are already wearing a nipple chain.
    • They will not be unfriendly or attack you if your breasts have reached a certain size.
  • If the amount of semen inside the player is high enough, the vine boss will consume the player, making them faint.